How To Change Playlist Picture On Spotify On iPhone?


Spotify is a Swedish company that provides digital music streaming services. It was founded in October 2008. More than 60 million songs have been heard by music lovers around the world through Spotify, which brings together record labels, media companies, and other music lovers.   

There is a freemium version of Spotify and a subscription version. In addition to their freemium package, they also offer a subscription package that contains a host of advanced features. Listening to songs offline and watching commercials at the same time is possible for instance.

Keeping its customers happy requires Spotify to update its application continually. While many people find these updates useful, others think they are a waste of time. As part of these updates, you can also edit your playlist, change the cover photo, and change the associated picture of your playlist.

According to their latest update (version, the “songs” list has been removed. Do not worry, however. Your songs are precisely where they need to be. Besides “playlists,” they still have the choice of “artists,” “albums,” and “books.”. In addition, iPhone users can now customize their playlist picture on Spotify, an option that had previously only been available to desktop users.   

This comprehensive guide on changing playlist pictures on an iPhone and mobile application is for those who don’t yet know ” how to change the playlist picture in Spotify on an iPhone?”. Spotify playlists can have their pictures edited through the iPhone app.

Is It Possible To Change The Cover Of Spotify Playlists?

No matter how many songs there are, Spotify is not worth anything. We can track and create playlists that we will love for years to come based on our listening habits. Since these playlists are personalized for your tastes, looking for customization options isn’t exactly a waste of time.

On Spotify, users cannot change the cover images on playlists they create. This makes it incompatible with Apple Music. From these collections of songs, it is not possible to edit the playlists.

How To Change a Playlist Picture In Spotify On An iPhone?

When changing the playlist picture, you have two options. Your iPhone’s camera roll allows you to select a custom piece of art, or you can just rearrange the song order to create a different collage.

  1. You can open any playlist that you own on Spotify on your iPhone when connected to the internet.
  2. Touch the three-dot icon right above the song list.
  3. When you click “Edit,” you’ll see an option to change the playlist’s title, artwork, and music.

  1. You can move individual tracks using the three lines next to each song if you only want to rearrange the default album collage. The college will be made up of the first four albums in the playlist.
  2. Choose “Change Image” under the image that is currently in the playlist to add custom artwork. If you choose to take a new picture right now, you will be asked to choose a picture from your photo library.

6. You can choose an image from your library by choosing “Choose from library.” Crop the image into a square, and then select the image in the bottom-right corner.

  1. Click “Edit Playlist” to return to the previous page. You can finalize your changes by tapping “Save” in the top-right corner.

You’ll see the changes take effect on all your devices as soon as the change goes through.

You can also change the playlist picture in the desktop app by just clicking the cover art, rearranging the songs, or opening the playlist in the desktop app and just clicking the cover art.

When Spotify Selects a Playlist Picture, How Does It Work?

The cover picture of a Spotify playlist may not make sense to you. Spotify picks the cover photo by creating a collage from the album covers of the first four songs you add to the playlist, regardless of the client you’re using. The playlist cover would be a collage of four songs with four different album art designs – A, B, C, D.

When the playlist contains fewer than four songs, or if there is more than one song with the same album art, the cover will feature the album art for the first song. The playlist cover, for instance, would be the album art of the first song on the list, A, if you have three songs – A, B, and C.

Why Is It So Difficult To Change The Spotify Playlist Cover?

We believe that this might be caused by a Spotify bug, which prevents you from changing the cover of your Spotify playlist from your phone or PC.

To resolve the problem, you should refresh the website or reinstall the Spotify application.

 Depending on how the problem is caused, you can either reinstall your computer or apply a third-party application.

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