How To Change Text Bubble Color On Iphone?


Being part of the Apple ecosystem has many advantages, including iMessage. iMessage is compatible with iOS, macOS, iPad, and watchOS, so Apple users can use it right out of the box. In addition to messages, iMessage lets you send photos, videos, emojis, GIFs, documents, etc. Delivery/read receipts are provided along with the service’s end-to-end encryption. It is not possible to customize iMessage’s message bubbles, however using FancyBubble, we will demonstrate “How to change text bubble color on iPhone?” Read it below.

How To Change Text Bubble Color On iPhone?

Method 1: Fancy Bubble allows you to change the color of text bubbles on iPhone

  • Firstly, you need to download the app from the “App store.” Click on the “Search ” option and type in “FancyBubble.” Click on “Get” or simply click the download symbol. Log in with your Apple ID or password after installing the app.
  • Once it has been downloaded, open the “Messages” application and select an existing conversation or start a new one. Select the text input field or the location where drafts are stored in iMessage.
  • The “Fancy Bubble” option can be found in the row of applications just above the keyboard.
  • The iMessage bubble options appear in various colors on selecting that. Simply tap on the option you wish to use.
  • Click “Send” to send your message.

Method 2: Using Color Text Bubbles on iMessage, you can change the color of the bubbles on your iPhone

1. On your iPhone or iPad, download and install the Color Text Bubbles app from the App Store.

2. Choose an existing conversation or start a new one in the iMessage app.

3. Using the iMessage app, select Color Text Bubbles from the input text field.

4. You can now send a customized message by tapping on Type Custom Message.

5. You can change the color of the text message bubble by tapping on the bubble icon after typing the message.

6. Tap Send once you’ve finished typing. Click “Later” to ignore the ad after waiting for 5 seconds.

7. Tap on “Send” after selecting the color you want to use.

If you would like to unlock more colors and features, you can upgrade your app to the pro version of Color Text Bubbles on iMessage. Nevertheless, it’s recommended that you use the free version since it gets the job done.

If for some reason you need to uninstall Color Text Bubbles from the iMessage app on your iPhone or iPad, follow the steps below.

Uninstalling Color Text Bubbles from the iMessage app on iPhone or iPad

It does not get added to the App Library or the Home Screen after you install the Color Text Bubbles on the iMessage app. Consequently, the users who wished to uninstall the application left low ratings on the App Store. Because Apple designed it this way, and all developers must adhere to the same pattern, we cannot blame developers for this.

The following instructions will show you how to uninstall Color Text Bubbles from the iMessage app on iOS

  1. Select an existing conversation in the iMessage app.
  2. The more (…) option can be found by tapping the input text box and swiping left on the application bar above the keyboard.
  3. Click More (…) to see more options.
  4. From the list of keyboard extensions, find the Color Text Bubbles app.
  5. You can now view the Delete button by swiping left.
  6. You can remove the Color Text Bubbles app from your iPhone or iPad by tapping the Delete button.


Healthytalks describes how to change the iMessage text bubble color on your iPhone or iPad using some basic methods and steps. They are authentic methods that work perfectly.

Even though third-party applications exist that can take care of this task for you, the “Fancy Bubble” application is recommended as it offers multiple features that will enhance the appearance of your text bubble.


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