How To Change Text Message Color On Iphone?


When you have an iPhone and cannot customize your text message, this article may help you add a color text bubble. For iOS devices with older versions of iOS, Apple introduced Animoji, Memoji, and stickers. The text bubble in iMessage can’t yet be colored, as Apple hasn’t introduced this feature yet. Communication between iPhone owners is largely handled via the iMessage app.

Although iMessage is easy to use, it is limited in its customization options. Even though you cannot customize the colors of iMessage message bubbles, you can still select a few options. These methods and steps are explained here for customizing the iMessage app. Here is the complete information about“How To Change Text Message Color On iPhone?” 

How to change text message color on iPhone?

Method 1: Using Color Text Bubble you can change the text message color

Following these steps below, you can enjoy the message bubble color features on your old iOS device.

1. First, Go to the App Store on your iPhone first.

2. Using the search bar on the iMessage application, they searched for color text bubbles.

3. Open it after it has been installed.

4. You will see the iMessage application as soon as you open it.

5. You will be able to see an additional color option when you open a chat message.

6. The moment you click and continue, you’ll be redirected to a new chatbox.

7. In this new chatbox, you can use various types of colored text bubbles to send messages.

Additionally, if you wish to see a variety of unique colors, text, and bubbles, you can purchase its paid plan.

You can use another similar application if you aren’t comfortable with this one. The Apple Store has many apps that offer this functionality.

Method 2:  If you jailbreak your phone, you can change the iMessage color. 

Jailbreaking your iPhone is something you need to understand. A jailbreak is a process of removing restrictions that Apple has placed on iOS. This is perhaps the best option for those who are very particular about their iPhone being customizable. Not everyone will find it attractive, however.

  • The warranty on your iPhone may be disallowed if you jailbreak it. Unless you are very experienced with jailbreaking, you may want to wait until your Apple warranty has expired after 1 year.
  • It was designed to be accessible to almost all users to ensure that Apple’s highly regulated environment remains accessible. You wouldn’t have access to malware or scams without Apple restrictions.

2 . Keep your files up to date by updating your programs. Back up your files before making any switch just in case.

  • iTunes must be updated.
  • Your iPhone can be backed up via iTunes or cloud services.
  • Choosing a jailbreak program is the first step. Several programming tools can be used, including RedSn0w and RageBreak. It is important to research the best jailbreaking tools if you intend to jailbreak your iPhone. The best program for you may be difficult to decide if you don’t have any experience with it. Since these apps have not been professionally reviewed, they have not been Apple-certified.
  • Apps are made for some iOS versions only, and may not work with others. This is due to Apple avoiding jailbreaking with changes to the operating system. Some programs, for instance, work with iOS 8.1.1 but not 8.1.2. Specifications should be provided regarding the program’s capabilities and limitations.

3. Set up the jailbreak software. Downloading the file to another computer is required to complete the jailbreak process.

  • Jailbreaking is required for your computer.
  • The program must be installed on your computer. During installation, you might be asked to enter a passcode. It is a good idea to record this information.
  • Your iOS firmware needs to be updated. This firmware is available on different platforms (sites). The jailbreak program must be run as an administrator, and you must select this firmware file. 

4. Prepare computers and iPhones for connection.

  • Both devices should be on the same wireless network.

5. Successfully jailbreak the phone.

  • Upgrade your iPhone’s firmware in device firmware upgrade mode (DFU). Hold the Power button on the iPhone for three seconds to put it in DFU mode. During this period, you will need to hold the Home and Power buttons for ten seconds. Turn off your phone and connect it to a computer by releasing the power button while holding down the home button. Then, your phone will be ready for the programs to be installed.
  • You should be able to jailbreak your iPhone after launching the jailbreak application. Press and hold the home button for a few seconds. Restart your iPhone.
  • Activating the jailbreak tether requires you to place the device in recovery mode again after it has been activated. You may have to restart your iPhone several times.
  • Your iPhone’s IP address can be found by looking at its address. Within the Settings app, this option is under Wi-Fi.
  • Launch the terminal on your computer. Connect to your iPhone with the following command: ssh [email protected]*IP address>. Replace the bracketed IP address with your own.
  • There was a password you had to enter when you installed the jailbreak program.

6. Install Cydia if it’s available. When your iPhone has been jailbroken, you will be able to download new applications from Cydia. Depending on the jailbreak program, Cydia may be installed automatically, so there is no need to install it separately.

7. Turn off your iPhone and restart it. When the iPhone restarts, you should see the Cydia app on the Home screen.

8. Click on the icon to open Cydia. With programs, you can customize the iPhone’s interface, such as the text color and iMessage color. Winterboard and Dreamboard are popular options. They are available in the App Store. You can start the program by clicking the icon.

9. From the home screen, select the newly added customization app. To customize the color of the message bubble, simply click the appropriate button. You can choose from several colors when sending or receiving messages.

Method 3: Using FancyBubble App 

In addition to changing the color of your iMessage bubble using the FancyBubble app (instead of selecting it from the apps bar), you can also adjust the size of your bubble. See the instructions below.

  • FancyBubble will open once you open the app. You’ll find a variety of message bubble options at the bottom of the screen. You may choose from them.
  • When typing a message into the input box, make sure the Messages app is selected from the dropdown to the left of the Send button. Otherwise, you can choose other apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.
  • You’ll be prompted to select a contact to send a message to once you tap Send.

 Hopefully, this was useful for changing your iMessage text color.

What is the process for uninstalling/turning off the color text bubble?

If you do not wish to use this application, you can remove it from your device. You can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • The first thing you need to do is go to the settings on your phone.
  • There are more options available when you click on “More apps”.
  • Here is the application for colored text message color.
  • You can now swipe left to select this application.
  • The delete button will now appear.
  • You can delete an application from your device by pressing the delete button.


This information is hoped to be of high value to you. Adding this method to iPhone chat boxes will help make them much more attractive for your iPhone users as well.

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