How To Change The Name Of Your iPhone?


The first thing you do when getting a new iPhone is name it something unique, such as “Brian’s Awesome iPhone 12.”

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to change the name you assigned to your phone when you first set it up. Fortunately, renaming your iPhone is incredibly easy. The purpose of this article is to explain why you might want and “how to change the name of your iPhone?”.

What Are The Reasons For Changing The Name Of Your iPhone?

The name of your iPhone can sometimes be revealed, even though it appears to be a private matter. Whenever you connect your iPhone to a device via Bluetooth, the car stereo displays the name of the phone on its screen. In addition, your phone name may also appear when you use your phone can be backed up to iCloud or AirDrop.

You might have titled your iPhone something inappropriate, and now you want to change it. There’s nothing wrong with it if you don’t like it.

No matter why you want to change the name of your iPhone, here’s a detail about ” how to change the name of your iPhone”?

How To Change The Name Of Your iPhone?

Below are the complete detailed step-by-steps for changing the name of your iPhone.

1. Click On The Settings Menu

Navigate first to the Settings app on your iPhone so that you can change your iPhone’s name. Although you should find this app on your home screen, if you can’t find it, you can bring up your phone’s search function by swiping it down on the middle of the screen. Entering “settings” into the search bar will take you to the settings app.

2. Click on General

When you open the settings application on your iPhone, you’ll find an interesting section called “General.” Here you will find the various settings for your phone.

3. Click the About button

You’ll find certain information about your phone on the “About” page, once you’ve clicked on the General tab. Additionally, you can change your iPhone’s name from this page.

4. Click on Name

You can change the name of your iPhone by clicking on Name on the About page.

5. Change The Name of Your iPhone

Changing the name of your iPhone is now possible after you navigate to the Name tab. Once the name has been changed, click on “done.”

Here it is! You can easily change the name of your iPhone whether you want something more discreet or more specific.

How to Change an iPhone Name Using iTunes?

The iTunes program furthermore, you are also able to change the name of your iPhone if you sync it with that program. Follow the steps below:

1. If you normally sync your iPhone to a computer, connect a computer connected to your iPhone. You might need to open iTunes if it isn’t automatically opened.

2. Go to the iPhone management screen by clicking the iPhone icon in the top left corner.

3. Select your iPhone by clicking its name in the left-hand sidebar.

4. Fill in the old iPhone name field with the new iPhone name you prefer.

5. On your keyboard, click Return.

The new iPhone name is saved in iTunes when the phone is re-synchronized. iPads and iPod Touches can also be re-synchronized using these steps.

Where You Can See Your iPhone Name?

Changing the name of your iPhone isn’t necessary to use the phone differently, because you don’t see it frequently.┬áThe iPhone name is only likely to appear in the following instances:

  • Configuring the Personal Hotspot. You may need to rename your iPhone, for this reason, more than anything else. Connecting to your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot is done by entering its name during the process.

    You’ve probably seen people using this feature on their iPhones, and have given them amusing names, like “FBI Surveillance Van”.

  • You can use Find My iPhone. Select the device’s name to track a lost or stolen iPhone using Find My iPhone.
  • You can use AirDrop. In case your name is not in their Contacts list when sending you a file through AirDrop, they’ll see your iPhone name.
  • Online access to Apple ID. Upon logging into your Apple ID account online, you’ll see a list of all active devices associated with your account. Each device’s name will be listed.

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