How To Charge iPhone Without Charger?


There is no doubt that Apple gadgets are the most-awaited, and the iPhone is one of the best devices. There is nothing wrong with the iPhone, except for the battery life; it drains, again and again, every time there is a complaint about it.  

This has to lead to many ways in which you can charge the iPhone without a charger. It is never a question that you will ask here: How do I charge my iPhone without a charger or how do I charge my iPhone battery without a charger?

In preparation for the main segment, let’s look at some cleaner kits that will help keep us safe. iPhones can be charged without a charger without any difficulties. Here in this article, there is complete detail about ” How To Charge iPhone Without Charger?”. For the complete detail read this out.

7 Methods That How To Charge Your iPhone Without a Charger?

Discover how to charge an iPhone/iPhone 11/iPhone 12 without a charger using some of the most popular and recommended methods. Travel or vacation is no problem with these products. We provide a clear explanation on how to charge iPhone 3GS without a charger even for those using 3GS. 

1. Wireless Charger For iPhones

Wireless chargers make it possible to charge your iPhone wirelessly. You can use a Qi-certified wireless charger to charge your iPhone wirelessly. With the iPhone wireless charger, iPhone models such as the iPhone 8 and iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 can be charged wirelessly. Detailed instructions can be found in the section below “how to use wireless charger for iPhone”.

Techniques For Using Wireless Charging

  • Setup the wireless charger.

Firstly, place the wireless charger where you want it.

  • Place the iPhone on the charging pad.

It takes only a few seconds for the mobile device to begin charging after placing it on the charging pad. After a few seconds, the device should begin charging.

2. Cases For iPhones That Charge Or Store Batteries

You will see an elegant charging or battery case when you see one. While at the same time, it will seem larger due to the position of the battery one of the popular solutions for charging an iPhone. If you want to know how to charge your phone without a charger cord, you can check the iPhone Charging Cases products.

How To Charge Your iPhone Using a Charging Case

  • Plug the charging case into the iPhone.

When the iPhone is inside the charging case, it can only be charged using the case.

  • Press the power button on the device.

It is best to turn the battery or charging case on before starting the charging process.

3. Power Banks And Portable Batteries Can Be Used To Charge iPhones

You can charge any phone using this device and find an answer to the question of how to charge a phone without a charger port. With these features, the iPhone can be charged quickly on the go.

On the market, you can purchase power banks with various voltages. Additionally, we have outlined some recommendations for the best iPhone batteries below.

How To Use a Portable Battery Or Power Bank To Charge

  • Connect a USB cable to the power bank.

Connect one end of your USB cable to your power bank.

  • Connect the iPhone to the computer.

A USB cable is needed to connect the power bank to the iPhone as well  charging will begin.

4. Using a Hand-Crank Portable Charger To Charge Your iPhone

When you don’t have access to an iPhone charger, hand crank machines are an outstanding alternative. Even so, remembering how to use a hand crank charger in case of an emergency isn’t easy since you’ll have to crank the handle for about 3 to 4 hours.

How to Charge a Hand-Crank Portable Charger

  • Plug the USB cable into the iPhone and the hand crank.

With the help of a USB cable, you will need to connect the iPhone and hand crank.

  • Rotate the crank handle.

The winding of the crank ensures that you receive continuous power. Charging an iPhone for three hours is needed to fully charge it.

5. Use The Power of the Sun To Charge  your iPhone

Solar power can recharge your phone’s battery, even if summer heat is killing your phone’s battery. Putting a portable battery on your phone isn’t as convenient as solar-powered chargers, but you still have a variety of options.

The battery doesn’t need to be charged, and you don’t need to find an outlet. Your solar charger can be retrieved when you’re outside simply by pulling it out of your bag.

If you charge your solar charger prior to a cloudy or rainy day, you can still use it on a sunny day, because it stores the energy for later use. If you travel frequently or spend a lot of time outside, a portable charger is an excellent purchase. However, it can take several hours to charge your phone.

6. Use The Car USB Port To Charge your iPhone

In addition to charging your smartphone in your car, another classic method of charging is through a USB cable. Most cars from the previous five years were equipped with 12-volt charging ports, and every car from the last twenty years has one now a USB port for connecting a cord.

The disadvantage of charging your phone with your car’s outlet is that you get less power than you would when you charge it with a wall outlet, so it takes longer for your phone to charge to 100%. The use of this method can be beneficial if you need a few extra minutes of charge here and there throughout the day while running errands but is not a practical solution for most users.

Your phone shouldn’t be left charging in the car, either. If your phone gets too hot from the sun, your battery’s lifespan will be drastically reduced. Furthermore, cold weather can also shorten your phone’s life expectancy. If you’re not driving, you must not use your phone.

7. Use MagSafe To Charge  your iPhone

Not at all. You can actually charge any model of iPhone that supports wireless charging, including the iPhone 12. MagSafe chargers can charge at a maximum of 15W, while other Qi chargers only support 7.5W.

How would the magnetic effect work if you had it like what Apple demonstrated at the presentation? You do not need to worry about that with wireless chargers with a desk base. Because your iPhone, with or without magnets, will sit there anyway. 

If it is failing to charge, make sure there aren’t any thick cases on it that could interfere with wireless charging and magnetic attraction.

If you want to charge the iPhone 12 in a vertical state, such as on a wall, in the car, or any other circumstance in which the iPhone can be mounted to charge, the MagSafe is the only wireless charger available as of right now.

For iOS 12, there are now more options with the MagEZ Case for iPhone 12.

Magnetic wireless chargers such as MagEZ Juice and MagEZ Mount Qi Desk can be attached magnetically to MagEZ Case, since the metal plates of the case incorporate magnets.  On the other hand, the placement of metals differs from iPhone 12. You will not find any overlap. Thus, MagEZ Case for iPhone 12 is compatible with both MagSafe and PITAKA’s wireless magnetic charger.

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