How to check airpod battery on iphone?


Regardless of where you are, keeping your AirPods recharged at all times is important, especially when you are out and about. Checking the AirPods battery is quite simple and can be done in a matter of seconds. Checking the charging status of your AirPods as well as the charging case can be done on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac using any one of these devices.

Apple’s AirPods are probably the best product the company has come up with since the iPhone. These wireless earbuds are convenient, stylish, and cordless. However, even though they definitely bring a touch of style to any outfit, the sleek design of the device can make it difficult for you to tell exactly how much battery is left.

If you have a paired iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can check the charge of your AirPods at any time using the paired device. This article explains how to check airpod battery on iPhone.

It is important to note that if you do not have a paired device, you can at least sort of detecting the battery life of your AirPods by looking at the led light on the front of the case. You have a fully charged case or AirPods inside if it flashes green. Orange means that they aren’t charged.

How to check AirPod battery on iPhone?

AirPods and iOS are seamlessly integrated by Apple. It’s easy to pair your iPhone with AirPods or any Bluetooth headphones. Apple’s iPad and iPod touch work the same way.

You will receive notifications from your iPhone if your AirPods’ battery is low after you sync them. Use the following methods instead if you want to monitor your AirPods battery constantly.

Method 1: Open your AirPods charging case

If you open the lid of the charging case after you’ve synced your AirPods, you’ll see a pop-up notification on your iPhone. Your AirPods’ battery life is shown here, along with an image of the charging case.

The pop-up also shows the charge percentage of one AirPod in comparison to the other.

This pop-up goes away when you close your AirPods case or take them out. Tap a blank space instead of on the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch instead.

Method 2: Using the Batteries widget

The Batteries widget can also help you keep an eye on your AirPods’ battery life. You can add the widget to the Today View or if you have the latest version of iOS 14 (which is now available on the App Store), you can also add it to your Home screen.

If at least one AirPod is removed from the charging case, the Batteries widget will show your AirPods.

You’ll need to add it manually since it doesn’t show up by default:

  • Jiggle mode can be accessed by tapping and holding the Home screen.
  • The Add (+) button can be found in the top-left corner.
  • Go to Batteries by scrolling down.
  • Tap Add Widget, then select the size of the Batteries widget you want.
  • To move the widget, drag and drop it where you want.

Tap Edit at the bottom of the Today View to add the widget. You can also scroll down and tap the bottom of the Today View.

Is there no left or right AirPod battery visible?

Put one AirPod back inside the AirPods case if the widget shows only the combined charge. The widget should update almost immediately with information regarding both the left and right AirPods as well as the charging case’s battery life.

Can’t see the status of the battery on the charging case?

If both AirPods are inside and the lid is closed, the case will automatically shut off when both AirPods are inside. For the battery level to appear in the batteries widget, you must remove at least one AirPod or open the lid.

Method 3: Use Siri to check the battery life of your AirPods

It is also worth mentioning that you can check the battery life of your AirPods on your iPhone by using Siri. If you want to know how long my AirPods battery will last, ask Siri, What is the battery status?

Your AirPods are responding to Siri by telling you how much juice is left in them, so you can continue to enjoy the music.

How can I check the AirPods battery level on my Apple Watch?

Apple has also enabled you to pair your AirPods with the Apple Watch if you do not already have them. For those with LTE-enabled Apple Watches, this feature is convenient for making and receiving phone calls, but music can also be played.

You’d need to know how much juice is left on your phone if you left it at home or in a gym locker. Thanks to your Apple Watch, you can easily check the battery life of your AirPods.

From the Control Center of your Apple Watch, you can see how long your connected AirPods will last. You can access the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the watch face. The battery percentage icon is located in the Control Center. On the right, you can see how long your AirPods’ battery lasts below the Apple Watch’s.

It works if the AirPods are connected directly to your Apple Watch, or if the AirPods are paired with the iPhone.

How do I check the AirPods battery on a Mac?

If you want to see how much battery life your AirPods have left, you can also use the Mac to do so. You can tell pretty easily after they have been paired.

Click the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar of your Mac to start the process. The AirPods’ information will be displayed in a sub-menu once you highlight them with your cursor.

In addition to showing you the left and right AirPods battery, this menu allows you to disconnect. You can also see how much power is left in the case if you want to know when to recharge.

You can also view your AirPods information by opening the System Preferences > Bluetooth window.

Some frequently asked questions by users

1. What is the best way to test an Airpod 2021 battery?

The battery level can be determined by using the case.

  • Open the AirPods case completely.
  • Put the AirPods in the case.
  • In between the earbuds, you will find the battery indicator. Green or amber lights indicate that you still have some juice left.
  • Your batteries are fully charged when the green light turns on.

2. When are AirPods fully charged?

The light shows the charge status of your AirPods when the lid of your case is open and your AirPods are in your case. A light indicates the status of the case when your AirPods aren’t in it. The color green indicates a fully charged battery, while the color amber indicates less than a full charge.

3. AirPods can be charged overnight, is that okay?

Is AirPods safe to charge overnight? Yes, it is safe to charge overnight. AirPods cannot be overcharged overnight, and doing so won’t damage their battery.

4. AirPods can be used in the shower?

There are two wireless earbuds available from Apple. One of them isn’t waterproof. AirPods Pro are sweat- and water-resistant, meaning that they can survive heavy perspiration or accidental splashes, but Apple recommends not putting them “under running water like a shower or faucet.”

5. Is AirPods bad for the brain?

In response to recent reports claiming that Apple’s AirPods and other Bluetooth headphones may cause brain damage, there has been no evidence that such claims have any merit. Public health officials and scientists have now weighed in, confirming such claims are unfounded.

6. How do you check individual AirPods or charging cases?

In order to see separate battery status for your left and right AirPod, leave one or both AirPods in the case, or put one in each ear. In the battery life, information about the left, right, and the case should be displayed immediately.

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