How To Check Voicemail On iPhone?


An ordinary telephone can be used to exchange voice messages, select and deliver voice information, and process transactions related to individuals, organizations, products, and services via a voicemail system (also known as a voice message or voicebank). It can also refer to methods used to deliver voice messages over a phone network, including answering machines.

The majority of cell phone service providers offer voicemail as a basic feature; many corporate private branch exchanges include internal voice-messaging services, and 98 service code subscriptions are offered to most individuals and small businesses (in the United States). So In this article, we discuss that” how to check your voicemail on iPhone?”

How Does The Voicemail Feature Work?

Callers can record audio messages and have them sent to a recipient via voicemail systems. Messages are managed by a user interface, which comprises an interface for selecting, playing, and managing messages, and a method of getting messages to the user played or delivered; and a notification system that notifies the user of an upcoming message.

For all these functions, most systems rely on cellular and landline telephone networks. A system may employ multiple telecommunication techniques, allowing recipients and callers to receive messages via PC, PDAs, cell phones, or smartphones.

Touch-tones are used as an interface in simple voicemail systems. They act as remote answering machines. A more complicated system might also use computer interfaces or voice input devices.

Messages can be delivered via email or text message, message forwarding, and multiple mailboxes with more sophisticated voicemail systems. Simpler voicemail systems might use the phone to play the message while more advanced ones may use alternative delivery methods such as email or text message delivery.

Most modern voicemail systems store their messages digitally. Various methods of notification are used for voicemail messages. There are also messages that provide an indicator that they are awaiting, as well as situations in which no notification is provided.

Oftentimes, companies will integrate their PABX with their call center ACD for automatic call distribution, with mobile phones and paging systems for message alerts, and with computer systems or databases to deliver information or process orders.

Digital information from a corporate database can be used by Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to pick out pre-recorded words and phrases stored in voicemail vocabulary to form sentences for delivery to the caller.

2 Methods For How To Check Voicemail On iPhone?

Method # 1

1. You can access your voicemail through the Phone app by opening the voicemail tab once you’ve set up voicemail.

2. Among the options you have on the iPhone is Visual Voicemail, which displays all your voicemail messages. Not all carriers, all regions, and all languages offer voicemail transcription.

If you are not in the country where you are looking for the features, those may not be available.

  • Note: You can choose a message using the Voicemail feature in the Phone app. Listen to a voicemail message by tapping the play button.

3. You will be notified that the message has been deleted.

4. It is also possible to delete messages in some countries and areas. Voicemail messages can also be deleted when a SIM card is changed.

  • Note: To access your voicemail, you can also turn to Siri. Activate Siri, and tell it to play the voicemail from a specific person. Siri will play it.

Method # 2

1.  Checking Your Voicemail on a Cell Phone: Avail of your phone’s touch screen to check your voicemail. Find the Voicemail square in the bottom right corner of the screen of the iOS Phone application by tapping the Phone application. Tap this button and you will be able to view your voicemail message.

Please select a message and click ‘Play’ if you wish to hear it.  In the top left corner of the screen, you’ll find an icon for the unread voicemail. If you tap the Notifications icon, you can see your voicemail notifications under New Voicemail. The message will be delivered to your voicemail.

2. To reach your voicemail, press the asterisk (*) key or pound (#) key, then the call button. You won’t hear your voicemail until you hear an automated greeting, so you may not need to press the call button in some cases.

  • Press the asterisk or pound key if you are not sure which one is correct. It depends on your cell phone provider which key to push and when to press it.These are often the keys most providers use. Visit your phone company’s website or call customer service if neither of these options works.

3. Type in your own cell phone number when you are asked for a pin or passcode to reach your phone. If you don’t have it memorized, you might need to look it up. ‘Me’ may automatically be saved in your contacts as your cell phone number on many phones.

If you have an iOS smartphone, you can find your phone number by clicking the Phone app in the Settings app. Android users can find their phone number by going to Settings, About Phone, and Status. This will reveal your number.

  • For privacy reasons sometimes voicemail can be blocked, but the code should be your own. Access to your voicemail should be available as soon as you have verified your identity.
  • In case you cannot remember your code, contact your specific cell, phone provider. In case of any other problems, you can call and have it reset for you. You can find the customer service number for your provider by performing an internet search.

Some Voicemail Tips and Tricks For iPhone 

Even after your voicemail has been installed, you can change the setting: open Voicemail and tap Greeting.

Choose Settings > Phone > Change Voicemail Password to alter your voicemail password. Here you can change your password.

If you are on the Settings > Sounds & Haptics or Settings > Sounds screen, you can change the voicemail alert sound. The voicemail alert sounds can be tweaked on this screen.

If your iPhone supports voicemail transcription, tap a message in Voicemail to see a transcription of it. There may be a few glitches with transcription while it’s still in beta. You may also need to consider the quality of the audio recording when transcribing.

How Do You Change Your Voicemail Password?

  1. Tap Settings on your Home screen.
  2. Press the phone button.
  3. Press the Change Voicemail Password button.
  4. Change the password for your voicemail.

How You Can Update Your Voicemail Greeting?

  1. Open the phone app by tapping the Home button
  2. Press the Voicemail button
  3. Greeting with taps
  4. Pick the greeting type you want:

   As a default, we will use your mobile number to greet you.

  • Custom greetings: Greetings that are recorded specifically for you. Simply tap Play or Record to start your own custom greeting.

How Do You Update Your  Voicemail Alerts And Notifications?

  1. Tap Settings on your Home screen
  2. Touch Sounds & Haptics
  3. Press the New Voicemail button
  4. Select the notification sound you wish to hear when you receive a voicemail.

How To Respond To a Voicemail Message On iPhone?

1. Press the Phone button.

2. You can find Voicemail by tapping the bottom-right corner of your screen.

3. To respond to a message, look through your voicemail inbox.

4. To speak with the person who called you back, tap Call Back after listening to the message.

Simply follow those steps on your iPhone to quickly and easily respond to a voicemail message. It is more difficult to access your voicemail messages if you have a traditional voicemail service rather than the more modern visual voicemail.

Let’s take a closer look at how to control traditional voicemail services on a variety of carriers next.

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