How To Cite A Magazine Article In APA?

How To Cite A Magazine Article In APA

What is APA style magazine article?

APA Style Publication Manual, 7th edition, provides information about how to format, cite, and build references.

What is APA style magazine article format?

There are many uses of the APA format in psychology, education, and social sciences. APA is the official style of the American Psychological Association (APA). As early as 1929, Psychological Bulletin published an article outlining the basics of APA style. These rules eventually made their way into APA’s Publication Manual.

What are the advantages of using APA format in psychology and other social sciences? Students and researchers writing about psychology can communicate their ideas and experiments in a consistent manner through APA style. Reading journal articles and other forms of psychological writing becomes easier when a consistent style is followed.

You may be used to using different style guides such as MLA or Chicago if you have never taken a psychology or social science class before. After years of being drilled in another formatting style, new college students are often surprised to discover that many university-level classes require APA style instead.

Especially if you have to switch between different styles for different classes, transitions can be challenging. It will be easier to learn this new format if you understand the basics and bookmark a few key resources.

Sections of your article

An article generally consists of four major sections: the title page, the abstract, the main paragraph, and a list of references.

Page Title

Title, author name, and affiliation should be included in the title of your article. After the course number and name, instructors’ names, and the paper’s due date, the page should display the student’s name and the course number. Identify the topic and writer of your paper in your article title.


You follow your title page with an abstract, which is a short summary of your article. If your instructor or publication requires longer abstracts, they may require between 100 and 200 words.

Main Body

If your paper is like an essay, the body will be the essay itself. Lab reports often consist of several sections in the main body. There are four main components of a lab report: introduction, method, results, and discussion.


In the reference section of your paper, you will provide a list of the sources you used. Any information you have cited in your paper must be referenced in this section.

In your reference section, you should list any source you cite in your paper. References in your paper must also include any sources you cite in your reference section.

Example: How To Cite A Magazine Article In APA

  • Format: Using the last name and initials. Please provide the year, month, and day. Title of the article. Name of the magazine, volume(issue), page range.
  • Entry for reference: Theodore Mogelson (2021, October 27). Thunderstorm. “New Yorker,” #5, 5–12.
  • Citation: (Mogelson, 2021)

Example: APA Magazine Citation Multiple Author

  • Beneroch, R., & Marshall, L. (2020, January/February). Surgery? WebMD. 56-55.
  • Knoth, D., and Cederblom, T. (2021, October 9). Women who step out in relational evangelism. Women’s ministry. 20.

How to find APA Citation Information for Magazines?

It’s easy to find the information you need to cite a print magazine in APA if you know where to look. The magazine and date of publication appear on the cover, while information specific to the article, such as the title and author, appear on the pages.

How to Citation for an APA Magazine without an author?

If the magazine article does not have a listed author, start the APA magazine citation with the article title.

  • Cuba braces for the economic impact of the Venezuela crisis as rationing begins. (2020, May 22). New York Times. 17.
  • Leaders of tomorrow. (2010, May 27). Time, 193 (20). 38-49.

What deference in Journal and Magazine?

It is important to know whether an article is from a scholarly journal or a magazine before citing it. In order to make this determination, you need to look for two general clues:

  • Publication frequency. Most journals are published bimonthly, quarterly, or monthly. Weekly publications are called magazines instead.
  • Pagination. Magazines generally number their pages according to issue (i.e., each new issue starts at zero). Many scholarly journals follow a sequential pagination scheme throughout their volume years. After the first issue of the next volume, the page numbering begins again with number one.

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