How to combine videos on iphone?


We all find enjoyment in watching videos for various reasons. Your iPhone probably contains a lot of videos. Could you create another video from your favorite genre on your iPhone? Rather than making several videos, you can combine all of the funny ones into one. In this way, you can see everything at once. We have come up with some fantastic and useful video combining apps for people who have many video clips on their iPhones and want to combine them into one.

We often record multiple videos on our smartphones when we use them to record. Imagine you are recording something cool and you press the stop button when you think you have all the footage you need to be captured when suddenly, something even more exciting occurs, and you are scrambling to hit the record button once again in order to ensure that you have captured all the material you require.

We all enjoy watching videos for different reasons. If you have an iPhone, you probably have many videos. Have you ever thought about combining your favorites into one video on your iPhone? If you want, you can combine all the funny videos into one. You can then watch them all together. There are some amazing apps to combine video clips on the iPhone for people who have lots of video clips in their iPhone and that they want to combine into one. 

While recording on a smartphone, we often take a few videos at a time. Think of a situation where you start capturing something cool and hit the stop button thinking you’ve got everything you need until all of a sudden something much more exciting occurs, and you have to scramble to hit the record button again to capture it all.

Here are some things to consider

Knowing how to combine videos on iPhone can be useful to video producers. It’s easy to merge videos on your iPhone using a decent video editing app. If you have recorded a lot of videos and want to join them on your iPhone, follow these steps. Videos that combine several video clips to make one funny one are nowadays popular on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks to incredible apps, you can create videos easily. This article will teach you how to combine two videos on your iPhone.

How to combine videos on iPhone?

Many video editing apps allow you to combine videos. Yet, finding an app that can merge videos well can be challenging. The good news is that your iPhone offers an integrated video editor. It is possible to merge iPhone videos with Apple’s iMovie app. The Quik app can also be used to combine videos.

Here, we have reviewed two video editing apps which are more than enough for most post-production needs. Follow the tutorial and check out these apps.

  • Video Editor app
  • iMovie app 
  • Quick

How to combine videos on iphone with Video Editor?

Video quality has rapidly improved with the iPhone’s camera due to the rapid evolution of the device. Video editors are essential tools for the creators of videos. One of the best video editor apps for iPhone and iPad is the Video Editor app, which offers an impressive array of features.

At the moment, however, this app does not support combining two videos. Nevertheless, this hiccup will only last a short time, as the app developers are working on introducing this feature in the future.

There is no way to combine two videos in the Video Editor app right now. Developers plan to implement this feature soon. This feature will be implemented in the Video Editor app in a manner similar to what is shown below when it is finally available.

The Video Editor on the iPhone can be used to merge two videos together.

  1. Download the Video Editor app for your iPhone
  2. Once you’ve selected the video you’d like to combine, click the Merge button
  3. Using your phone’s gallery or a saved project in the app, you can pick a video
  4. Your iPhone camera can also capture video
  5. For your project, pick a video
  6. Choose between trimming, adding music, or combining videos here
  7. You can now join videos by selecting the option
  8. Merge the second video after selecting the first one
  9. After you’ve completed it, save your project or share it

How to Combine Videos on iPhone Via iMovie app?

You can edit iPhone videos directly using iMovie app, a popular video editing program used by countless video editors. With the option to share your merged videos on social media or with your iCloud account, iMovie stores all your merged videos directly on your device.

iMovie works on your iPhone or iPad, so you don’t have to learn the interface again once you switch devices. Make a nostalgic memory video or a funny video that highlights some funny clips using iMovie.

Step 1:

Activate the iMovie app from its installed location after installing it from the app store.

Step 2:

The app opens with three tabs at the top of the screen. Start a new project by clicking on the “Projects” tab. In this case, you want to choose “Create Project.”

Step 3:

You are asked which kind of project you wish to create by iMovie. Click “Movie” if you wish to merge several video clips.

Step 4:

By tapping “Media” in the upper left corner of the screen, you can see your recent photos and videos.

Step 5:

Click on “Video,” followed by the video folder of your choice. Choose “All” to view all videos saved to your iPhone.

Step 6:

Combining videos is as simple as tapping on them. When the video button appears, click it to add it to your work. Continue selecting videos until you’ve added them all.

Step 7:

Whenever you are finished choosing videos, click “Create Movie” at the bottom of your screen.

Step 8:

On the next screen, you can add effects, transitions, and text.

Step 9:

Click “Done” to save your video to your iPhone when you are done editing it.

How to Combine Videos on iPhone with Quik app?

Both an iPhone and a GoPro pair well with Quik. Because Quik is designed to edit dynamic content, it works well for those looking for a variety of customization options.

Using the app is simple if you aren’t concerned about privacy, as it automatically pulls your clips from your library to create the video. Among the many effects available in Quik, users can overlay music, text, filters, and other elements on top of their videos.

Videos made via Quik can last a little more than three minutes. It’s not difficult to edit videos in Quik since you can add up to 200 clips and photos. With Quik you can easily create short, high-quality videos that can be shared on social media with your friends.

Step 1:

Visit your App Store to download Quik. Tap the app when it has finished downloading.

Step 2:

Make sure your first video clip is saved to your iPhone camera roll if it does not already exist. Click the plus symbol on Quik’s menu if you already have a video available. Click the plus symbol again if you wish to use another clip.

Step 3:

Then, select the first two videos and create a third. You will see the clips in the lower right-hand corner. Drag-and-drop the elements into the desired order.

Step 4:

The “Trim” view is now open in Quik. Choose “Manual.” Then add any additional effects as desired.

Step 5:

Make your videos unique with Quik’s video editing tools. Among the features, you can adjust are songs, effects, transitions, templates, text, playback speed, and others. The speed you were going in the video will be added to the video if you took the video with a GoPro. Video will then be saved to your Camera Roll.

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