How To Connect Bose Earbuds To Iphone?


It can be confusing to transition from the standard Apple earbud to any of the different earbud products on the market. Music lovers should pay attention to Bose, who is likely to attract the greatest number of customers. The following instructions will help you in “How To Connect Bose Earbuds To iPhone?”

The Bose wired earbuds can be used with all iPhones equipped with an audio jack, including recent iPhone models without a jack. In contrast, most earphones are wireless, without a jack.

Bose’s Bose Connect application and iOS Settings let iPhones connect to Bluetooth via Bose earbuds. Using either method, you can connect your headphones to the Bose Connect app, but Bose Connect tends to be more popular when you want to enable more features after pairing. 

How To Connect Bose Earbuds To iPhone?

Method 1: Connect your Bose earbuds using Bluetooth on your iPhone

1. Slide the Bluetooth button up and turn on the earbuds. A power icon and the Bluetooth symbol are located on the right ear cup.

  • The earbuds will display “Ready to pair” or the Bluetooth light will blink blue as soon as you do this.

2. Open the Settings app on your iPhone. An icon of gear will appear on one of your Home screens.

3. Click the Bluetooth button on your device. Located in the first grouping of menu options, next to the Bluetooth icon is the icon for “Airplane Mode.”

4. When the switch next to “Bluetooth” is already green and on, you can skip this step. Tap to turn the switch on next to “Bluetooth.”

5. The Bose earbuds are listed under your “My Devices” section. According to the manufacturer, your earphones may be listed as “Bose OE Soundlink.”.

Method 2: Connect Bose earbuds to iPhone Using Bose Connect App

There is a free Bose Connect app available for free on Apple’s App Store that allows users to pair Bose’s earbuds and speakers with iOS devices such as Apple iPhones and iPads.

  • The Bose Connect app not only streamlines the entire connection process but also updates the firmware, allowing new audio features and fixing some bugs and glitches in the audio.
  • From the App Store, you can download the Bose Connect app.
  • Your Bluetooth-compatible Bose earbuds will turn on when you turn the earpiece on the right earpiece from red to green.
  • Bose Connect can be opened by opening the app.

This is crucial: 

Bluetooth should be enabled on your iPhone if it isn’t.

  • For Bose Connect to function, the Bose Connect iPhone app must recognize the earbuds automatically. Swipe down to begin connecting your Bose earbuds to your iPhone. You’ll see a picture of your earbuds and the text “Drag to connect.” Swipe down to begin connecting your Bose earbuds to your iPhone. When your earbuds are not detected by the iPhone, the device displays several tips for finding them.
  • After starting the Bose Connect app on your iPhone, the message “Connecting” will appear at the bottom of the screen as the app begins to sync with your iPhone.
  • When the connection has been verified, tap the Ready To Play button at the bottom of the screen. By turning on your Bose Bluetooth earbuds, you can now listen to your iPhone’s audio through the earphones.


If you open the Bose Connect app, you may see that “Preparing product update” is displayed at the top. It communicates wirelessly with your Bose earbuds to download an update.

Frequently Asked Questions about Connecting Bose Earbuds to iPhones?

1. How do I pair my Bose earbuds with my iPhone?

Bose earbuds can also be paired to an iPhone using the iOS Settings app if you don’t want to use the Bose Connect app.

  • The iPhone’s Bluetooth settings are under Settings > Bluetooth. This method requires that Bluetooth be enabled.
  • When your Bose earbuds are turned on, you need to turn the switch from red to green on the right earpiece.
  • Under Other Devices, tap the earbuds you want to use. If Bluetooth has been successfully connected, the earbuds will appear in the My Devices section as Connected.

  • There is some reference to the name “Bose” in your earbuds.
  • With your iPhone connected to the Bose earphones, you are ready to listen to music.
  • Although you can pair your Bose earbuds with your iPhone using this method, you must update the device and control the noise cancellation with the Bose Connect app.

2. How you can disconnect Bose earbuds from an iPhone?

Bose Bluetooth earbuds can be turned off via the settings menu. By flicking the right earpiece switch from green to red, you are ready to go.

As long as you do not remove the earbuds from your iPhone, they will be usable on another device while they are removed. Tap the image of your earbuds on the Bose Connect app, then tap Disconnect to switch off your earbuds. Alternatively, you can turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone to disable the wireless connection.

In order to prevent Bose earbuds from pairing automatically in the future, you can remove them altogether from an iPhone via Settings > Bluetooth, tap the I symbol next to the earbuds’ name, and then tap Forget This Device.

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