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How To Connect iPhone To Chromebook?

Chromebooks, a new type of computer, are designed to make it easier and faster for you to get things done. Chrome OS runs on them and offers cloud storage, multiple layers of security, and the best of Google.

Google partners with manufacturers to keep Chromebooks cost-effective. This means that you don’t need to worry about the price of most software.

Instead, you can pick from the thousands of free apps available from the Chrome web store for work and fun.

To continue using Chromebook’s Internet-connected features, you can use offline-ready applications. These are just a few examples.

  • Offline Gmail: Read and Write Emails
  • Google Keep lets you make a list, write a note, or create a note.
  • Google Drive apps allow you to create, edit, and save documents, slides, and spreadsheets (Google Docs Sheets Slides, Google Sheets, Google Docs).
  • Google Calendar allows you to view and RSVP to events.
  • The built-in photo editor allows you to view and modify photos.
  • You can listen to music or watch movies using the built-in media players.

Here’s the detail about “how to connect iPhone to Chromebook?”. However, it is not difficult to connect with chrome book. We are here to help you in the way of this article.

How to Connect iPhone to Chromebook and Transfer Photos? 

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Chromebook offer distinct services, which are often at odds with each other when it comes to software compatibility. Students in the U.S. are increasingly using Chromebooks as their main laptops and iPhones as their primary smartphones, so the compatibility issue is becoming even more While we attempted to install iTunes on Chromebook, it didn’t work as intended. We will look at ways to transfer photos and files from iPhone to Chromebook in this article. The USB and wireless methods of syncing iPhones and Chromebooks have been discussed. Taking that into consideration, let’s explore each step in detail.

How To Connect iPhone To Chromebook (2021)?

Here, we’ve explained how to connect iPhone and Chromebook both wired and wirelessly. From the link below, you can access the relevant guide according to your preferences.

1. Transferring Photos From iPhone To Chromebook Via USB:

  • You’ll need a USB lightning cable to connect your iPhone to a Chromebook, just as you would with a Mac or Windows PC. Immediately, a pop-up will appear on your iPhone asking for your permission. Simply press “Allow” and you are almost finished.

  • You can now find “Apple iPhone” in the left-hand pane of your Chromebook’s Files app. Simply open it and there it is. Your Chromebook will have access to all the photos and videos from your iPhone. You can now easily transfer your iPhone media and edit photos on your Chromebook.

2. Wirelessly Connect iPhones And Chromebooks Through Snapdrp App

With Snapdrop, you can easily transfer photos, media files, documents, etc. from your iPhone to your Chromebook. It’s a wireless method and it works like a charm without any installation or registration.

As well, it uses HTTPS and DTLS for encryption, similar to the AirDrop function on iPhones. All you need is a WiFi network where your iPhone and Chromebook are connected to the same one. After all that, let’s move on to the steps.

  • Open in Chrome on your Chromebook

  • Open your chosen web browser, such as Safari or Chrome, on your iPhone. Now open Click on the target Chromebook. You can now select an image, file, or anything else you want, and it will be sent straight to your Chromebook.

  • From your Chromebook, tap “Download” and you’re done. Wirelessly transferring a file from your iPhone to Chromebook has been successful. Both ends are involved. Isn’t that simple?

3. Connect Your iPhone And Chromebook Wirelessly Through AirDroid App:

A full-fledged wireless solution that lets you send not just files, but also clipboard, URLs, etc., then AirDroid is the better choice. A common WiFi network is needed between both devices in order to use this method.

  • Create an AirDroid account and install the AirDroid app on your iPhone (free).
  • You will now need to select “AirDroid Web” from the “My Device” section. Scan the QR code that I will mention in the next step by tapping on “Scan QR code”.

  • To open AirDroid Web on your Chromebook, simply click on this link. After scanning the QR code on the homepage, the app will connect to your iPhone. Log into your AirDroid account on the Chromebook as well.
  • On your Chromebook, you will find all your iPhone photos, videos, and files. The data is being processed locally, so no data is being sent to cloud servers.

Note: Keeping in mind that this connection uses the HTTP protocol, the data transfer is not encrypted and not very secure. I recommend that you use the USB cable if you are working on a public or common WiFi network.

4. Use Google Photos On Your iPhone:

Installing the free Google Photos app for iOS on an iPhone is the easiest method. For several reasons, I recommend it even to iPhone users who don’t own a Chromebook.

So you don’t have to use or pay for additional iCloud storage, Google offers free cloud storage for images up to 16MP and 1080p for videos. The app will occasionally ask if it can delete the local copies, which helps free up space on your iPhone. Moreover, since your iPhone photos are in the cloud, you can easily access them on a Chromebook, or any other device equipped with a browser.

Even the Google Photos Progressive Web App for ChromeOS is available, and you can install the Google Photos Android app to see your iPhone’s photos on your Chromebook as well.

How To Sync iPhone And Chromebook Like A Pro?

We have just finished our short article on connecting iPhone and Chromebook. You can access media files easily through the native file manager of Chrome OS, and we can see it supports iOS devices. Nothing needs to be changed. It is however necessary to use a third-party app if you wish to wirelessly connect iPhone and Chromebook.

In contrast, to learn how to connect an Android smartphone to a Mac, please follow our linked guide. That’s all from us today. Visit our linked article for more such tips and tricks about Chrome OS.

How To Easily Move iPhone Photos To Your Chromebook?

During the US holiday weekend, I was asked if I could get photos from an iPhone onto a Chromebook. This type of cross-platform photo sharing may seem difficult, but as I’ve previously mentioned, you can be a happy iPhone owner while using a Chromebook.

Truth be told, it’s actually quite easy to move photos from an iOS device to a Chrome OS device.

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