Complete Guide On How To Delete A Gmail Account

How To Delete A Gmail Account

Step by step instructions to Delete a Gmail Account Permanently

Your Gmail record can feel like an augmentation of you, and there’s a decent possibility you’ve had a similar one for as long as you can recollect. So choosing to erase your Gmail account is a conceivably large duty.

In any case, now and again everything looks good to proceed onward. On account of Gmail, perhaps you’re not an aficionado of Google’s protection approach or have essentially concluded that it’s a great opportunity to have a more grown-up email address than the one you had since the age of 12. Here’s our guide on the best way to erase your Gmail account until the end of time.

Activities First

Before erasing your Gmail, you should ensure this email address is not, at this point connected to your bank, Amazon, work, or other significant records in light of the fact that it is highly unlikely to advance messages sent to your email address once it’s been erased. So go to your most significant records first and change the contact email address on them.

The following activity, on the off chance that you so wish, is to download all the significant messages from your Gmail account. Google really has a worked in apparatus for doing this. It’s known as the Download your information page. Visit the connection, at that point de-select all the containers separated from Mail. (Snap the “Select none” box, at that point simply click the slider close to ‘Mail’ to turn it blue.) You can likewise decide to just spare messages under specific marks. Simply click “All mail” close to Mail to pick which marks to download.

When you’re prepared, click Next, at that point adhere to the directions to spare your inbox content.

Erase Your Gmail Account

1. Sign in to your Google account utilizing any of Google’s administrations (We’ll use Gmail to illustrate.), at that point click your Google profile picture at the upper right and select “My Account.”

2. On the My Account screen click the “Erase your record or administrations” choice featured in red beneath.

3. On the following screen look down until you come to the “Erase your record or administrations” heading, at that point click “Erase items” and sign in once and for all to your current Gmail account.

You’ll see a rundown of Google administrations appended to your record that you can erase. (It’s acceptable to know on the off chance that you need to erase other Google benefits later on.)

4. Snap the canister symbol close to “Gmail,” at that point enter an email address when provoked so your other Google accounts – Drive, etc – can stay dynamic. Your elective email address can’t be another Gmail address.

When you’ve done this, you’ll get an email at the location you entered requesting that you click a connection and affirm that you would without a doubt like to get rid of your Gmail represent great.

5. Snap the connection, at that point read Google’s message that appropriately asserts not to be “the typical whatever.” The most significant thing to note is that in the event that you were utilizing this email address as a recuperation address for bank subtleties, significant records, and so on., at that point you will not, at this point have the option to get to this data.

6. Since you’ve thought about all the results, would you say you are prepared to erase your record? Assuming this is the case, at that point tick the crate at the base of the “whatever” case and select “Erase GMAIL.”


That is it! You no longer approach any of the substance of the Gmail inbox in light of the fact that Gmail address is no more. To repeat, you will even now have the option to get to your other Google administrations joined to the erased Gmail address utilizing the email address you enlisted before.

Undelete Gmail Account

Experiencing some kind of hysteria over an amazing possibility without Gmail? For a restricted measure of time – half a month after you erase it, by Google’s retribution – you’ll have the option to recoup you Gmail account completely. Past that you should in any case have the option to reestablish your Gmail address, however, the entirety of your messages contained in that will be no more.

To do this, go to the Google Account Recovery page and adhere to the on-screen guidelines to check whether you can recover your record.


So there you have it. It’s practically peculiar that it is so easy to erase your Gmail account thinking about how noteworthy the suggestions are. You nearly feel like there ought to be a type of meeting process for erasing your Gmail account, talking you through what the choice will mean for you and your life.

In any case, no! A few ticks and you’re finished. I stress again that you should guarantee that you’ve supported up everything essential from your Gmail and that you’ve chosen an elective email address to get your most significant data.

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