How To Delete All Messages On iPhone?


You should always think twice before deleting messages from an iPhone, even if it seems like a simple act. When you searched Spotlight Search for deleted messages from older models, they would still pop up when you deleted messages from your inbox?

The task of deleting embarrassing or secretive messages was once a simple task, but now it’s a thorough process requiring careful data management. Since you may still have deleted text messages, iMessages, and pictures out there somewhere, you should look at the issue from multiple angles.

So, if you want to delete all messages from your iPhone and want to know-how. Then you are at the right place here we discuss in detail “how to delete all messages on iPhone?”. Read this detailed guide as mentioned below.

4 Best Methods For How To Delete All Messages On iPhone?

If you do not have any other Apple devices and have not created backups of your messages, then you should not be concerned that much as deleted messages in iOS are actually deleted.

Method # 1: Delete The Whole Conversation

Delete entire conversations with a specific contact instead of individual messages on your iPhone. This method is the quickest, easiest, and most secure.

Tap on the red button that says ‘Delete‘ when you are in the conversation you want to delete. Simply swipe your finger to the left and you’re done.

Method # 2: Delete Individual Messages

Certain conversations with a contact may not want to be deleted completely, but you want to delete specific parts of them permanently. Additionally, you can delete specific portions of conversations very easily; you will first have to open the conversation that you would like to delete.

Long-press the section you want to remove by finding the questionable part. Several options will appear after you do this.

Once you have chosen the “More” button, tap on the dots that appear next to the messages you would like to remove until all of the parts of the conversation have been deleted.

Select any unwanted messages you would like to delete, then tap on the Trash icon in the bottom left corner. Then choose the “Delete Message” option to proceed.

Method # 3: Delete All Messages On iPhone With iCloud Backup

Messages do not always disappear from your Messages app, and even if you’ve removed all unwanted messages, they remain in some locations. Cloud storage services and backups are the most common of these places. You probably don’t want anyone to see the stuff you backed up on your iPhone.

Oftentimes, users forget this and restore one of the backups, which will restore the unwanted messages as well.

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone and then tap on iPhone Lock. After tapping on your name at the top, you will see iCloud Then after tapping ‘Manage Storage,’ you will be able to delete messages that have been backed up via iCloud.

Your selected device will appear under “Backups.” Tap the “Delete Backup” option at the bottom of the page after selecting the device.

By pushing “Turn Off & Delete“, you’ll be completely rid of your backup messages.

Method # 4: Deleting  All Messages On iPhone By iTunes Back Up

Many users back up their iPhones using iCloud, but there are also quite a few dedicated iTunes users who tend to prefer that method. Depending on your case, you may also want to check your iTunes backups for unwanted messages to be deleted.

The first step is to open the iTunes app. The next step is to select the “Preferences” option. Then choose the backup you want to delete from “Devices“. Once you select the backup, click “Delete Backup” to start the process. After that, you just need to press “Delete” and confirm by pressing “OK

How to Delete All Messages on iPhone Automatically?

If you want to save space on your iPhone, deleting old messages is a good idea. However, going back and deleting messages one by one would be tedious and lengthy.

You don’t have to let go of old messages forever with iOS – Apple’s mobile operating system can be set to automatically delete messages that you have on your device for more than a certain time frame.

Messages older than a year or conversations older than 30 days can be automatically deleted through iOS. Following these steps, you can select an old message cut off date. When you delete messages from your device, those messages are permanently deleted.

1. Open your iPhone Settings app.

2. Tap Messages on the bottom.

3. Tap Keep Messages in the Messages History section.

4. You can choose from 30 days, 1 year, or forever.

5. Confirm by tapping Delete.

Keep in mind that you can save messages in iCloud, where they’ll be accessible no matter what device you’re on.

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