How To Delete Calendar Events On iPhone?


Using calendar functionality on your phone, also known as PIM (Personal Information Manager), you can store scheduling and event information. Some phones will vibrate or sound an alert when an upcoming event is coming up.  An alert of this type is comparable to an alarm on your phone.

Other devices that synchronize with computers can be PDAs, laptops, or PCs. Information about PC Sync can be found on the Internet.

Since the iPhone’s inspection, every iPhone comes with a calendar app owner’s daily companion. With its mobile calendar, you can easily keep track of events, birthdays, and holidays as the preinstalled reminders are provided by the app things you might otherwise overlook. 

The iPhone’s you have a great calendar on your site don’t have to mark off your birthdays and anniversaries on the calendar every year. Simply put in the event once, set it to repeat ann

ually, and set a reminder if you’re worried you might forget. 

Couldn’t those events be deleted? Suddenly, the original reminders don’t apply if you changed jobs. iPhone events can be deleted very easily.  Here is the complete detail about “how to delete calendar events on iPhone?”

How to delete Calendar events on iPhone?

1. Click on the Calendar app.

2. Select the event you wish to delete. If you do not know the date of the event, you can either look at the name of it in the search bar on the top right or you can tap on the date when it takes place.

Alternatively, you can use the search box at the top right of the screen to find the event or select the event date.

3. Tap the Delete Event link at the bottom of the event page.

Tap the “Delete Event” button

4. If it is recurring, a pop-up window will appear asking whether you would like to delete the entire series or just one instance. Tap “Delete All Future Events” if you want to remove all future occurrences. 

If you wish to delete this instance only, you do not need to delete the next occurrence. Simply select “Delete This Event Only” from the drop-down menu.

How do you delete a shared event on the iPhone?

People are invited by all platforms here in 2023. Others will create an actual event on Calendar just for you to be invited, rather than using Whatsapp and other social media platforms for invitations.

Is there a way to turn this off? Does anything else need to be done more urgently? How will you proceed? Whether you wish to attend, ignore the event, or simply let your absence be known, the Calendar app on iPhone and iPad allows you to do it all.

1. You can access your iPhone’s calendar by opening the “Calendar” app.

2. Find the common event

3. On the event page, click on options to view them.

4. Now, the “Delete Event” option won’t appear at the bottom of the screen. Defeating the event is impossible since you weren’t the creator. 

5. You will see an “Accept” button, a “Maybe” button, and a “Decline” button at the bottom.

6. You may already have “Accepted” as the status of the event. At this point, you should update that status.

7. Select “Decline”.

After you click on “Decline,” the event will not appear on your Calendar. If you decide to come to the event after declining the shared event on iPhone, you can still see it in your “Inbox.”.

What Is The Best Way To Delete All Calendar Events On iPhone?

Perhaps you want to avoid being reminded of all the holidays, or maybe you just want your job to change. The iPhone should be purged of all events, no matter what they are. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Download the “Calendar” app and launch it.

2. To access the calendars, click the “Calendars” button in the bottom bar. 

3. The calendar will be deselected if you tap its name. When the events are deselected, they will still exist, but they won’t be displayed. If you want to access them again, you can re-select them at any time.

How to Delete Subscribed Calendars on iPhone & iPad?

In order to unsubscribe from any calendar to which you are currently subscribed, please follow these steps.

It’s as easy as deleting an event on the calendar.

  1. Select Calendar from the Settings menu.
  2. You can find Subscribed Calendars under Accounts. Click on it to open it.
  3. Scroll down to Delete Account and choose the calendar. A confirmation page will appear.

We’re done, now you just have to delete your subscribed calendars from your iPhone or iPad.

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