How To Delete Cookies On iPhone?


The Internet stores small files called cookies on your computer or phone to help the site remember information about your visit and your preferences. These cookies allow the site to tailor and customize the experience for you. Depending on the bank, cookies may be used to remember your login email address and how to display web pages. Retailers might use cookies to keep track of what items are in your shopping cart.

Cookie problems can arise from time to time, however. If your iPhone’s browser is behaving badly or you want to save storage space, you might need to clear your cookies. There are some privacy advisers who suggests blocking cookies altogether so that websites cannot gather your personal information. Here is the complete detail about “How To Delete Cookies On iPhone?” Read it below!

How To Delete Cookies On iPhone?

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1: Safari Saves Cookies While Deleting Cookies

Clearing cookies from an iPhone does not require deleting the browser history. Alternatively, only cookies may be deleted or cookies relevant to a specific website may be deleted. Cookies will be deleted after you delete all of them. Logging in again will be necessary afterward. Delete any data for a site if you are having problems with it.

1. You can open Safari by selecting Settings on your iPhone.

2. Make sure you choose Advanced.

3. Data from the website will be selected. The Safari browser app will display a list of websites that have stored cookies in the app. Here, you can either delete all cookies or choose which cookies you want to remove.

4. You can remove individual cookies by selecting the Website Data menu. To delete any website in the list, just swipe left and click the Delete button.

5. You can delete all the websites in your list by choosing Remove All Website Data, then tap Remove Now.

Within the Website Data screen, you will likely find hundreds (or thousands) of websites. The search box allows you to enter the name of a website that you’re looking for.

2: Deleting cookies for specific websites on the iPhone

Delete cookies for a specific website on your iPhone with the steps below.

1. Open the Settings application on your iPhone;

2. Click on ‘Safari’ on the left-hand navigation bar;

 3. Click on the ‘Advance’ option on the right-hand side once you have scrolled down.

4. The following dialog box will display a list of websites that have placed cookies on your device after you click this button.

5. In the top right-hand corner, tap “Edit”.

6. Websites will be displayed with red minus signs beside them. If you want to delete certain cookies from a specific website, tap the red minus icon and tap ‘Delete’.

7. You will be able to delete all unwanted cookies that are associated with that website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the steps for clearing cookies on Mac?

Please follow the steps below to clear cookies on Mac:

1. Hold down the ‘Command‘ and ‘Comma’ keys simultaneously to access the Preferences menu in Safari;

2. Navigate to the Privacy tab;

3. If you wish to get rid of all stored website data, click the ‘Remove All Website Data’ button;

4. If you’re certain that you want to remove all the data stored by websites on your computer, select ‘Remove Now’;

You will delete all cookies from all websites on your Mac.

What will happen to your system if you remove every cookie?

Security breaches can be reduced by removing cookies. Hackers can harvest your passwords and other important information by using the cookies stored on your computer. Some cookies are harmless, while others can be used by malicious software.  Removing cookies periodically can lead to an improved browsing experience and improved performance of your device.

What problems can be caused by deleting cookies?

The best thing you can do is to keep a regular schedule for deleting cookies. Your saved username and password will be deleted after this, so you will need to enter them again. Additionally, you will get better browser performance and will have better privacy protection.

When should cookies be cleared?

Whenever you close a browser, you should clear its cookies. Cookies may reveal some of your private information stored in them if they are saved on your device for a long enough period. For example, your location, Login details, or other personal information can be revealed.


Since you now know how to delete cookies from your iPhone, it is very important for you to also know how you can manage these cookies. These cookies store your personal data and preferences.

Private data components are convenient but potentially sensitive in nature since they allow us to browse much faster and easier.  The data left behind at the end of your browsing session, whether it is your login information or your preferred credit card information, could potentially be harmful if that information fell into the wrong hands if cookies are not deleted.

Apple makes it a default setting in Safari’s Privacy & Security options to block cookies coming from advertisers and other third parties by default.

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