How To Delete Labels In Gmail On Iphone

How To Delete Labels In Gmail On Iphone

Hover your mouse over the label you want to remove on the left side of the Gmail page, and click on the down arrow to access the drop-down menu.

Click “Remove label” to remove the label from the list.

Similarly, all messages attached to that label will be deleted.

Gmail allows you to delete a folder. This is a simple process. Your mail conversation will not be lost. Delete the file called label, where we store chat conversations in our preferences. To do so, you must uncheck the box for that label in Gmail.

Steps by step to labels in Gmail On Iphone

labels in Gmail On Iphone

Step 1: Open the application

 Open the Gmail app on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: Log in

 To create a folder, sign into your Google Mail account.

Step 3: Click on three bars menu

 At the top left corner, click on the three bars menu.

Step 4: Tap on the label you want

 You can delete a label by scrolling down and tapping it. The label appears in the labels section.

Step 5: Tap the settings icon

 In the top right corner of the screen, tap the settings icon.

Step 6: Click on the Delete button

At the bottom, you can now see the delete and label names in red. Click it to delete it. Repeat the process when a delete option is available again.

To delete Gmail labels on the desktop, use the following method

How to delete a folder in Gmail On desktop

delete a folder in Gmail On desktop

Step 1: Log in to Gmail

 Sign in to Gmail with your Gmail account.

Step 2: Select the settings bar

 In the top right corner, you will find the settings icon bar.

Step 3: Choose ‘Settings’ from the menu

 Within the given options, click the option of ‘settings’.

Step 4: Click on ‘label’

 On the left hand side there is a horizontal line with the second option labelled labels.

Step 5: Select your label

 Delete a label by scrolling down and clicking it. In the ‘create a label’ option, it appears at the bottom.

Step 6: Select the ‘remove’ option

 You can see the option to remove and edit the label on the right side when you click its name. Click ‘remove’ to remove the label.

Step 7: Click on ‘delete’

 Click on the delete option to remove the label.

Don’t worry, no mail conversation will be lost. Only the folder will be deleted from the account. Inboxes and sent folders will remain unchanged.

In Gmail, how to manage labels

From your home Gmail screen on your computer, labels can be managed directly. You will see options such as compose, inbox, spam, etc. on the left. Finally, choose ‘manage labels’.

As mentioned in the desktop steps, you can open your label settings and do the same. Remove the label from your account by following the steps mentioned there. You will not lose any email conversations if you do so.

FAQ Delete Labels In Gmail On Iphone

How do I add or delete folders in Gmail?

Delete the folder you want by clicking on the Folder menu in the menu bar.

When you see a button that looks like three dots stacked on top of one another, click it to find the folder you want to delete. When you see the Delete option, click it.

How do you delete an entire folder in Gmail?

You will need to click on the folder / label you wish to empty.

1. Tap on the “Select All” checkbox.
2. Tap on the “Select all conversations in folder” link.
3. Tap on the “Delete” icon.
4. Tap “OK” in the “Confirm bulk action” dialog.
5. Open the “Trash” folder.
6. Empty the Trash folder.
7. Remove the empty folder.

How do I delete a folder from Gmail on my phone?

Select the one you want to delete from the list. You can click on the label and then click the Remove button on the right. Done!

How can I manually delete my entire Gmail account?

 1. Sign in to your Gmail account.

 2. Fill out the top search field with a search term.

 3. Select all results on the page by checking the box at the top of the search results.

 4. Choose “Select all conversations” from the results.

 5. You may be prompted to confirm the deletion by clicking the “Delete” trashcan icon.

Final thoughts

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