How to delete photo albums on iPhone?


You may be able to delete pictures from your iPhone photo gallery one by one, but removing hundreds or thousands of pictures can become time-consuming. With just a few taps, users can remove entire albums from iOS. If you’re looking for a way to delete photos quickly and free up memory on your device, you’ve come to the right place.

You want to delete too many photo albums from your iPhone. A great way to reduce clutter and free up some extra space on your iPhone is to delete albums. In this article, I will show you how to delete photo albums on your iPhone!

Why Should I Delete Albums From My iPhone?

Your iPhone automatically creates photo albums of the images you upload when you use certain third-party apps. For example, Instagram and Twitter do this automatically.

A lot of storage space can be taken up by these apps since photos are relatively large files. As you post photos to these apps, your albums will grow larger and your iPhone storage space will decrease.

It is a good idea to delete albums in Photos to clean up clutter and save storage space!

How to delete photo albums on iPhone?

An entire album can be deleted at once instead of one photo at a time. Here are the steps:

  • Tap the Photos app icon at the top of the iPhone menu.


  • Select “Albums” from the bottom of your screen.


  • You can access all your albums by tapping the “See All” button in the upper right corner.


  • Click the “Edit” button at the top of your screen.


  • Select the albums you want to delete from your album list. To delete an album, tap the minus sign next to its name.


  • Click “Delete Album” to confirm, or “Cancel” if you accidentally clicked the minus icon.


How do I delete multiple photo albums from my iPhone at the same time?

It may be necessary to delete multiple albums from your iPhone at once if you want to speed up the process. Your iPhone can’t do this directly; you can only delete albums one by one.

Questions & Answers about deleted Albums on iPhone

1. The iPhone album can’t be deleted, why?

Apple’s iPhones automatically create some albums that can’t be deleted. Albums synced to your PC via iTunes include Camera Roll, People, and Places. Additionally, you cannot disable the filtering of media types. It is possible to delete albums synced with your PC through iTunes.

2. What Is the Process for Deleting an iTunes Album?

It is not possible to delete albums synced with your iPhone from your computer, but you can do it through iTunes on your PC. Here are the steps:

  • You can connect your iPhone via the Lightning cable to a computer.
  • Launch iTunes by double-clicking it on your computer.
  • From the left sidebar, select the name of your iPhone.
  • Select “Photos.”
  • You can select albums by clicking the circle next to “Selected Albums” on the “Sync Photos” menu.
  • If you do not want to delete any albums, select all of them. It’s important not to sync the albums in the opposite direction, as non-selected albums won’t sync.
  • When the sync is finished, disconnect your iPhone after clicking “Apply.” Your albums will no longer appear.

3. Can I remove an album that I did not create from my iPhone Photos app?

Many iPhone users wonder how albums they’ve never created ended up in their library. Due to the limited memory of the iPhone, these albums often contain duplicates.

When you post content using an app that has your permission to save it, the iPhone automatically creates an album for it. If you post something on Instagram, iPhone saves it in a separate album. Instagram is to blame, not iPhone. Following the steps below will stop Instagram from saving your pictures to the Photos app:

  • Open Instagram and log in.
  • On your screen, tap your profile picture.
  • To access your profile page’s menu, tap the upper right corner.
  • Go to “Settings,” then “Account.”
  • Tap “Original Photos.”
  • By reversing the toggle next to “Save Original Photos”, you can turn this feature off. The button will be grayed out if it is successfully turned off.

In some cases, iPhone albums are automatically created. A video album, for example, is automatically created when an iPhone filters content by media type.

4. Is It Possible to Recover a Deleted Album on an iPhone?

In some cases, people accidentally delete iPhone albums or find out afterward that they have lost their photos. After deleting anything from your iPhone gallery, you have 30 days to change your mind. Albums, however, cannot be recovered. As an alternative, you’ll have to recover each deleted photo individually or at once. Follow these steps:

  • Launch the Photos app on your iPhone.
  • Go to the bottom of your screen and tap “Albums”
  • Click “Recently Deleted.”
  • Click “Select.”
  • You can now recover your pictures by tapping them. You can also tap “Recover All.”
  • Tap “Recover” to confirm your choice. Photos from your previous albums will now appear in the recovered albums.

5. Don’t delete without thinking

We hope this guide helped you eliminate redundant photos from the iPhone Photos app. Be sure to check whether an entire album contains anything worthwhile before deleting it. Make sure to check the “Recently Deleted” album as well, since once you delete it, there is no way to recover the content.

Goodbye, Albums!

By deleting some albums on your iPhone, you’ve freed up some space. Share this article with friends and family on social media in order to show them how to delete albums on their iPhone! In the comments section below, you can ask any other questions you have about your iPhone.

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