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How to delete Waiting Apps?

Waiting for download means the app you are downloading is in the queue and it needs to be executed but can’t due to some issue with your device.When you want to install an app from the App Store on your iPad or iPhone, it is usually a quick process to download and install the app.Find out what to do if your iPhone or iPad apps are stuck on waiting while trying to update, download, or install on your device. If you are facing the problem of How to delete waiting apps then you  you are at the right place.

How to Delete Waiting Apps on iPhone or iPad with Ease?

Some iOS tech forums report that many iPhone and iPad users are experiencing “Waiting” errors. The problem is random and does not affect any specific app. Most of the time, it occurs when you update or download an app. This is why you fail to download apps so often. The problem is caused by a number of factors like server or network problems, software bugs, memory problems, and hardware damage. Unlike freezing or crashing problems, which can easily be resolved by closing and reopening the apps. The “iPhone apps stuck on waiting” issue can be resolved by deleting applications that are waiting.It can be resolved by following issue:

How to Delete Waiting Apps on iPhone or iPad?

Apple’s iPhone and iPad offer two ways to delete waiting apps. The first method can remove most waiting apps. To uninstall an app using a professional uninstaller, you can choose Option 2.

Option 1. Delete apps with the regular method

You can delete a single app by pressing and holding it until it starts to wiggle, then tapping the small “X” in the upper left-hand corner, and finally tapping “Delete” to get rid of it. Alternatively, you can tap “Edit Home Screen” and then tap “X” to delete multiple apps at the same time, instead of tapping “Delete”. The app can be reinstalled via the Apple App Store once it has been deleted.

Option 2. Delete apps by using EaseUS MobiMover

There may be an issue with your hardware preventing you from deleting waiting apps with the above-mentioned methods. Therefore, to uninstall an app, you will need to use a qualified tool such as EaseUS MobiMover – one of the best tools for managing iOS data as well as a superb iOS app uninstaller. These are the reasons we recommend EaseUS MobiMover to you.

  • An application can be deleted quickly, easily, and simply.
  • The program allows you to transfer, delete, and import iOS data.

Points to be considered why Waiting Apps on iPhone are not deleted

Is Your iPhone Out Of Storage Space?

Sometimes, iPhone apps are waiting for updates because there isn’t sufficient space on your iPhone. You can find out how much room is left on your iPhone by going to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage.

  • You can free up space on your iPhone by:
  • Getting rid of apps you don’t use.
  • Eliminating files in apps, such as audio books, that take up a lot of space on your iPhone.
  • Check your iPhone apps that are waiting, or try reinstalling them after you have gained more space on your phone.

How to Fix Your iPhone When an App Is Stuck on Waiting?

  • Stop all other downloads and test your Internet connection.
  • The app will pause after you tap it, then it will restart once you tap it again.
  • You need to delete the app and then redownload it from the App Store.
  • Afterwards, restart your iPhone.
  • Make sure that there is enough free storage.

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