How to dial extension on iPhone?


Big companies can group up their different phone numbers using mobile number extensions. The same starting number can be used for multiple phone numbers, which makes it easier to remember their numbers. It is difficult for people to remember or save all the extensions on their iPhones. Hence, we are sharing the guideline on how to Dial Extension on iPhone and storing them for later use.

This post shows you how to dial an extension on your iPhone. Smartphones let users dial multiple extensions of mobile numbers easily and quickly. Following the steps below!

What is a phone extension? 

Phone extensions are short internal numbers either associated or unassociated with an actual number that is being dialed. The app provides ease of use when a user is calling someone on their iPhone. All they have to do is dial a few simple digits to make the connection. The process is quite complex, but it’s easy. 

Here are some things you should keep in mind before adding phone numbers etc. Let’s get started:

  • ‘Pause’ is indicated by the comma (,). Before calling the extension, the contact app will pause. A comma signifies a 2-second pause, so you can have any number of pauses you like.
  • The semicolon (;) signifies ‘Wait’. When you dial the number in the contact app, it will wait for the number to be dialed. For those whose extensions are not known when they will be called, this feature is useful.

How to Dial Extension on iPhone?

  • Please ensure you are on the Keypad screen of the Phone app.
  • You will need to dial the original number.
  • The phone number will appear when you press the asterisk (*) key long enough. After that, type the extension number. Adding multiple commas will make the pause last longer than 2 seconds.

In order to add ‘wait-to-dial’, press the pound symbol (#) until a semicolon appears (;).

  • Last but not least, press the green call button.

How to add an iPhone extension to your contacts?

The iPhone contact book can also store phone numbers with extensions.

  • Launch the Contacts app. You can also open the Phone app and select Contacts from the bottom row.
  • A contact can be edited by tapping the name, then tapping Edit from the top right corner. Tap on the plus (+) button in the top right corner if you want to add a new entry.
  • Click on the saved phone number. Tap the +*# button from the bottom left after you have entered the phone number.
  • Press the pause button. If you do this, the phone number will have a comma (,) next to it. Continue doing this until you have added all the pauses that you want.

The ‘wait-to-dial’ feature can be accessed by tapping the wait button. After the phone number is entered, a semicolon (;) will appear.

  • Then type your extension number. Click Done to complete the process.

Note: You can measure the number of pauses to add by calling the number and hearing how many seconds later the computerized voice asks you for your extension number. Put that many pauses after the phone number after dividing the second count by two.

During a call, how do I dial an extension?

  1. An extension number can be called or entered during a call, or characters can be entered, like # (hash), on an automated phone system:
  2. You can use the dial pad to make a call. The call controls may appear if you move the mouse.
  3. The extension number or characters can be dialed using the dial pad.

Tip: How can I automatically dial an Android contact’s extensions?

You can program the contact information for individuals or organizations that you call frequently instead of dialing their extensions.

Automated assistance is available in a number of companies for answering their incoming phone calls. Even so, it’s a bit of a hassle when you’re calling a company and need to repeatedly enter the extension number for the department or individual you’re trying to call.

A good example of this could be when you do not recall the extension and need to refer to the contact information to find it.

  1. Thankfully, you can program extensions into Android dialer applications.
  2. Using either pause or wait is an option.
  3. Read on to learn about the differences between them and how to use them.

Pause option

  1. The pause will appear either as a comma (,) or as a pause in the number pad. When you select this option during the dialing process, the extension is utilized automatically once the dialer application recognizes that the phone has been answered.
  2. A pause may be accessed by entering the following numbers: 1-555-555-1234,77 – where “77” is the extension you should dial.

Wait option

  1. The wait option appears on the number pad as a semicolon (;) or as the word “wait.”.
  2. The use of this option is recommended when you are calling somewhere that expects you to listen to the entire automated message before allowing any menu choices or extension selections.
  3. In place of keying the numbers automatically, a pop-up will appear on the screen with a deadline, asking if you would like to send it now.
  4. If you choose not to send the extension or drop it, it will remain on the screen.
  5. The wait can be accessed by entering the following number: 1-555-555-1234;88 – where the extension number is 88.
  6. You can also enter combinations such as 88,77; on the off chance that you feel like being fancy, you can enter these to represent menus you wish to explore on their phone.

In iPhone, you got, what you expected, but face lots of issues when dialing an extension.

Some Frequently Asked Questions By Users

1. How long does it take to set up the extension? 

If you follow the steps carefully, it won’t take much time. Missing a step will result in an error message.

2. How difficult is it to add a phone number extension? 

Setting up an extension is quite simple. Following the steps is all that is required. 

3. Does dialing an extension help in any way? 

It will be harder for you to search for the name and then make the call when you need to make frequent calls. By dialing extensions quickly, you will always save time. 

4. Is the extension number usable over the telephone? 

Using an extension number is also possible when using a telephone. In reality, it is more feasible in the case of telephones since you cannot really save contacts as such, and you cannot dial up a number easily. 

Final thoughts

Now that you know how to dial extension on iPhone. I hope you’ve learned how to dial an extension. Marketers and telecommunications experts would like to utilize this feature since it is time-consuming to dial multiple numbers. It is as simple as following the steps in this article and you will be able to dial and attend a conference call without wasting any time.

Please let me know if you have any problems with this article in the comment section below.

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