How To Edit a PDF On iPhone?


Documents in Portable Document Format (PDF) can be viewed on any device, regardless of software, hardware, or operating system, and are standardized as ISO 32000, created by Adobe in 1992.

PostScript lets you create PDF files that are flat documents, including text, fonts, vector graphics, raster images, and other data required for display. John Warnock, the co-founder of Adobe, began “The Camelot Project” in 1991.

In 2008, ISO 32000, the PDF standard, was adopted. ISO 32000-2:2020 will be the last edition published by the end of 2020.

Text and graphics can also be included in PDF files, as well as elements of logical structure, elements of interaction, such as annotations and form fields, layers, rich media, three-dimensional objects are drawn using U3D and PRC, and more.

A PDF specification also includes features such as encryption, digital signatures, file attachments, and metadata to facilitate workflows. In this article, we are completely describing “How To Edit a PDF On iPhone?” Read out this article for detailed guidance.

Why PDFs Are So Popular?

As a result of the 1993 release of Adobe Systems’ Portable Document Format, or PDF, it soon became the number one format for delivering and distributing documents.

There are other reasons for PDF’s popularity in addition to its free nature. Its popularity is largely due to its easy use, stability, and ability to work on various platforms, devices, operating systems, and software platforms at the same time.

  • Any device that has the Free Adobe reader can open and view PDF documents, including Windows computers, Macs, Chromebooks, iPhones, Android phones, and tablets.
  • It is easier to store PDF documents and they remain their original format on any device.
  • Passwords and encryption can be applied to PDF documents.

What Is Needed To Edit PDF Files On Your iPhone?

Sometimes you might have to edit something on your iPhone, like an image, but you are aware of how to do it. However, there are times when you need to edit documents that are in text format or PDF format. The same thing cannot be done from an iPhone, but it is possible on a PC. 

There’s a PDF file downloaded on your iPhone that you want to edit, but you don’t know how to do it. You can use any one of the three ways I’ll describe in this article to edit PDF on an iPhone. You have to read the full article presented below to learn more about it in depth. 

Online document sharing often involves PDF files. Online documents are almost exclusively shared in PDF format via email, Whatsapp, etc. That PDF file can easily be opened by any PC, iPhone, or even iPad.

The question remains, how could someone edit that file? Additionally, it is also simple; all you have to do is learn about it, and then you will think that it is as easy as ABC. Why do you not know if it is so easy? A PDF document or file can only be edited by downloading a PDF editor app for the iPhone. 

6 Ways That How To Edit a PDF On iPhone?

If you haven’t, you might have read about the option to edit PDF files on an iPhone on the Internet? In general, most of the articles about how to edit PDF documents on the iPhone are not as thorough and detailed as they should be. We will only show you some PDF editor apps for your iPhone and not how you can edit PDF files with them.

This article is full of detail, unlike others. Throughout this article, you will learn how to edit PDF files on your iPhone. Here’s how you can edit a PDF from your iPhone in three different PDF editors. 

As for the other methods, you need to pay for the premium subscription of the PDF editor apps. I recommend using the first method, which is easier and freer.  I’m going to show you how you can edit your PDF on your iPhone using the “PDF element” tool without wasting time.

1. Edit PDF On iPhone By Using PDF Element

You can now edit PDF documents on your iPhone in an easier, more convenient, and totally freeway. Downloading the free app “PDF Element” from the app store is necessary for this method. The direct link included in the first step can also be used to download it.

1. You will need to download an iPhone app called “PDF Element” that will allow you to edit PDF documents. This is a free app. It can be downloaded by clicking here PDF Element

2. When you have downloaded and opened the PDF Element app on your iPhone, you will be prompted to “Sign Up.”. 

3. No worries, signing up is free, and if you get a pop-up asking you to buy the premium version, just click “Close”. 

4. PDF Element’s home page now displays some folders and a “Demo” PDF file.

5. In the top left corner, you will also find a menu in the form of three lines.

6. There will then be local and recent options, as well as cloud options. 

7. Select “Cloud” from the drop-down menu.

8. There are now three more options, one named “iCloud Drive”, one named “Dropbox” and another named “Box”. 

9. Choose “Dropbox” if the PDF file is stored in your dropbox account; otherwise, if the PDF is on your iPhone, it is located in “iCloud Drive”, so select “iCloud Drive” if it is on your iPhone.

10. Upon clicking “iCloud Drive” on your iPhone, a new window will open in the “Files” app where you can download the PDF file.

11. Then select the folder where you had downloaded the PDF from the “Browse” menu on the bottom navigation bar.

12. You will see some options in the top toolbar when you open your PDF file in the “PDF Element”. You can choose to use a text editor. How to do this is shown in the following image.

13. Whenever you tap on the text, you will see a keyboard appear on the screen, where you can delete any text or add text to the PDF file. 

NOTE:- The screenshots in this section show the editing process using the demo PDF included in PDF Element.

Unlike other methods, this one does not incur any costs. In the app store, you can download the PDF Element app for free.

You can also use an app named “PDF Expert” if you want to learn more about that. You have to buy a premium subscription to use the “PDF” editing feature, even though this is a free app. In addition, you get a “7 Day” free trial, and I suggest you take advantage of that free trial in order to edit pdf files free using this app. 

Nevertheless, I have mentioned below how to edit a PDF text file using PDF Expert.

2. Edit PDFs In iPhone And iPad With PDF Expert

The PDF Expert iOS app must be downloaded, as I mentioned above. On the app store, you can get this free app with a few free features. However, you will need the Premium subscription to access the PDF editor. By taking advantage of its 7-day free trial, you can become a premium user for free. 

1. Start by downloading PDF Expert from the app store. This app can be downloaded from the App Store directly by clicking here  PDF Expert.

2. Open the PDF expert after it has been downloaded.

3. In these folders, you will find albums, files, iTunes, etc. Then select your saved PDF files from the “Files” section. You will see all saved files in the “Files” section. 

4. Should you be unsure in which location the PDF can be found, you can check out steps 11 and 12 above.

5. Your PDF file will now be opened for editing once you have selected it.

6. In the topmost toolbar, you’ll see a few tools and a heading that says “Annotate”, click that. 

7. Select that option from the list of options you see. You will then be presented with a number of options including “Edit PDF”.

8. Select the tool that will allow you to edit the PDF. You can now see some new tools or options.

9. If you are also interested in editing “text”, then select “Text” from the drop-down list.

10. You will be prompted to purchase the premium version once you’ve completed your free trial. You can edit PDF for seven days for free.

NOTE:- This demonstration was shown to you using the PDF Expert app Demo PDF file.

The following are the steps for using the PDF Expert application in the second method. It is possible to use the PDF Element to create a PDF document, which is free.

The (PDF Expert) trial is still free, and you can use it for free during the trial period. After trying PDF Expert, you will have to pay if you wish to keep using it.

There are several other popular PDF Editor apps for iPhones and iPads. You can download Adobe Acrobat for free, but for its “PDF Editor” option you must again subscribe to the premium service. 

3. Edit PDF files On iPhone With Adobe Acrobat

With Adobe reader iOS, you can annotate PDFs as you read them and it is much lighter and faster than Adobe Reader desktop. You can sign PDFs and password protect them in addition to highlighting and filling out forms.


  • This system has a high level of reliability. It is hard to imagine Adobe failing.
  • Aside from annotations and security, it has many features.


  • In order to use its online services, including PDF converting, editing, and organizing, you must subscribe to its online services.

Steps To Edit Text In a PDF On Your  iPhone With Adobe Acrobat Reader App

1. On the bottom right of the screen, you will see an Edit tool (pen-icon).

2. A tap on the block will allow you to edit the text.

3. You can select all of the text in a block by tapping once and choosing Select All.

4. Select handles can also be obtained by tapping inside the block once and double-tapping on it. The text must be selected a second time.

5. By selecting the respective tool, you can adjust the font, size, color, or alignment of the text.

6. Done with the tap

4. Edit a PDF With Google Drive On iPhone

You want to edit a PDF in Google Drive on your iPhone or iPad, but you don’t know how to do that. 

As the first point of clarification, Google Drive (iOS) does not come with the capability to edit or save a PDF in-built. A PDF file can only be renamed on Google Drive.

As long as you’ve installed a third-party PDF editing app on your iPhone or iPad, you won’t have to worry about printing PDFs from Google Drive. The file can be edited through the app.

Steps To Edit a PDF In Google Drive On Your iPhone:

1. Open the Google Drive app.

2. You can edit a PDF by searching and opening it.

3. Tap the three dots located in the upper-right corner.

4. Select “Open in” from the menu.

5. You can use the PDF editor on your iPad or iPhone if you have one.

6. By selecting an app, you can begin editing your PDF.

5. Edit a PDF With GoodReader On iPhone?

The PDF reader app GoodReader provides users with the ability to read, create, and edit PDF annotations, according to Mashable. Also, files and folders can be copied, renamed, moved, and transferred. It allows you to read PDFs as well as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT, and HTML, unlike other PDF readers.


  • There are many annotation and page editing options, such as inserting, deleting, rotating, and rearranging pages
  • TXT, HTML, PDF, and Microsoft Office are all supported.


  • PDFs cannot be edited with it.

6. Editing PDFs With Advanced Tools

When editing PDF files, you may need to replace images on the page without affecting the flow of the document.


A PDF document can be enhanced with images by using PDF-XChange– PDF Xchange viewer and editor. The PDF Xchange program needs to be downloaded to your computer in order for you to use it.


As an alternative to Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw, Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics editor. You can edit and rearrange each page of a PDF file in Inkscape as well.

Although Inkscape can be used to edit PDF files, it is not the most efficient tool for editing PDFs.

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