How To Edit Featured Photos On iPhone?


If you are looking for changing or editing your featured photos on your iPhone but don’t know how to do this. Here we resolve your problem in this article we discuss ” how to edit featured photos on iPhone?”. Read this complete guide.

What Is Meant By Featured Photos On iPhone?

A new section, Featured Photos, will feature pictures that the site considers particularly good. Also included are suggestions on how to enhance the pictures. If you’ve taken a Portrait Mode or Live Photo, these will appear here. Using it, you might find photos that would be great for loop effects or photos where Studio Lighting could brighten them.

How Does The Featured Photo Work?

This is an image that goes along with a post or page’s content, mood, or theme. How does that work? Featured images are the big pictures that appear at the front of photos.

How To Edit Featured Photos On iPhone?

  1. Your iPhone’s Photos application will open.

2. At the bottom, tap For You.

3. You can find the photo you want to remove by scrolling to the right of Featured Photos.

4. To remove the photo from featured photos, long-press on the photo.

5. Select All Memories from the Memories menu.

How can I change my iPhone’s featured photos?

Click the Photo app. Scroll down to the bottom and tap ‘For you’. There is now a gallery called ‘Featured Photos’ and a gallery called ‘Memories‘. You can remove your widget from your home screen by scrolling through your ‘Featured Photos’.

What is the process for choosing the featured photos on iPhone? ‘Featured Photos’ and Memories are displayed randomly in the Photos widget in iOS 14. An algorithm determines which images you might like and displays them in the background.

Are photos available for iOS featured photos as well? From the For You section of the Photos app, iOS 14‘s recognition algorithm decides which photo to use. In the Widgets screen, you cannot add a photo to your Featured Photo at this time. If you do not want the photos displayed on your iPhone, you can delete them from the section For You.

Widgetsmith Allows You To Add Photos, But How Do You Do That?

Here are the step for adding photos to the photos widgetsmith

  1. Click on “Widgetsmith“.
  2. You can select the widget size by tapping it.
  3. To edit the default widget, tap the “Default Widget” option.
  4. If you scroll down to the style options, you will find the “custom” area.
  5. A static image can be created by selecting “photo“.

How To Edit Featured Photos On iPhone With Photo Widget App?

The home screen of iOS 14 has been completely revamped with the addition of widgets. Now you can choose from hundreds of options to customize the appearance of your home screen. It displays a photo from your library on the home screen and is a popular widget.

There are three sizes of the Photos widget in the stock Photos app from Apple. Every hour, a new photo is displayed. At any given time, you cannot choose which photo will appear. This is because the Photos app automatically selects the photo that appears on the widget; however, you cannot select which image appears on the widget.

A rotating image from a user’s library can be displayed with no additional work using Apple’s Photos widget. However, if you only want to display one picture, or rotate through a number of pictures, it’s necessary to go through a third-party app. On the App Store, you can choose which photos you want to display via widget apps.

One of the simpler apps is called “Photo Widget: Simple.” There are 30 photos that can be selected for a widget to display on the home screen. With this app, you can choose any of the three widget sizes, and even select a period of time between images rotating if you have selected more than one.

Steps to setting up one photo on a widget can be found at Photo Widget: Simple, but similar apps should work as well.

  1. Photo Widget: Simple is now available for free download.
  2. Launch the application.
  3. In the middle of the screen, tap the + button.
  4. Your home screen will display the photo you selected.

5. Click the Home button to return to the main screen.

6. Jiggle mode can be activated by holding any blank space on the home screen.

7. In the left-hand corner, tap the + sign.

8. To access the Photo Widget, navigate to the appropriate option.

9. With a left or right swipe, you can see the three widget sizes. right. By tapping Add Widget, choose a widget size that suits your needs.

10. Place the widget wherever you want now that it can be dragged around.

11. The tap has been completed.

Repeat steps two through four if you want to rotate more than one photo. As soon as you are finished creating your widget, you may want to hide the Photo Widget app from your App Library.

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