How To Edit Youtube Videos On iPhone?


Make sure you put your videos into the proper format and make sure they are appropriate for a large audience like YouTube before letting them go live. Editing the video before publishing it on the platform is one way to ensure that. Edited videos give you the chance to get your message across more effectively and look great.

How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone? This task can be accomplished in a number of ways. YouTube videos can be edited on your iPhone using a variety of editing methods, so you can pick the one that works best for what you want to accomplish.

The following methods will help you edit YouTube videos on your iPhone.

How To Edit YouTube Videos On iPhone?

It’s okay to use the built-in editing feature on your iPhone if you don’t want to add any fancy features to your video but also want to have some control over what is shown.

On all iOS-based devices, the Photos app has this editing option. It will be easier to find your videos and retouch them so that they’re ready for YouTube publication since all of your videos are already inside the app. The Photos app allows you to cut and rotate videos. You can also cut segments from videos.

1. Tapping on the Photos app icon on your springboard will open the Photos app on your iPhone.

2. Select the video for editing from the album where you saved the YouTube video once the app opens, open the album where your video is saved.

3. Your device should show the video full-screen. At the bottom of your screen, you will see an edit icon. You will need to tap this icon to proceed. Once you do, the video editing tools will open.

4. Select the editing options you want on the following screen. Tap on Done at the bottom-right corner of the screen after making the required edits and when you are done editing, you are ready to save the edited video to your iPhone.

Everything is set for you. YouTube is now ready for you to upload your edited video.

How To Edit Youtube Videos On iPhone By Using Third-Party Apps?

You should be able to get YouTube-ready videos with the help of iMovie since it contains just about everything you need. You may however want to look at an alternative option if you aren’t satisfied with the options it offers.

Several third-party videos editing apps are available for iPhone. You should be aware when downloading apps since not all of them offer the features that are advertised to have. We narrowed down your choice to just one video editing app to help you save time finding the right app.

An iPhone app called Video Editor allows users to edit videos directly on their devices. On the official App Store, you can download this app for free if you prefer more features than the built-in iPhone feature.

Here are some instructions on how to edit YouTube videos on your iPhone.

1. You can download and install Video Editor by Luni on your iPhone by searching the App Store for the app.

2. Create a new project for your YouTube video by clicking the + sign in the YouTube app.

3. Select the video source from which you wish to use the video. Choosing the first option if your video has not been filmed yet. If you want, you can select a video from your Camera Roll by tapping the Photo Library icon.

4. You can add your video by selecting it from the Camera Roll. The video is added once you tap it from the Camera Roll.

5. Select the editing tool you want to use from the app. There are a variety of options available, including adjusting the volume levels, changing the colors, adjusting the speed, adding background music, and adding special effects.

6. Using the app, you will be able to upload your edited YouTube videos directly to YouTube. By tapping the share icon at the top-right corner, you will be able to share the video via Youtube.

How To Edit YouTube Videos On iPhone Before Uploading?

Now that YouTube iOS has been updated, your iPhone can edit videos like a pro. The YouTube iOS app has added new features including the ability to trim videos’ start and endpoints, adjust video filters, and add background music for a more cinematic experience.

Uploading a video is as simple as tapping the account button (it looks like a bust in the middle of the screen). After you click the upload button, you will see a red circle with an upward arrow.

The first tool you will find after selecting a video is the editing tool. To select new start and endpoints for your video, you can trim the beginning and end. Nevertheless, it is not possible to remove a section of a video from the middle and splice them together.

Tap the middle button below the three buttons that appear after trimming your video. There are six filters to choose from.

You can then add background music to your video by tapping the music icon in the lower-right corner. From the Featured or Genre & Mood tabs, tap Add Music to select from pre-selected songs. The app may also allow you to pick a song from your iPhone but be warned that the song you selected may not be able to be used due to copy-protection.

In the upper-right corner of the video screen, tap the arrow button to go to the Upload screen. If you want to upload your video to YouTube, you must add a title, description, and privacy controls here.

How To Edit YouTube Videos On iPhone Using YouTube Editor?

Let’s say you filmed a video on vacation and now you want to upload it to the internet so everyone can see it. What if you want a video shortened or you want to add music? On iPhone, YouTube allows you to edit and adjust video clips before they are uploaded. We’ll go over what you can do with the app directly, as well as what you might have to use a third-party app to accomplish.

What Can Be Done With The YouTube Editor?

It’s not just about watching videos with YouTube’s iOS app. Upload your own video and live stream directly from your phone. From within the app, you can make some basic edits before uploading the video, including:

  • Video editing will allow you to remove any unwanted footage from the beginning or end of your video. Your iPhone’s Photos app also allows you to trim videos.
  • For your video, you can choose from a variety of color presets.
  • Music from YouTube or your device can be added to play in the background.

YouTube Videos Can Be Edited After They Are Posted?

Using another app or website may make this a bit trickier. Video features such as title, description, and privacy can easily be edited. You can’t make changes to a video once it’s uploaded. To edit the text in a video you must do the following:

  • In the top right corner, tap your Profile Picture.
  • To change your channel, tap “Your channel“.
  • Make sure you have the right video selected.
  • Press Edit.

By downloading the YouTube video to your iPhone, you can edit that video. Having said that, once it has been edited, you will need to re-upload it.


The iPhone provides multiple methods for editing YouTube videos. In the above guide, we hope that you will learn how to edit youtube videos on your iPhone.

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