How to eject water from iPhone?


Your iPhone device can’t avoid splashes of water on occasion if you frequently take it to the beach and record clips close to the water. It is possible for water to make its way into the bottom of the speakers because of these splashes, which is a dire situation.

Water Eject is one of the most popular shortcuts that has attracted 100,000 downloads so far, proving its reliability. If this happens to you, don’t panic because there is an easy way to remove water from your iOS device.

This shortcut allows you to remove water from iPhones using very low-frequency sounds. Users have reported that this shortcut works very well and is perfect for those who don’t expect to visit a repairman anytime soon. In this article, we show you how to eject water from iPhone.

How to eject water from iPhone using Siri Shortcut?

There is no button to solve the water issue seamlessly in an iOS device if there is water in it. You need to follow these instructions in order to fix the issue:

Water Eject Shortcut installation:

This link will reveal the details of the app that can be downloaded on your iPhone when you click it. The Water Eject shortcut can be found on the “Library” tab by clicking “Get Shortcut,” which you will find on the far right-hand side.

Here’s a shortcut (not compulsory):

Shortcuts are incredible because they can be accessed quickly from multiple sources at the same time. If you use a shortcut strategy, you can access these via the Shortcut app, the Shortcuts widget on the home screen, or even via Siri on your iPhone. It is easiest to access the shortcut widget from your lock screen by adding it to your “Today View”.

‘Hey Siri’ will be available when you force-press the ellipsis (compound) under the ‘Water Eject’ shortcut in ‘Library’ in ‘Shortcuts’ or click the circle (compound). Next, go into settings and choose “Add to Siri.”.

As long as “Type To Siri” is selected, you can activate the red record button and select the Siri phrase you would like to record, or you can click “Phrase” and type the phrase out if you are using the “Voice To Siri” feature. In order to return to the “Library.” page, all you have to do is retap “Done” 3 times

You can add a shortcut to Water Eject to your home screen by going back to the shortcut’s settings page and during this time choosing “Add to Home Screen.” you will be given the option to add this shortcut. You will be able to do this easily by adding an icon to the home screen for the application. It will be similar to the process used when you add the icon to a website in Safari.

Your iPhone will eject water if you do this:

Now that you have done all of that, let’s use your shortcut. If you want to begin water ejection, you can click “Begin Water Ejection” in the shortcut library. If you already created a home screen icon, you can click the icon or select the widget. You can also use the Siri command Hey Siri or the widget with the prompt “Begin Water Ejection.”

Whenever water is ejected, you will hear a loud pop followed immediately by a low modulation sound. There’s a very good chance that you’ll see water leaking from the bottom of your device when there’s water inside it. Ideally, you should place your iPhone in a position so that your speaker is facing the ground, as this will allow the water from your device to escape quickly.

This shortcut works well to remove water from iPhone, but it does not guarantee a perfect result once the tone has stopped playing since it does not guarantee to remove every single drop of water. Further, since one will most likely continue to use the shortcut until one is certain that all the water has been removed, this is not the best method. Due to the fact that the tone seems quite intense, it is impossible to know whether overusing it could harm your iOS device.

Sonic can help you with App Store issues. You can use Sonic instead of “Water Eject” if you prefer. Apple has governed it to undergo strict standards so that it is as dependable as the “Water Eject.” The procedure for using it is as follows:

How to eject water from iPhone with the Sonic app?

Siri uses a similar method. With Sonic, the phone’s speaker ports are used to force water from the phone through a low-frequency sound or audio. 

Make sure that you put your phone on a flat surface after downloading Sonic from the app store. This will make it easier to remove the water. Sliding the app up and down will let you set a frequency. It is ideal for water to be forced out at a frequency of 100-200 Hz. All you need to do is tap the play button on the app.

Within a few seconds, drops of water will begin to appear. You can now run the app again after wiping out the water from the speaker port with a dry cloth. If you see more water come out, repeat the process until it has been completely removed. 

Play some audio and make sure it sounds clear. Check if there is any water left in the speaker.

Some Frequently Asked Questions by Users

1. Using a website, how do you eject water from an iPhone?

A quick fix like this works and is easy to accomplish by anyone. It’s possible to eject water out of speaker ports by visiting the website Fix My Speaker. You can blow just by clicking on the blowing icon on the website. A sound will be emitted, blowing the water away. After the water has ceased to come out of your phone, you can tap the same button to stop it. 

2. Can these techniques be used on all iPhone models?

Water-resistant iPhones are available after iPhone 7. A certain amount of time can be maintained under the water according to the models. An older iPhone model or iPhone 6 cannot be submerged. The hacks still work on them, even though they don’t work on them. Most people say these hacks work on nearly all iPhone models, including new ones, so don’t hesitate to give them a shot.

3. What is the best way to eject water from my iPhone?

Once you have added the shortcut to your shortcut library, all you need to do is tap on it so it can begin the water removal process. You have to choose the option “Begin water ejection” from the drop-down list and then wait for the process to complete. Water is forced out of your iPhone by low-frequency sound.

4. What is the best way to ask Siri to eject water?

Try holding the power button next time you get water on your phone. Siri will play a sound that shakes water out of your speakers if you say “Hey Siri, water eject shortcut.”

5. How safe is the water eject shortcut?

I would like to emphasize the safety of the Water Eject and to let you know that it is a powerful Siri Shortcut that is only available on premium iOS devices. As a result of its ultra-low 165Hz frequency sound wave generation system, the device can be protected from water damage by enabling moisture to be pushed out of the speaker cavity system.

Final thoughts 

Now that you know how to eject water from iPhone, I hope you are able to use it correctly. Please share this article with your friends and share it with your family members if you have any trouble with this guide. If you have any problems with this guide, please let me know in the comments below.

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