How To Enable MMS on iPhone 11?


MMS messages can contain photos or other media files that can be sent to other mobile phones.

Sending and receiving MMS messages is instant. In this article, we discuss in detail “How to enable MMS on iPhone 11?”. For the complete guide read this out.

What Is The Difference Between iMessage and SMS/MMS?

The message bubbles in your inbox are often blue or green. Find out why.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can send messages via the Messages app. The messages will be sent via iMessage or SMS/MMS. The types of messages are described in the following sections.


Sending iMessages is the process of sending texts, photos, or videos from an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac to another device via Wi-Fi or mobile data. Each iMessage is encrypted and appears as a blue bubble. iMessage can be turned on and off through Settings > Messages.


Use SMS/MMS instead of iMessage if you don’t have iMessage. Your mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch can also receive these messages. On your device, SMS and MMS messages will appear in green text bubbles and will not be encrypted.

A text messaging plan is required to use SMS/MMS on iPhone. Check with your wireless provider for details. Furthermore, you can send and receive messages on your other Apple devices.

How to Enable MMS on iPhone 11?

Apple holds a leading position among manufacturers of modern technology. The company deserves praise and respect for its laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

With the iOS operating system, which runs the iPhone, users have a convenient, accessible, and simple interface that is easy to use. Taking the newfangled gadget in your hands for the first time, you may become confused with all the options. Is there a process of enabling MMS on iPhone 11 and configuring it properly? Let’s understand it in detail!

 Configuring MMS

If you own an Apple iPhone 11 you can configure a simple and efficient function for sending SMS messages. The only difference is that it uses a different name than the traditional phones. The method of setting is also different. Based on the model (X 8, 7 6s, 5s,) the parameters could vary.

Modern smartphones are able to use the settings offered by the operator automatically. The settings must be separately created for each of your SIM cards (how to insert SIM cards in iPhone 11) if you own more than two SIM cards, by hand.

If you send a multimedia text message to a phone number that does not support this type of technology or isn’t enabled in the phone’s settings, the recipient will only be able to view the text of the message as well as an embedded hyperlink. If you click on the URL it will be able to see the part that is not accessible in the MMS.

How do you enable MMS for iPhone 11?

Your smartphone must be configured to receive MMS. Below are the steps you need to take to make that happen:

  • Select the Settings app. There, you will need to choose “Messages.”
  • You can turn on the parameter “MMS messages”, which is located inside the block that bears the MMS/SMS name.
  • The smartphone is able to automatically download all required parameters from your cell service provider. This means that you won’t need to fill in manually the MMS parameters’ fields.
  • You will need to input the information supplied by the company whose services you utilize. These settings are available on the official website for the business. The device typically detects the user automatically and “pulls up” in the settings the required fields to support MMS along with the Internet.

Try typing in the parameters yourself if the MMS does not send the settings automatically.

3 Method To Send MMS Through iPhone 11

Send a message to the Apple iPhone 11 if you’ve been able to enable MMS. You should select files with a maximum size of 300 KB when you send messages (a size of 300KB is recommended for most mobile operators). This rule is applicable to images (two or three photos) and videos (a movie that lasts between 20 and 45 seconds).

There are a variety of ways to accomplish this we’ll go over each of them thoroughly.

Method # 1

The following steps explain how to send MMS messages on an Apple iPhone 11:

  • Open the Messages application, which will show the listing of all the incoming and outgoing SMS, as well in multimedia MMS.
  • In the top-right corner is a button that has the pencil and note icon that you can click.
  • You must complete a form in order to make an email. The “To” field enters the cell phone number, Apple ID, or name of a person whose letter will be sent. If the contact has been stored on your device, you can quickly select it by pressing the blue plus sign on the same area.
  • In the SMS/MMS entry area, you will find buttons to attach multimedia objects like videos, images, or pictures (static images or GIFs). Include the files you require.
  • Once the message has been completed and is ready to go, it’s important to forward it to the intended recipient via pressing ” send”.

Method# 2

The use of this method is not very common. In this case, the message is sent during the process of making a picture. Thus:

  • You should take a picture.
  • To view your photo, click on it.

You can see an arrow at the bottom when you expand it to full screen. The image can be immediately sent to another recipient by clicking that arrow.

Method # 3

A gallery can directly send MMS in this instance. You must be in the “Photos” folder and select a video or picture to send (check the files). Then click the icon at the bottom and choose “Message”. In the final step, add the text, the addressee, and then send it.

One interesting thing about some operators is that they limit the file size to 1 MB. In many cases, you will not be able to send large pictures at the first attempt. If that happens, try again.

Changing the settings sometimes requires a restart of the device.

Problems That May Occur In Sending MMS Through iPhone 11:

It is first necessary to “set aside” the problems generally associated with sending multimedia to an Apple iPhone 11. Our focus is on:

  • There are still some tariffs at which MMS cannot be sent. These include highly specialized and corporate tariffs. Please contact the operator’s technical support if you have any questions.
  • You need an Internet connection to transfer pictures and music. In addition, Wi-Fi is not suitable – you need a mobile network. If you see an “E” next to the Wi-Fi icon, click it. Depending on the cellular network signal of your iPhone, sending an SMS will take a long time. It is possible that the message will never be sent.
  • Problems with SIM cards, In this case, we’re referring to SIM cards that have been “cut off”. Cutting often results in a part of the chip being removed. MMS will not always work, but calls, messages, and the Internet are not affected – everything works “as it should.”

Instead of the name of the operator, use “Carrier”. In light of this message, it is possible that the cellular network settings are incorrect.

How to exclude and check all these things at the same time?

Just put another SIM card in your iPhone and try to send a multimedia message.

How Can I Set Up MMS Automatically On My Apple iPhone 11?

Two methods are available to you if you want Apple iPhone 11 MMS settings:

  • Find out if you can adjust MMS by yourself by calling the operator’s hotline number. An employee at a Call Center is most likely to suggest that the user get SMS settings instead of a consultation.
  • Make sure you ask the employees at the operator’s office to set up your Apple iPhone 11 in person. The services of the operator’s options (including MMS settings) are provided free of charge. If they start asking for money, ask them to provide you with a price list of paid services this list definitely doesn’t include multimedia messaging service settings.

Here’s How To Make Your iPhone Capable Of MMS  To Send Multimedia Messages Without Using iMessage?

If you have an iPhone, you can use the multimedia messaging service MMS to send photos, videos, songs, and other kinds of media to people who do not have iMessage. 

In particular, if you’re experiencing difficulties sending media, you might want to ensure that it’s on. An SMS sender can send only words and no pictures. Its origins date back to a time when pictures were not available and you were limited to word count. In contrast, there are no word limits or media restrictions with this new text protocol.

Apple’s iMessage application allows users to send messages over cellular data or by using the Internet.

It is possible that some people will not be able to use iMessage on their iPhone because they have a limited data plan or a slow internet connection, or just feel more comfortable sending texts than using iMessage.  

Disabling iMessage and switching to MMS and SMS are crucial. Following are the steps required to enable MMS on your iPhone.

How to Enable MMS On Any iPhone Model?

This is normally enabled by default. In case you have trouble sending media, however, ensure that MMS is enabled.

  1. Go to the Settings page.
  2. You’ll find a Message in the column that begins with “Passwords & Accounts“. Tap on it to access your messages.
  3. If you need to, scroll down the column with the header “SMS/MMS” to the column “MMS Messaging” and tap it.

The toggle switch for MMS Messaging should be turned green. Brian Ariano/Business Insider.

I don’t want to receive iMessages. How do I turn this off?

You will also use less data, although the cost for text messages will increase.

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. On the column that begins with “Passwords & Accounts“, tap on Messages (it will be halfway down).
  3. Switch the green toggle to gray by tapping on iMessage.

MMS Messaging should be on and iMessage should be off. 

MMS can also be disabled if you would like to only be able to send SMS texts. With iMessage turned off, MMS can also be turned off.

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