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In order to remember information about you and your visit, websites store small files called cookies on your phone or computer. Cookies allow them to optimize the user experience on the site. In some cases, your bank will use cookies to remember your login email address and how to display the website. For retailers, cookies may be used to store the items in your shopping cart.

Cookie problems can occasionally arise, however. Depending on the behavior of your browser, or how much space you have available, you might need to clear your iPhone’s cookies. Many privacy advocates recommend completely blocking cookies so that websites cannot retrieve your personal information.

Instead of going further, let’s begin by getting to the root of the problem right now. Read the article I have written below by getting comfortable, grabbing your Apple smartphone, and tuning out everything else around you. As I hope you feel satisfied with what you have learned in the end, I wish you every happiness and success. Here is the complete information about “How To Erase Cookies On iPhone?” Read it below!

How To Erase Cookies On iPhone?

Method 1: With Safari, you can Erase only cookies on your iPhone

Instead of looking for an option within the browser, you must go to Safari settings to delete cookies. To learn how to do this, follow the directions below carefully.

1. From the home screen of your iPhone or iPad, select “Settings.”

2. You can access your browser settings by scrolling to the bottom of the settings menu and tapping “Safari.”

3. If you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see the option to clear history and website data, but leave that option alone. Select the Advanced option.

4. You need to tap on the first option in the menu, which is “Website Data.”.

5. All website data is available here, including cookies from each site. All cookies can be cleared by simply tapping on “Remove All Website Data” at the bottom.

6. Tap on “Remove Now” when the prompt appears to confirm your action.

The result is there. Your iPhone and iPad cookies have been successfully removed.

While it’s not particularly complicated, this method to delete cookies specifically is not particularly convenient. We’re not sure why Apple has limited this to the Safari settings because most web browsers provide this functionality within the app.

If you don’t want to clean your computer’s cookies altogether, you can also remove cookies for a specific website from the Safari settings menu. Swipe left on a website URL when you aren’t using it regularly to access the “Delete” option. You can often resolve website issues by deleting cookies, as well as freeing up some storage.

It is important to note that clearing cookies can temporarily impede your browsing experience, especially when you return to a site after clearing cookies. Since saved login information and website preferences are gone, you may find it difficult to browse the web pages. So, until it gets saved again, you will need to manually input them.

Method 2: With the Settings App, you can Erase iPhone cookies

It’s a good idea to clear cookies from time to time and it’s easy to do on iPhone.

Can you explain? Your iPhone accumulates thousands of cookies after months of continuous use. A cookie is almost certain to have been placed on your iPhone if you’ve visited a website just once. There may have been more.

Therefore, clearing the cookies on your iPhone will prevent those random websites you visited once from tracking your movements

You will need to log in to all websites you access through the Safari web browser once more if you clear your cookies on your iPhone. Once you clear cookies you will not need to do it again. Follow these steps…

1. Select Settings from the menu.

2. Safari is available.

3. To clear your history, tap Clear Website Data.

4. To clear your history and data, tap the red button in the popup window that appears.

There you have it! Your iPhone’s cookies have been cleared.

Method 3: Three best ways to Erase cookies from iPhone

1. Make sure that antiphishing and content blocking is enabled

The Anti-phishing setting can be turned on by navigating to Settings > Safari and turning on Fraudulent Website Warning. Safari is configured to warn you if a site that you visit is suspected to be a phishing website if the Anti-phishing feature is on.

A content blocking app can be downloaded from the App Store if you want to enable Content Blockers. You can enable the extensions you want by visiting Settings > Safari > Content Blockers. Cookies are blocked efficiently by Content Blockers. If you want to save time and effort, you can enable any combination of content blockers.

2. Allow Apple to block its cookies

If you want to block cookies, go to Settings > Safari > Block Cookies, then choose one of the options offered: Always Block, Allow from Current Websites Only, Allow from Websites I Visit, or Always Allow. This time, choose the option that blocks cookies.

3. Make sure your iOS device is clean of all cookies, cache, and browsing history

Safari in iOS 8 and later allows you to clear the website data and history collected on your device by tapping Settings > Safari.

Tap Clear History and then tap Clear Cookies and Data on an iPad running iOS 7 or earlier. You cannot change your AutoFill settings after deleting your history, cookies, and browsing data from Safari. 

What is the reason for doing all of this?

In order to maintain the security of your personal information, enabling anti-phishing is one of the most important things you can do. Phishing attacks are one of the most common security challenges that individuals face.

The purpose of blocking cookies is to reduce cookie storage on your device, which is common on many Websites. You may provide us with some personal information, such as your name or email address. Therefore, blocking cookies is necessary to prevent your iPad from being hacked.

The last step is simple: erasing browsing data eradicates unnecessary information.

Frequently Asked Questions about How To Erase Cookies On iPhone?

How to fix Chrome not clearing cookies?

Safari is Apple’s browser for mobile devices instead of Google’s Chrome.

To delete cookies in Chrome, follow these steps:

1. This menu can be accessed by tapping the … menu icon (a horizontal line at the bottom-right corner of the screen).

2. In the Settings menu, click Privacy.

3. You can clear your browsing data by selecting Clear Browsing Data.

4. You can then select Clear Browsing Data, after selecting Cookies, Site Data.

5. By selecting Clear Browsing Data, you confirm you want to remove browsing data from the Chrome app.

What is the best way to clear cookies on my iPhone?

It is impossible to give a definitive answer to this question, since cookies can be beneficial for many of the sites that you visit regularly, in particular those that allow you to create accounts, personalize the experience, or keep shopping baskets. When you navigate between the different pages of a website, cookies are often used to store the information.

It is important to point out that deleting cookies can fix many issues with a Web browser, in particular strange, persistent problems that can be tricky to troubleshoot.

You should rarely delete cookies unless you’re doing so in order to update settings that were previously remembered. However, this can require a little more work due to the fact that you’ll need to sign back into multiple accounts after you delete them.

What are the steps for clearing my iPhone 11?

It is going to remove cookies only from those three of the most popular Web browsers on the iPhone discussed in this article.

Using the settings menu, go to Settings > General > Reset, then click Erase All Content and Settings to completely clear your iPhone. This is helpful when trading it in or giving it to a friend or family member.

Although this may seem like a simple task, it will delete every aspect of your iPhone, not just your web browsing history. Your iCloud or iTunes backups may be able to be restored, so restoring everything from those backups is generally a safe bet, but you risk data loss if you decide to wipe your entire device.

My iPhone’s cache needs to be deleted. What do I do?

In our articles, we covered a number of browsers that allow users to delete their cache as a part of cookie removal. Delete the cache in your browser by following the steps above. If you only wish to remove this browser cache, you can do so by following the steps in your browser of choice.

On your iPhone, you can delete a cache for another app by going to Settings > iPhone Storage > selecting the app > Offload App. The cache will be cleared, but its data will be preserved. Consequently, you will still have the data if you reinstall the app later.

You can also delete your app cache in some third-party apps. If you’re unsure of whether or not this is the case, you can check by opening the Settings app, and then select one of the installed apps. You may find a clearing option in that menu if there is one.

Finally, you can try restarting the iPhone entirely to remove the device cache. Early iPhone models can be powered off and turned back on by holding down the Power button, moving the slider, and then releasing the Power button.

The iPhone 11 can be restarted, however, by holding down both the power button and the volume up button while moving the slider. Holding the Power button after the iPhone turns off will turn it back on.

Is there a way to remove cookies from Google on my iPhone?

Following the steps above can be helpful in clearing cookies from the Google Chrome browser if you’re using that browser.

Please follow the steps in the appropriate section above for the browser you are trying to delete Google cookies from.

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