How To Extract Audio From Video On iPhone?


You may need to separate the audio from a video at times when creating it. The clip may be edited separately, or you might want to use the audio in another video for a special effect.

No matter what you need from the video on your computer or iOS device, extracting audio from video isn’t an issue as long as you have the right software. Go ahead and check it out! Here is the complete information about “How To Extract Audio From Video On Iphone?” Read it below!

How To Extract Audio From Video On Iphone?

Method 1: With iMovie, you can extract audio from iPhone videos

The iMovie application from Apple is fantastic, as well as a great tool for novices, and it is entirely free to download from the App Store. As with the essential integrated Photos application, iMovie offers greater video editing features. This makes iMovie the most suitable video editing software for the task of removing sound from cuts, adding background music to replace sound, incorporating voice-overs, and considerably more. Using iMovie would also allow you to remove sound from your iPhone recordings. If your iOS device does not have the application installed by default, it can be downloaded and introduced for no charge from the App Store.

It offers many benefits other than the ability to use the application without cost by learning how to alter recordings in iMovie. Additionally, it also works with iMovie on your iPad and Mac, so you can accomplish the same thing on multiple gadgets with a few simple steps.

1. Go to the iMovie application

You can start a new video editing project by opening the “iMovie” app on your iPhone or iPad and tapping on “Create Project”.

2. Select the preferred video format

Choosing “Movie” as the type of project when you are asked is the next step. You will now be able to select photos in your library. Choose a clip you want to add to the project from your videos. Whenever you’re finished selecting, click “Create Movie” at the bottom of the menu.

3. Add Project to Editing Timeline

A timeline will appear with the video you selected in iMovie. To select your clip and access more options, tap on it in your timeline. A few editing options will appear. The volume slider is located at the bottom. A tap on the Volume icon will mute the audio or remove it. You can adjust the slider accordingly if you only want to lessen the volume.

If the icon indicates muted audio, the volume has now been changed. In the top-left corner of the screen, tap “Done” to finish your project.

4. Share your movie project with everyone

Your project can be exported in this step. Please see the screenshot below for details. Tap the “share” icon located at the bottom. A share sheet will appear on the iOS device. If you want to save the video clip without any audio, click “Save Video” in Photos.

Method 2. Using the online tool, you can extract audio from iPhone videos

An audio extractor, Audio is a flexible and user-friendly application. Transmitting the video and selecting the right sound organization will allow you to extract the sound. There is a staggering choice of sound formats, including MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG, MP2, and AMP.  As well as removing iPhone ringtones, the sound extractor also provides customers with iPhone ringtone configurations, which are of enormous help to clients who don’t want to keep the ringtones from their iPhones. Regardless, online sound extractors can only display sound from locally transferred recordings.

Using Audio Extractor to extract audio:

You can extricate audio from video records of various arrangements using Audio Extractor, a solitary reason site. Sound is isolated directly from video in this case, which is the most common method of doing so.

1. You can open a record by clicking the blue button on the site. Pick the yield sound organization, and click Extract sound once you’ve stacked your video. Your Audio document will then be downloaded to your computer from the application.

2. Wait for the video to upload completely and then upload the video from which you would like to remove the audio.

3. Using the audio extractor, begin editing the video file that has been uploaded and extract the audio from it.

4. When you’re finished extracting, click Save Recording to save the audio. You’ll then begin to listen to the audio extracted from the video.

Method 3. Using Readdle to extract audio from videos on iPhone

Readdle develops a software application called Documents. In addition to allowing you to organize all your media files, this app also provides you with direct access to your media content, since it’s not just a media player. It can also be kept on the iPhone and serves as a multifunctional device. Other applications can be replaced by it. What do you do next then, to extract audio from the video on the iPhone? Follow us for more information.

1. Start your document editing software.

2. Go to the gallery and find the video you wish to convert to audio.

3. You can click the “Video Action” icon in the upper right corner of the screen after starting your video. Using the symbol we can see two gray bars and two white dots forming a square.

4. From the selection menu, select “Extract Audio”, then “Extract MP3” from the drop-down menu.

5. If you’ve already extracted your audio, you’ll be able to see it in ‘Show in my files’.

Method 4. Using the Shortcuts App, you can extract the audio from a video on your iPhone

A practical option I would like to introduce is the Shortcuts app, which is a common application for iOS automation. Hundreds of shortcuts are available to manage your custom tasks. Maybe you’re not familiar with them.

1. Shortcuts can be downloaded from the App Store and installed on your iPhone.

2. Then open the Shortcuts app. Click “Create Shortcut” under “My Shortcuts”.

3. On the next tab, add the Encode Media action.

You can see more options by clicking “Encode Media”. Simply select “audio-only” to see more options. If you want to change the format, M4A is the default.

The audio extracted from the video can also be saved as a file. Using the “Play” icon in your photo application, you can now make an audio-only version of your video by selecting a video from your photo library.

Frequently asked questions:

What are my options for extracting audio from a video on iPhone with GarageBand?

Apple’s GarageBand is an audio workstation that emulates a recording studio. You can basically use the app to make music on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad from anywhere. 

There is no way to extract audio from video with GarageBand. Although the audio in a video cannot be replaced, it can be detected and replaced with another audio file. But this file cannot be saved by the app.

Does iMovie on iPhone let you extract audio from videos?

Audio cannot be extracted from a video clip using the iMovie app on your iPhone. On Macs and even iPads, however, users can make the same kind of video with iMovie. Despite the challenge, it’s still possible to accomplish.

Here it is! We have an easy and quick step-by-step tutorial for you on how to extract the audio from any video file on your computer, iPhone, or iPad. Our favorite app for iOS devices is MP3 Converter – Audio Extractor, however, please feel free to explore other options and choose the one that best suits your needs. 

You can now listen to those sounds you enjoyed without being interrupted by the videos!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Did you enjoy using these methods, and were they intuitive to use? If you could make a suggestion for posts, what would it be? Our next article will be interesting, so please leave a comment below!

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