How To Find Printer Ip Address Mac?


In order to connect your printer to your network or to troubleshoot any problems, you will need to know its IP address. You can think of it as your printer’s address. Print jobs and commands cannot be sent to your printer without it. You can find your printer’s IP address on a Mac or Windows computer by following these steps. Here is the complete detail about“How To Find Printer Ip Address Mac?” Check it below.

How To Find Printer Ip Address Mac?

Using two methods, you can quickly determine your printer IP address on your Mac desktop or laptop. In the first place, you can find it in your System Preferences. If you are using an Apple or UNIX device, you might be able to find it online using Common Unix Printing System (CUPS).

Method 1: Printer’s IP Address from System Preferences

1. Go to System Preferences. This can be found in your dock or by clicking the Apple logo in the top-left corner of your screen and selecting System Preferences.

2. To find printers and scanners, click on Printers and Scanners.

3. Click the printer of your choice in the left column. A list of all the printers in your network can be found on the right side of the Print & Scan menu.

4. Under Location, you will find the IP address of your printer.

Method 2: Printer’s IP Address Using the CUPS Webpage

1. Browse to your computer’s Applications folder.

2. Start Utilities by clicking on it.

3. After opening the Terminal, go to the next step.  

4. Press Enter on your keyboard after typing cupsctl WebInterface=yes. The CUPS web interface will be available to you. 

5. Safari should open.

6. In the address bar, type localhost:631/printers.

7. In the Location column, you will find your printer’s IP address.

8. You can find the IP address of your printer by using this guide. After you have downloaded your printer onto your computer, you will need to add it.

What Is Your Printer’s IP Address in the Network Configuration Page?

1. Printing a network configuration page, which includes the printer’s IP address, is available on almost all printers.

2. If your printer has a user interface (UI), you can usually print the configuration page by visiting the Setup or Settings page.  The exact steps vary depending on the printer model.

3. The configuration page can be printed, for instance, by going to Set-up > Reports > Reports Demo Page > Config Report on an HP LaserJet Pro M1212n.

4. Alternatively, you would need to go to Main Menu > Settings > Preferences > Network in order to print a report on a Canon imageRUNNER printer. Please consult the device manual for details.

5. The configuration pages must be printed by pressing and holding a specific button (usually Power, Go, or sometimes the Wi-Fi button) for 5 to 10 seconds. If you’re not sure how to do this, check the printer’s manual.

How to find a printer’s IP address on a router?

The IP address of your printer can be found by accessing your router from a Mac or PC. Follow these steps:

1. Using a browser, type your router’s IP address, such as, into the URL bar.

2. Username and password for the router.

3. The IP address of your printer can be found under the list of devices connected to your router.

Please note that it may not be identified as your printer, so you’ll have to identify your printer by trial and error. An IP address can be copied and pasted into a web browser to accomplish this. Having found the correct IP address for your printer, you should see a page that represents your printer.

How to find the IP address of a printer on Windows 10?

Windows 10 desktops and laptops can find their printer’s IP address by heading to the Control Panel. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Type Control Panel in the Windows search box

2. Go to Devices and Printers and click it

3. A printer’s properties can be accessed by right-clicking it

4. The Web Services tab will appear. Device Information and Troubleshooting Information includes the IP address of the printer

How to find the printer IP address on the command prompt?

1. To open the command prompt, type cmd into the search box

2. Type ipconfig into the command line once the command prompt is open

3. Find your IP address (IPv4)

4. Enter ping followed by a space followed by your IPv4 address in a new command line

5. To enter, press Enter

6. Enter arp -a when the results have loaded. The screen will display all dynamic and static connections that use IPv4 addresses

7. Copy-paste the dynamic IP address that you got from the arp command into a web browser. Copies each IP address on a new tab if you come across more than one

8. An IP address that opens the printer setup page when you copy-paste it into a new tab of your browser is your printer’s IP address. When you see the manufacturer’s logo, you know it’s your printer.

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