How To Find Sim Card Number iPhone?


Your SIM card’s serial number can be found in this number. SIM numbers on iPhones are technically known as ICCID, which stands for Integrated Circuit Card Identifier, which is what allows them to uniquely identify themselves. In most cases, the number consists of 19 or 20 characters. It is printed on the SIM card and stored on the device. SIM cards are identified by their ICCIDs, which are not randomly generated numbers; they are unique serial numbers that are unique to you. Technical jargon dictionaries offer many definitions. Here is the complete information about “How to find card number iPhone?” Read it below!

How To Find Sim Card Number iPhone?

Method 1: Looking up your  setting menu 

Taking out your SIM card and reading the numbers on it is the simplest way to find your SIM number or ICCID. The last six numbers of your SIM card are your ICCID. A more convenient way to identify it. In the event you cannot locate the SIM card removal tool, this is a much faster and more convenient method. It is to read it from the iPhone’s Settings.

Your iPhone provides easy access to your SIM number or ICCID. The following steps will show you how.

1. Your iPhone’s settings are located in Settings.

2. Tap on the General tab at the bottom of the list after you’ve scrolled down.

3. You can find the ‘About’ tab by clicking here.

4. The ICCID will appear along with a series of numbers. Scroll down the list until you see it.

This is the number for your SIM card! Remember it, it may come in handy.

In any case, you should keep in mind that the number listed under the section ICCID on this page is likely to vary slightly from the one on the back of the SIM card. The iPhone gave us a longer number than the one on the SIM card. Look closely at the two numbers and you’ll see that the key difference is the last number. The last six digits are the same.

Method 2: Using iTunes, you can find the phone number on an iPhone

Apple’s iTunes also provides information about iPhones. Below are the steps.

1. Using a computer, connect your iPhone. Depending on the situation, the phone may ask for you to tap “Allow” and enter your password in order to grant access to the computer.

2. Select iTunes from the menu. 

3. To reach the phone icon, click just to the right of the Music menu in the upper left corner of the menu bar.

This opens the Summary screen that displays information about the iPhone, including the phone number. 

You will see your phone number when you access your iPhone’s summary page. 

You will soon no longer be able to download iTunes onto Macs, however. In that case, plugging your iPhone into a computer is the only way to use this method.

Method 3: Taking Out Your SIM Card

1. Make sure your iPhone or iPad is turned off. You can disable your iPhone or iPad by holding down its lock button and sliding the power icon.

2. Check the iPhone or iPad for the SIM card slot opener. There is a small pin-shaped device in the slot. In addition to opening the SIM card slot, the tiny piece of hardware fits into the tiny hole on the side of an iPhone or iPad.

3. Into the tiny hole on the SIM card slot, insert the metal pin. iPhones and iPads have a slot on the side dedicated to this purpose. You will be able to open your card slot by sliding the metal pin into this hole.

4. On your SIM card, you will find the ICCID number. SIM cards carry your unique integrated circuit card identification (ICCID) number. The ICCID is the serial number of your SIM card.

4. The ICCID number can also be found on the About page of the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

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