How To Fix Garage Door Opener Remote?


A remote control garage door opener makes it possible to open the door without needing to move from your vehicle. The opener remote sends an IR signal (infrared) to a receiver. This activates a switch and causes the electric motor to open or shut down the garage door.

The garage door remote must operate within the defined range of its IR strength in order to work correctly. If it is still not working after it has been tested, there are many ways to fix it. But we will describe the easiest way of “How to fix garage door opener remote?”

How To Fix Garage Door Opener Remote?

There are the five easiest ways to fix the garage door issues

1. Check the Batteries

Batteries that are either dead or weak are the leading cause of garage door remote controller failure. Use name-brand batteries over discount brands to make sure your batteries work properly. Although rechargeable batteries can be more environmentally friendly and economical than alkaline batteries that produce 1.5 volts, they are only able to provide approximately 1.2 volts.

If the remote is powered by two rechargeable it will only produce 2.4 volts even though it is designed for 3 volts. The remote control unit’s range and effectiveness may be severely affected by this 254% reduction in power.

2. Check the Battery Contacts

Contacts inside the battery case that are dirty, worn, or wet can prevent the electric current from fully reaching the circuit board in the remote control. If contacts are stained, pitted, or stained, any remote control battery will not be able to power it. You can polish the contacts using fine-grit paper, such as 400-grit or fine steel wool.

3. Clean the Eyes

The eye refers to the plastic covering of the IR units on the remote controller and receiving unit. This “eye”, which allows the IR signal both to transmit and receive, is called the eye. Use a damp cloth to clean your eyes. Remote eyes are usually made of plastic. They can be scratched easily if they are rubbed against metals, abrasive materials, or dropped to the ground.

There are special plastic polishing products that can polish plastic, but if the IR lens on a remote controller is badly scratched and pitted, it may be impossible to replace it.

 4. Reset the System

Resetting the System Receivers and remote controls can be small computers. Sometimes, it’s necessary to reset both the receiver and remote control circuit boards. You can reset the remote by unplugging the batteries for around 30 seconds and then re-installing them. You can reset your receiver by taking it out of the wall socket, plugging it back in for around 30 seconds, and then unplugging again.

5. Garage Door Remote Replacement

If you are having trouble finding your remote or if it is broken, you might need to replace it.

4 reasons why the garage door remote control does not work?

1.​ The Lock Button can be pressed.

  • Press the lock button and the light will turn off.
  • Press and hold the lock key.
  • Repeat this process if necessary to reactivate the lock.

2. The Battery has been exhausted.

  • Replace the battery
  • Reprogramming the remote control is necessary after the battery has been changed.

3. Reprogramming is required for the remote controller.

  • Clear the memory opener. Hold down the learn key until the LED lights up.
  • The remote control can be reprogrammed.
  • You can reprogram your keypad.

4. The receiver board, wire, or door control is shorted.

  • Unplug it from the outlet.
  • Remove the two-door control letters from the motor.
  • Clear memory of opener.
  • Plug opener back in.
  • Check the remote control.

All My Garage Door Openers Have Stopped Working – What Can Cause This?

Garage door openers not working. All of our remote garage doors openers stopped functioning a few days back. It happened suddenly, all the transmitters stopped working together. Both the handheld garage door opener transmitter and one in my car don’t work. Perhaps the transmitters need to be reset. I tried to reprogram the transmitters, but it didn’t work. The garage door opener works fine as long as I push the button that is wired to it from the garage.

The transmitters were programmed correctly, but they don’t seem to work. My Garage door opener is a Liftmaster 1/2 HP opener. The most common reason that a garage opener stops working is dead batteries. But if all the garage openers stop working simultaneously, then it’s likely that either the garage opener or antenna is not properly attached. To see if the garage opener works again, unplug it from the wall for 30 seconds.

1. Here is what to check when all garage door transmitters stop working at the same time

  • You must ensure that there is nothing blocking the transmitter signal which opens the garage door.
  • All batteries in remote garage door transmitters (handheld) and car openers (built-in) should be tested or replaced.
  • Verify that your garage door opener’s antenna is secure and in good working order.
  • Try reprogramming/resetting all remote garage door transmitters.
  • If all the above are satisfied, you can reset or reprogram your garage opener.

2. Common Causes for Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open With the Remote Control

Sometimes accidents with the remote or garage door opener are minor, and a professional can fix them quickly by adjusting the garage door or opener.

Meanwhile, others are more severe and indicate a pressing repair need. When your garage door doesn’t open with the remote, try troubleshooting these five common garage door remote issues to identify the problem and return your garage door to its smooth, dependable operations.

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