How To Get Dents Out Of Carpets?


All of us have experienced it. It may have been rearranging a living area or a bedroom. The dresser slides here, and there is a bed or sofa. Although you like the new layout, your furniture has left behind a few indentations in your carpet that reminds you where it used to be.  Alternatively, you may have moved into a new house only to discover you’re not the first to live here since the sellers’ furniture left little traces of their presence.  

Whether it’s a small reminder or a permanent stain, you’d like to learn How to get dents out of carpet? Indentations on carpets can be fixed with several at-home remedies. As a part of this article, we’ll explain ways to get rid of indentations from carpets.

How To Get Dents Out Of Carpets?

Method 1: With ice, you can remove carpet dents

During the holiday season, why not melt away holiday-hosting troubles with ice cubes if your carpet is already on thin ice? Start by getting supplies from your freezer’s automatic ice maker or by freezing a tray of ice cubes.

  1. Put a large ice cube directly into the carpet divot (or many ice cubes if there are larger ones).
  2. Allow the ice to melt for several hours to minimize the damage and up to 12 for those with deeper dents. By affecting the carpet nap, the carpet will reach the height of its surrounding areas again.
  3. With a sponge, remove excess water.
  4. In the end, lift those downtrodden carpet fibers with a coin or spoon.

Method 2: Use a hairdryer to remove carpet indentations

In order to apply this tip, you will need a hair blow dryer as well as a spray bottle. Spray enough water on the indentation to get it saturated. To dry the wet carpet indentation, use the hairdryer in the hottest setting. In order to avoid burning your carpet, you should keep the hairdryer four to six inches away from it. Use your fingers to fluff up the carpet as you dry it. If you use the hairdryer on your carpet, you can eliminate flat spots and bring back its volume, just as you would for your hair. 

Method 3: Rub a towel on carpet dents

You may be tempted to cover up divots under a small rug or simply expand your furniture when deeper divots threaten your carpet. (Well, this event will not be organized in an open-space setup.) Thank you very much! Keep trying!

Use that towel to remove those carpet dents for good.

  1. Directly over the dent, place a damp dishtowel or cloth.
  2. The iron can be set on medium heat or steam, and run over the towel for about thirty seconds to a minute, but make sure it does not come in contact with the carpet directly, as it could cause it to burn.
  3. Make the fibers uniform and high by vacuuming over the spot or fluffing it up.

Method 4: To remove indents from the carpet, contact a professional cleaning service

Not all indents can be removed, so it’s important to keep this in mind. The indentations may be permanent on old carpets and furniture that has not been moved in a long time. However, the situation is not hopeless. It is possible to repair carpets in other ways. If necessary, carpets can be replaced.

How to prevent carpet dents?

It’s clear from seeing these examples that carpet indentations aren’t fun. Preventing them is the key to avoiding future issues. Following are a few tips for preventing rug dents that you may wish to try out:

1. Make sure you invest in carpet pads

Two major advantages of carpet pads are that they provide added comfort and softness to your rug, as well as serve as a preventative measure against dents. As a result, these pads create a layer under the carpet that absorbs the pressure from the furniture, thereby reducing the likelihood of spots appearing.

Depending on the type of rug you own, you should choose the correct type of pad. Regular pads should, for instance, be between 6.3 and 11 mm thick, and have a density of about 2.7 kg per cubic foot.

2. Put on protective cups

As the name suggests, Protective cups are small plates that protect your carpet by placing them under furniture legs. As a result, the rug pile doesn’t get indented because they distribute the weight evenly. It is not necessary to install the protectors, you need to place them between the furniture’s legs and the carpet. Plastic and wood are both available for this product, so you can choose the one that matches the piece of furniture.

3. Shorten the pile of the rug

Getting a short pile carpet will allow you to rearrange your room without rearranging your furniture every month. Rugs of this type are generally low maintenance and don’t get damaged by furniture marks that often.

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