How To Get IMEI Number On iPhone If Locked?


Does this problem affect you as well? Can’t you solve the problem of ” How to get IMEI number on iPhone if locked? The problem is that if you cannot get the IMEI number of your lockout iPhone, you are in trouble. Here are some ways we describe how you can find it with a locked iPhone. Here is the complete detail, so don’t panic. If you don’t have your iPhone, this article help you in the process of obtaining your IMEI number.

What Is Meant By IMEI Number On iPhone?

IMEI numbers are unique codes, also known as identification codes. Each device has a unique code that makes it easy to identify the phone. Additionally, this code keeps your device on a blacklist in case it is stolen. IMEI numbers can be obtained in several ways, and some of them are detailed below.

What Is The Purpose Of The IMEI?

In case you want to buy a used phone, you’ll need the IMEI number. If a phone you are purchasing has been reported lost, subject to an insurance claim, or blacklisted, you can check this information.

Apart from that, a phone’s IMEI number also shows specifications, a release date, the brand, and model, among other things. If you want to check your IMEI number, just go to and enter your mobile phone number it’s free!

7 Best Ways To How to Get IMEI Number On iPhone If Locked? 

An iPhone that is locked: How can you find the IMEI? Listed below are some simple methods to help you get the IMEI number from a locked iPhone if you are new to this. Remember that all the methods work even on a screen-locked iPhone. Here are a few details about each.

1. Find IMEI Number on iPhone If Locked By Original Box

Simple and effective, this method works 100 % of the time. You can find the IMEI number more easily if you have the original box. Simply look at the barcode on the package’s backside. Your IMEI number can now be seen easily.

2. Find IMEI Number On iPhone If Locked From SIM Card in 12/11/X or later

A SIM card’s IMEI number is obtained by the second method. The procedure is not difficult, as you might think. IMEI numbers can be found on the SIM tray of many latest iPhone models. In order to find the number on the SIM tray, you just have to remove the SIM tray with a tool. A serial number can also be located on the SIM tray.

3. Find IMEI Number on iPhone If Locked (for iPhone 8 and below) From device back

Those with iPhone 8 or lower can easily find their IMEI number by looking at the back of the device. It is possible to find the number on the back of your mobile device without using complicated methods; just check the back. In this case, however, phones with iOS 8, 7, 6, and 6S are ineligible for this method.

4. Find IMEI Number On iPhone If Locked From Apple Support

Apple Support is your best option if you need help finding the IMEI of a locked iPhone. The company will definitely be able to help you find it. However, the ownership must be confirmed in order for you to obtain the information. For those who do not wish to use this process, method 5 is available.

5. When the Activation Screen appears, tap the “i” icon to restore your iPhone

This is for those who have recently restored their devices and have not yet activated them. When you are on the Activation screen, simply click the “i” icon to see the number. An IMEI number and UDID number will be displayed in a message. All you need to do is copy the IMEI Number.

6. Find IMEI Number On iPhone If Locked Using iTunes or Finder

You can also find the IMEI by using iTunes or Finder; you can do this by using the IMEI retrieval tool in Finder or iTunes.

7. Find IMEI Number On iPhone If Locked With Apple ID

Your Apple ID can also be used to locate the IMEI number on your iPhone or iPad (locked).

  1. Browse the web using your browser.
  2. Please click here to log in to Apple ID.
  3. The Apple ID associated with the locked device must be entered.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Click on the “Devices” tab.
  6. This option is only available for locked devices.
  7. You can find the IMEI there.

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