How To Get Minecraft For Free On iPhone?


There is nothing set out in Minecraft, so you begin with nothing and there is no set objective, as it’s an odd-looking blocky world. I promise you will fall in love with it after a single exploration! Game developers Mojang Studios created Minecraft as an open-world sandbox. As you fight zombies, evade village raids (or villager raids, as they’re sometimes referred to!), and build everything from fortified medieval cities to treehouses to the Death Star, there are endless possibilities in this game! It is also possible to mine or fall trees in a relaxing game. There is a lot of freedom to express yourself.

I recommend not to continue to discuss the issue further and to deal with it immediately. You can read this article while you sit down in a comfortable position, grab your Apple tablet and concentrate on what you are reading. You should feel very satisfied and content with what you learned in the end. Here is the complete information about “How To Get Minecraft For Free On iPhone?” Read it below!

How To Get Minecraft For Free On iPhone?

Through App Store, you can get Minecraft for free on iphone

1. It is important that you first pick up your iPhone in order to have the ability to download Minecraft. The home screen allows you to find all the apps on your iOS device on the home screen. The App Store icon (the one with the letter “A” in the middle and the blue background) is the one you need to tap. Applications that can be downloaded for the Cupertino mobile operating system.

2. When the App Store screen is displayed, click on the Search icon found in the bottom right corner, type the word Minecraft in the search field located at the top, then press the Search button on the virtual keyboard. From the list of games and apps shown to you, select Minecraft, stop at the price and confirm your decision to buy it.

3. Lastly, finish setting up the download by entering the password of your Apple ID or placing your finger on the Touch ID sensor (if your device has one), or using the Face ID (if your iPhone X has one). The App Store section dedicated to Minecraft can be tapped here on your iPhone if you wish to speed up the process.

4. You can play Minecraft on your iDevice immediately by pressing the Open button that appears on the screen after you have completed the download and installation process. By pressing the icon on your iPhone’s home screen, you can start the game as well.

Some free alternatives to Minecraft on iPhone that you can download for free

The reason why you cannot download Minecraft for free on the iPhone is that, as already mentioned in the previous lines, you will need to pay for the iDevice version of the popular game, however, you can use other valid alternatives that are free (or free-to-play anyway) and worth testing at least once.

In summary, while these alternatives are not exactly the same as the original game in every way and may not be perfect in every way if you do not mind in a particular way they can still be excellent alternatives.

 As a result, below are listed the iPhone games that I think are very similar to the famous Minecraft title and that you should try if you like this style of gaming.

1. Using Block Craft 3D to download Minecraft for free on iPhone

The first free alternative to Minecraft that I encourage you to consider is Block Craft 3D. This is a beautiful, free-to-play clone of Minecraft that you can download, play and enjoy at no charge. However, it does offer some optional content (eg gems or the ability to fly) that you can unlock via in-app purchases.

  • Your goal is to develop your village as much as possible by building various objects and buildings.
  • There are three dimensions and a squared format in the graphic, and the fluid flow is sufficient.

2. Using Multicraft download Minecraft for free on iPhone 

In addition to the traditional Minecraft game, you can also download MultiCraft for free. All aspects of Microsoft and Mojang’s titles are reflected here, including graphics and dynamics. Players can choose between creative mode and survival mode, dressing those of an unscrupulous hunter in order to stay alive. Alternatively, they can choose the creative mode and build their homes.

Apart from the presence of perhaps a little too much advertising content, the game has nothing to envy the original. Having said that, it is still worth trying, especially since it is a free title (no in-app purchases).

3. Using The Blockheads download Minecraft for free on iPhone 

It would be great if you tried The Blockheads as another alternative to Minecraft. You explore the surrounding environment, build objects and defend yourself from enemies in this game, which is sort of a hybrid of the game Mojang and Terraria, another famous open-world title. The free-to-play mechanic is present as well in this case.

Graphics-wise, this game is almost identical to Minecraft, but the view is in 2D, so only vertical scrolling is required.

4. Minecraft for iPhone – World of Cubes Survival Craft free download

In terms of graphics, World of Cubes Survival Craft is less traditional compared to the classic Minecraft. However, it manages to successfully differentiate itself as a free alternative (although with in-app purchases to unlock additional content) to the latter. Due to the fact that the game mode is essentially the same. There is a multiplayer mode in which you can play with other online users randomly selected or with your friends while having fun with your custom world and multiplayer mode. After that, you can search for your own maps, browse through universes and worlds created by others, and much more.

It is also noteworthy that you can customize your character with over 100 different skins tracksuits organized according to the theme. A variety of textures are available, so you may choose one of them.

5. Free Minecraft Download for iPhone – Worldcraft Pocket Edition

A sandbox-style game, Worldcraft Pocket Edition puts the glory of Minecraft into your pocket. Provides all features found in the so-called original version of the game – whether they are good or bad – in the creative mode as well as survival mode. There is not a single glitch to be found.

There are only two negative aspects about this game, which are a little bit of lag and sometimes pop-up ads (these can be removed through in-app purchases). I do think it is still interesting since it is a free alternative to Minecraft.

How you can download Minecraft PE free for iPhone?

1. Download the Minecraft app by clicking on “Download Minecraft”.

2. On the device, click “Install”.

3. From your home screen, open the app.

4. Click on “Minecraft” in the Apps section to find it.

5. Tap “Install Minecraft. IPA” and follow the prompts.

6. The app will now appear on your home screen

7. When it states that this app is an untrusted developer, enable this app by going into Setting-General-Profiles and Device Management and selecting it, and clicking trust. Hope that helps!

Get the full Minecraft experience on your iPhone and iPad with the Full Minecraft App! If you have any problems at all with the installation, do not hesitate to contact us!

In case of an error message “untrusted enterprise developer” after the installation:

1. In Settings – General – Device Management, click Profiles and Devices

2. Locate and select the certificate

3. Verify your trust by clicking confirm

 4. It is now time to launch the app

5. Download the full version of Minecraft Pocket Edition for iPhone for free

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