How To Get People To Join Your Discord?

How To Get People To Join Your Discord

Discord was originally designed as a way for gamers to create communities and chat.

Nevertheless, since its launch in 2015, it has diversified into a variety of online communities, including writers, artists, and K-Pop stans. During the pandemic, more people have worked, played games, and socialized online, and the platform says it now has more than 140 million users. In this article, we show you how To Get People To Join Your Discord.

What Is Discord?

As one of the most popular ways gamers communicate online, Discord has over a quarter of a billion users. Friends can speak directly with one another via voice, video, or text on Discord, and they can join servers where larger communities can interact.

At one point, Discord even gave PC games away for free to subscribers before realizing it couldn’t compete with Steam. Online communities can take advantage of Discord’s features, though.

How to Join Discord?

There is no shortage of ways to communicate while gaming online, but many of them are dependent on specific consoles or platforms. Discord succeeds because it doesn’t care about platforms. You can integrate it with your Xbox account, and you can connect it to your PlayStation account in an unofficial way as well. In contrast to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, Discord is not tied to a single platform. The fact that Discord is not tethered to a gaming console also strengthens its appeal for non-gaming uses such as communicating with friends and family.

Discord can be accessed by the desktop browser or by downloading the free app available for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. From there, you can search for a server, accept an invite, or create your own. Channels on a server allow members to communicate with each other using text, voice, or video options, such as sharing their computer screens. Video conferencing may be an alternative to Zoom Meetings.

Channels can also be sorted by category when they are created. Servers and channels within them appear on the left-hand rail. On the right, a list of server members appears. You can add and message friends at the top (or on mobile) and search servers.

The user can join up to 100 servers, and he or she can choose which servers to receive notifications from. The user can even give each server a unique nickname. You can also invite friends you added from one server onto another, even though they do not need to share a server to communicate directly.

Up to 500,000 members can join a single server, although if more than 25,000 are online at the same time, Discord support should be contacted for additional server space to avoid connection errors. A server can have a maximum of 50 categories and a maximum of 500 channels in total.

How to join a Discord server on a computer?

Select the search icon in the left sidebar and enter a name or keyword to search for a server that does not require an invite link.

  • If necessary, open Discord and log in.
  • In the left sidebar, click the plus icon.
  • Choose “Join a server.”
  • Click “Join” after pasting the invite link.

How to join a Discord server on a mobile device?

  • Start the Discord app on your phone and log in if necessary.
  • Tap the three stacked lines in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • In the server menu, click the “+” sign.
  • Click “Join a server.”
  • Tap “Join” after pasting in the invite link.

How to Use Discord?

Discord is used alongside, but separate from, whatever else you’re doing. Take, for example, a group of friends who always play fighting games together. From smacking talking your Street Fighter V skills on PlayStation 4 to cackling about the fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11 on Xbox One, you can seamlessly use the same Discord server, launch and access it from any device. Several online games already allow players to compete against opponents on other consoles, so Discord is ideal for groups of players who wish to take advantage of crossplay. It is an excellent alternative to the mediocre voice chat app for Nintendo Switch Online.

Servers can be either private or public on Discord. The point of private servers is to have fun with friends, not have strangers yell at you. You can also use them to communicate in secret. I watched a presentation and asked developers questions via a password-protected private Discord server as part of my Minecraft Dungeons preview.

In addition to public servers, there are also private servers. Like Reddit and Slack (or what I imagine the heyday of IRC channels were like) public Discord servers allow fans of a common subject to interact with one another. Make custom emotes for your server’s in-jokes. Moderators are able to ban problematic users. On verified Discord servers dedicated to their games, developers have been known to interact with users.

While Discord has video features, it doesn’t compete with Twitch and other live streaming services for video games. Discord is more of a complement to Twitch. In the Discord channel, you can interact with other fans while watching your favorite streamer. When Drake and Ninja inexplicably teamed up on Twitch to play Fortnite, they used Discord to communicate. As long as subscribers stay subscribed, streams can even reward their fans who sync their Discord accounts with Mixer, Patreon, Twitch, or YouTube. You can even stream Jackbox games with your friends via Discord.

Discord is more than just for a gamers

When Discord launched in May 2015, it did so under the guise of a communications app for gamers. In recent years, however, many people started using the app to chat about things other than video games. Now, the company is moving to embrace a wider range of users.

This popularity has led to Discord building a business around it, too, and it’s now making a big pivot: It’s looking to make the platform a communication tool not just for gamers, but for everyone from study groups to gardening enthusiasts. It’s only now that Discord realizes it may have stumbled upon the future of the internet.

Teenagers used Discord to do everything from the study for classes to watching Netflix together, according to internal polls.

8 tips on how to get people to join your discord?

We’ll take a look at eight tips to help you get more users to your Discord, whether you’re looking to expand your server’s userbase or just want to increase its reach.

Find the right people to join your Discord server. You don’t need to worry, as hopefully after reading this guide you will be able to implement some of the tips mentioned here to get more users.

1. Building a brand is essential

It’s true, a user’s first impression of your Discord server can make all the difference. A potential member will often see your server’s title and logo as soon as they find your Discord server listed online. Your logo should reflect the personality and aesthetic of your Discord server, and it should also be professional. There’s nothing more annoying than a poorly designed logo, or worse still, no logo at all!

2. GIFs, Emojis, and Text Decorations

You can liven up your server by using emojis, GIFs, and cute text decorations. Their presence can really inject life into your server and lead to a variety of conversations among your members.

3. Make Your Title Memorable and Informative

The title of your server is also an important aspect that needs attention.

Consider the following:

  • Is it in line with your server’s goals?
  • Does it have a short, snappy, and memorable message?
  • Is it likely to compel a potential member to join?

Though overly long server names shouldn’t be avoided entirely, you want a title that sounds professional and is easy to remember.

Think of some server names you would click if you saw them listed in server listings to get your creative juices flowing.

In the beginning, brainstorm a lot of potential ideas. Do not be critical of your ideas, just write them down. Afterward, save your list somewhere and return to it in a few days. As a result, you’ll have a new perspective on your list and will be able to see which titles stand out.

4. Focus on the description of your server

There are some server listings with little or no information about the server. Most members look at your server description before trusting it. Therefore, a server without a description will not attract potential members.

In the description of your server, be sure to include:

  • Your server’s goals
  • Members who want to join
  • Concerns it serves

5. Focus on One Topic

Successful servers focus on one topic. There is no sense in having a lot of servers if your users don’t interact with them frequently.

You will attract members who relate to your Discord server by focusing on a niche that most individuals are interested in and catering to that niche. It is these members you want on your Discord.

6. Welcome to your new users

Make sure your server members get a warm welcome when they join. If your server becomes extremely popular, the server owner won’t have the time or energy to welcome tens of new users a day. There are plenty of bots that provide automatic welcomes.

Even some bots provide image welcomes, which take the new member’s avatar, apply some cool filters to it, and then place it in a neat welcome image. These small gestures of thanks will make the new member feel welcome, at least a little, and it will add a dash of professionalism to your server.

Even better, if you can personally welcome your users in the early stages, that would mean a great deal to them. If your server won’t receive hundreds of new users initially (well, sometimes it might, depending! ), you might be able to ask them some questions about why they joined. Chatty, friendly users are more likely to stay. Nothing makes a great first impression like a warm welcome!

7. List your server at Server Listings

A high-quality server listing can help you advertise your server. Each day, tens of new servers are listed on some of these server listings, with potentially thousands of servers listed. In order to make your server stand out from the competition, you need a fun yet informative server name, a professional logo, and a descriptive snippet explaining what your server is all about.

8. Plan and organize events

If you use Discord bots, you can organize trivia games, listen to music together, or simply host fun community events. As a result of organizing these events, your server’s members will tell their friends about them, increasing your server’s exposure.

Organizing events is fairly easy — simply find a Discord bot that can play YouTube videos, such as Onyx, and instruct your members to play their favorite videos all evening long. You just need to arrange a time when most of the members of your server are available, and then you’re off!

You will get more members if your server’s members tell their friends about your events since they will spread the word to their friends.

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