How To Give Yourself A Fade?

How to give yourself a fade

These days, fade cuts are in style again, but they can be challenging to do at home. A very straightforward way of doing the cut is to gradually increase the size of the cut as you move higher on your head. Start by washing the hair, so then use an electric clipper with adjustable settings. Shorten your hair at the bottom with a short set. Cut it longer above the short set with the next length setting. In this article, we show you how To Give Yourself A Fade. Make multiple cuts with the next length setting until the fade is complete.

3 Methods how to give yourself a fade?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you how to give yourself a fade cut a taper fade haircut. We will show you exactly how to cut a fade with clippers after you have decided how long your hair will be faded and whether you want a high, mid, or low fade or a bald, skin, or taper fade.

1 Method: How to fade using clippers?

How to fade using clippers

You’ll need the right tools to fade hair. If you would like a good pair of scissors, a handheld mirror, a pair of clippers with guards, and a trimmer, then you will need the following.

There are expert barber clippers that would be the best to use when you are trying to fade your own hair. This particular type of clipper offers cutting-edge blades, strong motors, robust constructions, cordless and corded options, long battery life, as well as a complete lineup of brushes and accessories. 

The Wahl Color Pro, on the other side, would be a great option if you were just looking for cheap home clippers. There are many reputable brands of clippers that provide reliable performance and a robust motor and blade, but Wahl clippers are rated as one of the best. As the most popular hair cutting machine of all time, you can count on it to provide all the tools you need.

Basically, the only decision you need to make is whether you prefer a corded or cordless vacuum cleaner. Choosing a cordless clipper is more convenient and maneuverable, however, both will cut hair effortlessly.

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro is a hair cutter that offers professional capabilities and a low price. For a complete list of barber instruments like razors, edgers, brushes, disinfectants, and supplies for cleaning, take a look here.

2 Method: The best way how do I cut a fade haircut

There are several steps involved in cutting a fade haircut. Before proceeding to the next stage, give yourself the time you need to successfully complete each step.

  • Begin by choosing a fade line position. It is entirely up to you where to place the fade line on your head; some men prefer it lower, while others prefer it higher.
  • Decide how long or short you want your fade to be. Your choice of the guard will depend on how long your fade is. Once you determine the desired length and select the appropriate clippers, the trimming process begins.
  • Working upward in short, even strokes, always begin with the bottom of your hairline. Follow the same procedure along the sides and back of your head. When you’re ready to fade to another length, switch to the appropriate guard. Blend evenly to create a natural transition.
  • Use one of the combs you purchased to blend the sides and back into the longer hair on top of your head.
  • Leave a short section of hair exposed over the teeth of the comb so you can trim it with the clippers. You’ll only need to trim a small portion at this stage if you want your hair to remain longer.
  • To clean your neckline and hairline, use a set of trimmers. You will achieve a sleek finish and complete the fade. To allow for any mistakes you might make, start with a longer length.

If you cut too much off your hair by accident, it will take a few weeks to grow back once your hair has been faded.

3 Method: Getting your hair faded

Step1: Decide what type of fade you want?

Follow the guide below to learn how to fade your hair at home!

Your sides and back can be faded with the right tools and some preparation. Although barbers are skilled in ensuring a perfect finish, faded cuts require regular maintenance at the barbershop.

Taking care of it yourself will save you a great deal of hassle over time. You will also be able to brag about it afterward. Don’t forget to follow these steps for excellent results.

Step 1: Decide what type of fade you want?

It is possible to have fades start higher or lower on your head, depending on your hairstyle. Low fades are perfect for people with thick hair and many personalities. It may be better to go for a high fade if you want a style that will turn heads.

Look at some examples of fades online and decide what will look best on you. Several mobile apps are currently available that allow you to browse through hairstyle galleries and take a look at how new haircuts would change the way you look. Take them for a spin.

Step 2: Hair should be washed and dried

The easiest way to cut fades is with clean, damp hair. Cleanse and pat dry your hair after washing.

Step 3: To Get The Hair To The Length You Want

Start by fading the top portion of your hair. You might already have the right length for a fade, but it isn’t always the case. Using styling scissors may be necessary. You may also need to trim your bangs.

The best way to trim your hair is in sections. Holding the hair between the forefinger and middle finger, lift sections from the top of the head, and cut them.

Step 4: Trim the sides and the back

It’s time to put those clippers to work. If you’re worried about shortening your hair too much, you can set your clippers to a long guard length and shave the sides and back of your head. Start at your hairline and move upward. It is strongly recommended that you position yourself between two mirrors when working on the back of your head.

The hardest part is this. Keep your other hand horizontally on your head to prevent you from cutting too high. You don’t have to hurry, so be patient and make sure everything is even. Use thin strokes and sweep upwards.

You should then move on to a shorter guard and repeat the motions for the lower part of your head once you have finished the earlier step. As you buzz, begin at the nape of the neck and go around the back and sides of the head in upward strokes until the height you desire is reached.

The process can also be reversed. As you move up the head, start with the smallest guard setting on the nape of the neck and work your way up. You will have to better blend the layers if you can see a clear split between them. For a more even fade, cut over and around the line with the clippers.

Step 5: Touches to finish

You should brush off any hair clippings left behind after you have completed the fade and carefully examine the results. If you are happy with it, then it’s a success! If not, think about how you might improve it.

If you want a higher fade, you might need to blend the layers better. The first time you cut your own hair, you might not be able to even out the sides. If you choose one of these options, be sure to go over each and every inch of your new cut until it is perfect with the clippers.

It’s time to style. For your hair to have the desired shape and texture, apply pomade, wax, or gel. You can always check out a YouTube tutorial if you are unsure of how to use a hair product. The effort of styling your hair every day is well worth it. Fade haircuts look effortlessly cool. Be prepared to turn heads.

Step 6: Keep the cut

If you choose a fade cut, regular maintenance will be required. There is a possibility that the fade will lose its shape during the process of growing out evenly. Every 3 to 5 weeks, you should trim the fade using clippers for best results. When trimming, you should use the same settings for the guard as before. You shouldn’t worry – as long as you master the first cut, everything else will be a piece of cake.

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