How To Grow A Beard When You Can’t?


Beards are traditionally considered to be a sign of masculinity (a quality or attribute of men), power, strength, and wisdom. Despite this, many men fail at getting a full and radiant beard due to uncontrollable itching at the beginning and improper beard care, which can make it look dull and uninspired.

In case you are one of those guys who struggle to grow a thick beard, we at Bright Side compiled a bunch of recommendations that can help guys grow thick beards. Below is the complete information about “How To Grow A Beard When You Can’t?”

How To Grow A Beard When You Can’t?

1. The four-week rule

The first and most challenging stage, which takes four weeks, requires the greatest amount of patience. Since this is when the itchiness is the strongest, men tend to give up and shave everything off at the height of this irritation. A man must be patient and consistent in order to reach his beard’s “full potential” after a month.

2. Don’t forget your skin.

If the man is able to grow a somewhat beard-like structure on his face after enduring the 4-week challenge, skincare is the next step. Beards should be washed regularly so they stay clean, exfoliated regularly so ingrown hairs won’t appear, and moisturized.

3. Make sure you exercise regularly.

It is a well-known fact that regular exercise increases blood circulation, which is beneficial to hair growth and quality. In addition, exercise increases testosterone production in a man’s body, which also affects his hair follicles, resulting in healthier and thicker hair.

4. Do not stress yourself out.

Even though this may sound surprising, stress can negatively affect a man’s beard growth as well. The reason for this is that when we are stressed, we produce cortisol, which inhibits the production of testosterone. Stress squeezes the blood vessels, preventing nutrients from getting to the hair follicles.

5. Maintain a healthy diet.

The importance of healthy dieting cannot be overstated. However, those growing thick beards should eat more protein-rich foods that will contribute to a thicker and more luxurious beard. Nuts, fruits, and eggs rich in vitamin C might be beneficial to consume more of. Stay hydrated as well by drinking enough water.

6. You should take supplements.

In addition to all of what is mentioned above, taking supplements containing zinc, iron, copper, vitamins B, and D and magnesium can play an important role in maintaining and growing a thick and healthy beard. The average person today does not consume enough of these elements in their diet, so they lack them in their bodies.

7. Make use of oils.

People who live in countries with harsh weather conditions regularly expose their beards to cold temperatures (or extreme heat) can benefit from using beard oils. It adds moisture and locks it in, so it protects the beard hair from getting damaged. Consider oils that contain jojoba oil as the main ingredient.

8. Regularly trim and shape the beard.

Alternatively, you can visit a barber to trim the beard. This should be done once the first four weeks have passed. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you should use a trimmer every 2 to 3 weeks. If you cut your hair right after taking a shower, you might end up with more hair than you needed.

9. Apply hair balm.

Be sure to use hair balms and conditioners on your beard as well as shampoo. A thicker, shinier beard can also be gained through this process. After shampooing your beard, apply a hair conditioner, let it soak in for a few minutes, and then comb your fingers through it as you rinse.

How to Avoid common beard-growing mistakes? 

You can, believe us. Check out these six mistakes that men make when growing a beard – and how to avoid them. In no time at all, you’ll be sporting the beard of your dreams.

1. Not allowing your beard to grow properly 

About half an inch of hair grows on beards every month. Depending on your genetics, your beard may grow slower or faster, and not all areas will grow at the same rate. Some areas will initially appear full, while others will appear patchy.

This is the point at which some men decide they aren’t genetically suited for growing a full beard. In truth, your beard simply develops slowly in this part. The beard continues to grow during the late twenties and early thirties. Are you in your twenties and still sporting a patchy beard? It’s okay, you haven’t reached your full beard potential yet. It is recommended that men grow their beards for a full two months, regardless of age.  

2. Getting wild with your beard

Trimming your beard is essential even at the beginning. Beards grow at different rates in different areas. An untrimmed beard begins to look unbalanced after about a month of growth. As the slower-growing parts catch up to the longer parts, trimming the longer parts will reduce the appearance of a patchy beard. Early-stage trimming is straightforward. Choose a clipper and the length of the guard. same setting all the way around. You can start shaping more as your beard transitions from stubble to a fuller beard.

3. Ignoring the neckline

Beards and chest hair should not touch. At the other extreme, a man’s beard/stubble should not extend above his chin when he smiles. Any growth below the Adam’s Apple should be shaved when determining where to draw the line.

4. Excessive or insufficient beard washing

Cleanse your face and beard every day with a specialized face and beard cleanser. Wash your beard with a beard cleanser once or twice a week when your stubble becomes beard length. Avoid over-drying your beard by doing this. Of course, this will depend on your situation. In the case of a dirty job or frequent sweating, you may have to wash every day to maintain proper hygiene.

5. Lack of beard moisturizer or beard oil will make your beard thirsty

The majority of beard-related problems, including itch and dandruff, can be alleviated by properly hydrating the beard. It is designed specifically to deal with these problems. Beard oil is great for softening long beards, but a specially formulated moisturizer can treat skin conditions that beard oil cannot. Add beard oil after moisturizing for extra oomph. 

6. Making comparisons to others 

The beards of every man are unique. Take pride in who you are and what you grow. The fact that you can’t cultivate an uber beard like that of ZZ Top doesn’t mean that you can’t cultivate some handsome stubble or a serious handlebar ‘stache. At the end of the day, your facial hair represents who you are. You should do what makes you happy and stop comparing yourself to others.

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