How To Hide Contacts On iPhone?


Would you like to keep certain contacts private on your iPhone? If you have a lot of contacts you don’t wish to appear in your address book, you may want to do that as well. iOS actually includes a feature that lets you do that.

When you’re trying to pare down your contact list to something more manageable, but still want to retain contacts who might be useful at a later date, this process will work. Here is the complete information about “How To Hide Contacts On iPhone?” Read it below!

How To Hide Contacts On iPhone?

Method 1: Use Gmail to hide contacts

In addition to adding the contact that you want to hide to your Gmail Account, you will also need to delete it from your iPhone.

Gmail Contacts can be hidden in iPhone Contacts App after the contact is deleted on iPhone.

1. You can access Contacts if you log in to Gmail and click on the Google Apps icon.

2. Select the Create Contact option from the Contacts screen.

3. Choose to Create a Contact from the pop-up menu.

4. You will then need to enter the Contact’s Name, Email, Phone Number, and other details as needed, then click on the Save button.

5. To remove a Contact from your iPhone, you need to add it to your Gmail account.

6. Select the Contact that you would like to delete in the Contacts app on your iPhone.

7. Click the Edit option that appears in the right-hand corner of your Contacts information screen.

8. Click the Delete Contact option at the bottom of the screen on the next screen.

9. You can confirm the deletion of the contact by tapping the confirmation pop-up.

10. Choose Groups from the drop-down menu after deleting the Contact.

11. Remove All Gmail Contacts from the next screen.

This method has the disadvantage of hiding your Gmail Contacts as you well know.

Method 2: Using Spotlight Search to hide contacts on iPhone

There are some precautionary measures you can take in order to hide contacts on your iPhone. Whenever you are trying to disable the Phone and Contact members from appearing in search results on your iPhone’s Spotlight Search, you must always disable them. The person sneaking can easily find anyone’s contact information if this feature is enabled. All they have to do is type their name on the Spotlight Search icon.

Thus, if you disable the same, it will no longer be possible for someone to search using the Spotlight Search feature for a particular contact or information about them. The following steps will allow you to disable the Contacts & Phone information from appearing in the iPhone Spotlight Search icon:

1. Open the iPhone’s settings menu from the main screen.

2. Select General from the drop-down list. The Spotlight Search option will appear here. Press it to activate it.

3. Then you need to search for Contacts when the main Spotlight Search screen appears. Sliders that appear green when turned on must be moved to make them turn white when turned off (like white tablets). The Spotlight Search icon will no longer display Contact details from now on.

4. As a similar measure, if you do not want any random stranger to see the details of your Phone through Spotlight Search, you can look for the Phone icon on the main screen of your phone and turn it off.

Method 3: Using a nickname, hide specific contacts

A large group of contacts can be displayed (or hidden) in the previous method. You can simply give those contacts nicknames, though, so that their real names will be hidden from your address book if you’re just looking to hide a few names and not the entire list.

1. The contact must be selected, the edit button tapped, and then the “Add Field” option tapped.

2. You can add your nickname by tapping “Nickname”.

3. With this update, your phone will now display the nickname of sensitive or private contacts every time you call them, allowing you to feel more at ease around potentially prying eyes.

Method 4: Using Hidden Groups To Hide Contacts On The iPhone

There is another solution that might work better for you if none of the above solutions do

This method is safe and effective for hiding contacts on your iPhone. Creating hidden groups can be helpful 

If you have an iPhone, you could create a contact group that only you could access.  Creating a new contact group on your iPhone, then deleting the existing contacts would accomplish this trick  You can then add the deleted contacts back into this new list after you’ve added the new contacts to your iPhone Please contact the group.

Here are simple steps to achieve the same:

1. Please go to the website using your computer, To access your iCloud account, sign in.

2. You can access the Contacts section after logging into your iCloud account Section.

3. A list of options will appear in the left bottom corner after clicking the “+” button Screenshot. The icon “New Group” can be clicked here.

4. You will be able to see a new group on your screen named “Untitled Group 1.”.

5. In this step, you can define the name of your hidden contact group. 

6. Click on Save after entering the same. Your new hidden contact will be saved. Create an iPhone group.

7. You would then delete any particular contacts you wish to remove from your newly created group once your group has been created. Your iPhone contains private information that you want to hide.

8. If you create a new iPhone, you can restore your deleted contacts. Invent. Your iPhone would then be hidden from contacts for this group since only you can access it.

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