How To Leave a Group Text On iPhone?


How To Leave A Group Text On iPhone And What To Expect?

For over a decade, the Messages app has dominated the chatting market on Macs, iPhones, and iPads. You can also create up to 32 group messages in addition to the usual text, picture, video, and document features.

Group messaging through iMessage has recently gained more and more popularity all around the world as a means for having a chat with friends, family, coworkers, or even new acquaintances about a certain topic.

When you are participating in a group activity, it is easy to become engaged in a conversation. Here we’ll show you how to exit an iMessage group text without being distracted in the future.

Leaving a group text on iPhone is not a difficult procedure. Anytime you need help, we’re here for you. Here below is the complete detail about ” how to leave a group text on iPhone?”.

How To Leave A Group Text On iPhone?

All group members on an iPhone or iPad must leave a group text in Messages. Non-Apple users cannot be removed from groups because you cannot remove them from any group with non-Apple users.

You will receive texts sent by users who don’t use iMessage exclusively via SMS/MMS, just as you would receive texts from Android users.

Depending on the group’s color, you can tell whether it’s an iMessage group or not. Green conversation bubbles indicate that you are a group member. 

For iPhone/iPad  Users:

You can leave an iMessage group by going to the ‘All Messages‘ section of your iPhone/iPad app.

A tap on this screen will allow you to leave a group chat.

The group chat window appears when you tap the group icon or name

A window with group information will open. Choose ‘Leave this Conversation’ below by scrolling down.

To confirm, tap on ‘Leave this Conversation’ again in the prompt that appears.

How Does Leaving A Group Text On iPhone Work?

When you choose ‘Leave this conversation,’ you will be removed from the group conversation you desire to leave. If you leave a group conversation, you won’t notify other members, just as when you delete a chat thread on iMessage. They will only discover that you left the group if they look at the group info screen on their iPhone. At the bottom of the screen, a group that you have left will say “You are leaving this conversation“. 

The group thread can be accessed within the Messages app for as long as you like. Your messages and the messages of your friends who have joined the group are those that can be viewed by all members. There will be no new messages added to the group chat which means you’ll only see the last message sent to the group before you left. 

What Is The Problem With Leaving An iPhone Group Text?

Within the Messages app, you can remove yourself from an iMessage group by selecting the ‘Leave this Conversation’ option. You will, however, be unable to view this option if someone in your group text doesn’t have an iPhone or isn’t using iMessage.

SMS/MMS texts text message sending group members cannot be removed. An iMessage group and an SMS group can be distinguished by looking at their types. Chat bubbles sent by you in these types of threads will be blue in color. Leaving these groups is an option. 

On the Messages app, green chat bubbles indicate that you’re part of an SMS/MMS group. As a consequence, at least one or more members of the group don’t use iPhones or iMessages. 

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