How To Lock iPhone Screen From Touch?


Using Guided Access, you can temporarily disable the entire touchscreen on your iOS or iPadOS device if you’re letting your kids borrow your phone or tablet to watch a video or movie. This prevents other people from fiddling with your device, deleting apps, making purchases, or altering its settings without your permission.

You can use Guided Access on your iPhone or iPad to lock the screen to a particular app, but you can also disable the Touch Screen in general. Do you look forward to giving someone access to your smartphone through Guided Access? Continue reading.

How Does Guided Access Work On iOS?

During this period, you can control which features are available to use, as guided access limits the use of a single app on your iPhone or iPad. More specifically, guided access allows you to restrict who can use your device.

Aside from parental controls, you can also lock your iPhone inside an app and completely disable the touchscreen if you’re doing a long binge-watching marathon. Yep, you heard me! This feature helps prevent playback halting due to accidental touches or taps.

On iPhone, Guided Access can be turned on and off quite easily, so it’s a great feature. The feature can be toggled off and on at any time, so it’s quite convenient. with ease. That said, let’s go straight into the steps and see how it works.

How To Lock iPhone Screen From Touch With Guided Access?

iPhones come with a built-in feature called Guided Access, which temporarily disables the touch screen. It allows you to temporarily disable There are certain functional areas of the screen and locks on the phone. You can enable Guided Access on the iPhone by following these steps:

  1. Accessibility -> Guided Access is available in Settings.
  2. Guided Access can be enabled by tapping on the toggle.
  3. You can then set a Passcode to disable Guided Access by clicking the Passcode Settings button.

The Accessibility Shortcut can also be enabled from the home screen to enable direct access to this feature. For more information on how Guided Access works, see below:

  1. You can enter Guided Access by tapping the Home button three times while inside the app you’d like to pin.
  2. You can disable specific sections of the screen by selecting them. Drawing over the entire display disables the touch screen. (If you want the touch screen to go away, you should draw over it.)
  3. In the bottom-left corner, tap Options. You will then be able to disable buttons by tapping Done.
  4. The start is the top option for enabling Guided Access.

You will not be able to touch the disabled touch screen, which will appear grayed out. Enter the passcode again to disable Guided Access.

If you want to prevent accidental taps or a child from misusing the touch screen, this is how you can disable it.

When The Touch Screen Is Disabled On The iPhone, Exiting Guided Access Mode Is Possible?

You’ll probably want to know how to exit Guided Access after the Touch Screen has been disabled:

  1. To exit Guided Access, you need to triple-click the power/side buttons on your iPhone or iPad.

2. You will be prompted to enter the Password after you have entered the passcode you set earlier.

3. You will see a Guided Access menu. To exit Guided Access, click “End” on your screen in the left-hand corner. If you prefer, you can simply turn back the “Touch” switch to enable it.

Finally, the form had to be filled out.

You can temporarily disable the touchscreen on your iPad or iPhone while using Guided Access to lock the device to a single app. Furthermore, the Touch Screen can also be disabled without deactivating the device.

If you would rather restrict the touchscreen input to a specific area of the screen instead of disabling the entire touchscreen, then you may do so. It is useful if your application can navigate the menu within an application, disable/enable the pause/play button within a video app, or provide access to something similar. By simply circling areas of the screen, you can disable them in the Guided Access menu.

When it comes to taking control over what is displayed on your iPhone and iPad and how you interact with it, Guided Access is a great tool.

Are you interested in locking multiple apps simultaneously on your iPhone and iPad? Using Apple’s Screen Time functionality, you can limit the amount of time spent on apps within minutes. There are also parental control features in it, so if you’re interested, be sure to check out the other Screen Time tips, too.

When Guided Access is enabled on iPhones and iPads, the touchscreen is disabled. Has this been your experience? Is it something you would recommend? Let me know your thoughts and experiences about this topic if you find it interesting.

How Lock iPhone Screen From Touch With a Time Limit In Guided Access Setting?

In addition to playing sounds or talking about how much time remains, Guided Access also tells your child how much time is left. You can enable this feature by following the steps below:

  • Start by tapping the “Settings” button on the Home screen.
  • Select the “General” option.
  • Accessibility” can be accessed by tapping it.
  • Click the “Guided Access” option at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can now set time limits by tapping the “Time Limits” tab.

Within Guided Access, you can customize how the time limit feature works within the Time Limits screen. A sound and spoken time reminder are choices you’ll need to make. Use the instructions below to enable the timer:

  • Choose the app that your child will use from the Home screen.
  • Tap three times on the Home button to access Guided Access.
  • Repeat, then enter your Guided Access password (if you assigned one) to open the Guided Access menu.
  • Toggle the time limit in the Options menu.
  • Tap Done after setting the time.
  • You’re done! You tap Resume and you’re done! After a certain period of time has passed, your iPhone will play a sound.

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