How To Lock Messages On iPhone?


The latest version of iOS has made Messages one of the best apps available on the Apple store. It is a great way to organize your messages, regardless of whether you use iMessage or just text messages. It has a simple interface, rich features, and support for multiple devices.

For these reasons, Messages is more popular among iPhone users than even instant messaging apps like WhatsApp or Messenger. Due to this fact, Messages are increasingly being used to transmit and receive sensitive, important, and crucial information. For this reason, it’s important to lock your iPhone’s text messaging service.

You may need to do this differently depending on how you use your iPhone. Using these methods, we were able to lock text messages on an iPhone using two different methods: one using built-in security and the other using a trusted, secure third-party app. However, we must first clarify a few points about ” how to lock messages on iPhone?”

What Is The Purpose Of Locking Your iPhone Messages?

Consider these factors when locking your iPhone’s Messages app. People have different reasons for locking the app.

  • With Messages, you can store important texts. Messages on any iPhone should be locked for this reason. Some of what you are sending and receiving may not be visible to others.
  • Shared iPhones are common. When your children use your iPhone, it’s usually because you’re a parent. If you don’t want them to see the texts you send and receive, make sure they’re not visible.
  • Your protection needs to be enhanced. Keeping your messages private is proving difficult when using Touch ID, Face ID, and Passcode. You are seeking a specially designed solution.

Check out our recommendations on how to lock text messages on your iPhone if you can relate to these scenarios. We have narrowed the options down to two because the scenarios are so different.

While one method provides general protection to your iPhone against intruders, the other provides an extra layer of security that only applies to your messages. It is up to you which way you choose to go.

You Can Lock Your iPhone Messages By Settings App?

Apple iOS has yet to introduce a native feature that lets users lock individual applications. This means that someone with an unlocked iPhone cannot simply be barred from using the Messages app. If you have unlocked your iPhone, it is nearly impossible to restrict the contents of Messages when you have reduced the alerts and delivered messages without interruption.

You should, therefore, set your iPhone’s authentication method to be as strong as possible. If your iPhone does not have any of those features, you have the option to use the good old passcode. You can also use additional biometric features like Touch ID and Face ID depending on the model. The best way to guard against strangers (or even friends) reading your messages is to use it.

Passcodes are good for securing messages on iPhones as well as almost anything else. Passcodes had to be entered when using the iPhone for the first time. This shouldn’t be a problem, though.

Passcode Setup on iPhone: What You Need to Know?

  1. To access Face ID & Passcode (On iPhone X and later), you will need to click Settings >> Face ID & Passcode.
  2. You can manage your passcode by scrolling down
  3. To turn on the passcode, tap the button if it is turned off.
  4. Passcodes are six-digit codes that you must enter on your iPhone. In addition to this, you can also choose an alphanumeric code, a four-digit code, or a custom numeric code.
  5. The code must be entered and confirmed regardless of the case.

Your iPhone is now protected by a passcode. Using Touch ID on an iPhone requires you to go to Settings >> Touch ID & Passcode and repeat the process. Otherwise, if you don’t have either Touch ID or Face ID on your iPhone, you should go to Settings >> Passcode.

After unlocking your iPhone with this code, you will need it to continue using the device. Using the flashlight, camera, or emergency phone would be impossible without this passcode. The messages on your iPhone will remain secure as long as you don’t give out this passcode.

How To Lock Messages on iPhone By Turn Off Previews of Messages?

You may still see Message previews on your iPhone even with the passcode enabled. So people who tap on the iPhone screen (or press the Power or Home buttons) might be able to see what you’ve just received. It is also a good idea to turn this off if you require advanced protection.

If you’re using iOS 14 or iPadOS 14, this method will work on all iPhone models.

1. Open your iPhone’s Settings app.

2. Click on ‘Notifications’ in the options.

3. On the next screen, you control how notifications appear on your iPhone and how they are handled.

4. Choose Messages from the list.

5. A bunch of options will appear on the next screen. You have to select the Show Preview option.

6. To change the preview option, select Never or When Unlocked.

Changing how the Alerts appear can also add an extra layer of security. If, for example, your Messages app alerts are appearing on your Lock Screen, Notification Center, or Banner, you can turn them off. Alternatively, you can clear your cache. It is not recommended to use Siri to announce messages.

By enabling these options, the messages from Settings will not be visible to anyone. You can only see your messages if you have the passcode at this point.

How To Lock Messages On iPhone With a Third-Party App?

Consider the second scenario we discussed – where you find it impossible to hide the phone. A biometric or strong password is not useful in a circumstance like this. As an alternative, you need an iOS app developed by a third party.

You can use a private messaging app instead of the default iOS messaging system to send and receive text messages. If you want to use CoverMe Private Text & Call, you can do so for both iOS and Android.

CoverMe lets you attach a phone number to your iPhone that functions as a burner number. The extra number will allow you to make and receive messages encrypted at the highest level of security. You will only be able to read and send text messages that are encrypted and decrypted with a strong password.

What are the best parts? Your mobile phone bill does not reflect the activities you perform on CoverMe. Besides disappearing messages, you can also hide instant messages. This set of features enables you to use private messaging in the best way possible.

With CoverMe Private Text & Call app, you won’t need to rely on the Messages app, which you can’t further secure. Besides storing photos, videos, contacts, documents, and notes, the CoverMe app also offers a private vault to store your photos, videos, documents, and notes?

With this app, you’ll have a secure calling, texting, and cloud storage all in one place. It is also noteworthy that the app gives you the option of selecting your own burner number and making unlimited phone calls and text messages with that number. There are those who need this type of security as well, so this may seem overkill to some of you.

How To Lock Messages On iPhone In WhatsApp?

You can lock WhatsApp on your iPhone so that it requires your face or fingerprint even if you already have the device unlocked by following these steps:

  1. WhatsApp should open.
  2. At the bottom right of the screen, click the Settings tab.
  3. Tap to add to your account.
  4. Transparency in privacy.
  5. Lock your screen by tapping on it.
  6. Toggle demands Touch ID / requires Face ID.
  7. The use of Face ID or Touch ID will be mandatory for a limited period of time.

WhatsApp chats can’t be accessed without a registered face or fingerprint if Screen Lock is activated, although messages from notifications and calls can still be answered.

If Face ID or Touch ID don’t work, a white screen will appear saying WhatsApp has been locked. When you have failed a couple of times trying to open WhatsApp, you’ll be prompted to enter a passcode instead. Follow the steps below if the failed attempts option does not appear if you want to bypass Face ID or Touch ID.

The Best Apps For Locking Text Messages On iPhone?

Listed below are your options for locking messages on the iPhone. Let’s start to read and see how it’s done! Locking text messages and finding hidden text messages can be a bit challenging. By these apps, keeping a text message secret is easier than you might think. Also, this is the best method for locking messages on an iPhone. These apps provide an additional layer of security for your text messages.

You should also be aware that many scammers favor encrypted messaging services, so do not share any personal information using these apps with individuals you are not familiar with.

1. Wire – Secure Messenger 

If you wish to hide messages on your iPhone or to lock messages that can be viewed, this is another great option. The messages and communications you send are completely encrypted, so only you and the receiver can read them.

The great thing about Wire is that it has so many features beyond just hiding text messages. Other features include sending and receiving files, FaceTime, calling, and chatting. Secret messages from this app are more sophisticated than those from other apps.

3. Signal – Private Mesenger 

Follow this guide to get Signal on your iPad. This is an awesome app for your iPhone, and it’s available for iPad, too. The Signal app lets you chat privately with a single or a group, and everything is encrypted from start to finish. You can also make voice or video calls, as well as share files and media.

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