How To Loop Youtube Video On iPhone?


The YouTube website offers video-sharing options like uploading, viewing, rating, sharing, adding to playlists, reporting, and commenting on videos. Apps for iOS and Android, making it easier to watch videos, are also available. Although YouTube is a powerful platform, there does not seem to be an official way to loop YouTube videos on iPhone or Android phones.

However, we must watch YouTube videos every now and then in our daily lives. A funny YouTube video may keep you entertained for hours, or a guitar instruction video may help you to learn the finger positions on the guitar by watching repeatedly on YouTube. If you do not have a computer available or if your computer crashes, how will you do these tasks? Here you will find the complete information about ” How to loop Youtube video on iphone?” Read it below!

How To Loop Youtube Video On Iphone?

Method 1: 

Steps to Loop YouTube Videos On iPhone 

YouTube videos can be looped in several ways. I have explained them below. Take a look. Both iPhones and iPads are compatible with it.

1. Open the youtube app.

2. Go to your favorite video website and watch the video.

3. You will find a Save option directly at the bottom of the video player toward the right side. Please tap that option.

4. When you save, it will change to Saved and a checkmark will appear.

5. Once the video player is minimized, click on it again.

6. In the lower right corner of the screen, tap the Library option.

7. After that, tap the Watch Later button, which will display a playlist. You just saved a video to that playlist which is the most recent video.

8. You can find your video by scrolling down the playlist.

9. It will start playing as soon as you tap on it.

10. To play all of the videos in a playlist, you can tap on the red Play button at the top or start of the playlist. The first YouTube video saved in the playlist will be played.

11. Immediately below the video player where your desired YouTube video will playback, you’ll see two icons.

12. Choose the loop YouTube videos option from the left-hand side.

13. YouTube allows you to play the whole playlist by tapping on a YouTube video, including the most recent video you added to the watch later playlist as well as the first video you saved.

14. The loop icon will now appear with 1 within it if you tap it twice successively. The video being played at the moment has been set exclusively to loop. There will be only one video looped and none of the others.

15. Suppose I want to loop the video I saved a few steps earlier. The same YouTube video will loop automatically when I tap two times on the loop YouTube icon.

Method 2: Using a third-party app to loop a YouTube video

1. Furthermore, a third-party app can be used to repeat YouTube videos on an iPhone or Android phone in addition to the two tricks mentioned above. YouTube videos can be looped on iPhones and Android phones with a number of apps. As part of this portion, we will discuss an app that can be used on both iOS and Android devices. Loop2Learn is the app.

2. YouTube video repeater Loop2Learn allows the user to loop not only the whole video but also particular sections of it. Rather than dragging the progress bar to complete this task, you must adjust the Time Start and End. Furthermore, you may specify how many times the video will be repeated and how quickly it will play. As soon as you open this application, you’ll know how to loop a YouTube video on an iPhone or Android smartphone.

3. For offline viewing, some YouTube users would like to download their favorite videos to their computer or iPhone. This is an easy process. The post we wrote about 3 ways to download & save YouTube videos to iPhone/iPad can be read here. You may want to try a program named Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader to download and save 1080P or 4K YouTube videos with sound. As well as downloading videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, etc., this program supports downloading music as well.

4. This information may disappear if this saved YouTube video is deleted by accident, if a system failure occurs, or if an iOS update fails. Fortunately, the missing videos may be restored from an iPhone backup. In this case, what if your backup is corrupted or has no backup? In most cases, you can restore lost or deleted iPhone videos using a third-party iPhone video recovery tool.

Frequently Asked Questions about How To Loop Youtube Video On iPhone?

How to Looping a YouTube video on a desktop?

If you’re used to watching YouTube videos on your computer in a web browser, then watching YouTube videos on repeat is super easy, because the desktop version of YouTube has a menu option.

Step 1.  Navigate to YouTube’s desktop site using any browser.

Step 2.  Play any YouTube video you want on repeat by clicking on it.

Step 3.  You can loop a video by right-clicking the video window and choosing Loop from the drop-down menu when the video begins to play.

If you right-click the video and select “Loop” again, the video will play on loop until you turn it off.

Pro Tip. Using Chrome, Android users can also access the Loop option and set a YouTube video to repeat using YouTube’s desktop site on their phone. On iPhone, video looping isn’t available on the YouTube desktop site.

Can I play YouTube videos in the best way?

Using your browser, navigate to the following steps to play a YouTube video: * Enter the title of the video/subject * Click on Search * Click on the video to play. Similar steps can also be followed with mobile apps.

What is the repeat button on YouTube?

It is an excellent choice to loop YouTube videos using Looper, a YouTube extension that eliminates any limitations mentioned above. This extension is available for download. Just beneath your favorite YouTube video, you’ll find Loop next to Recording. You can continue watching it forever.

What is the purpose of YouTube’s repeat feature?

A YouTube video can be looped by opening it. In the video address field, include a synced replay between YouTube and .com. When finished, press ENTER. It will start playing automatically.

How does video looping work?

It is a great idea to play video loops at trade shows, events, museums, and lobby entryways by using an app that loops selected videos. You can display looping videos on Android tablets, phones, and other mobile devices with this app.

What are the reasons for video repeaters?

Stream video wirelessly via a video repeater. A receiver and transmitter are embedded in a waterproof housing. Received signals are transmitted to a receiver on a separate predetermined frequency (for example, channel 1) and are received on a certain frequency (e.g. channel 4).

What is the YouTube looping feature?

All YouTube videos can be played on loop until stopped manually. The feature comes bundled with YouTube by default. A specific segment of the video cannot be looped using the “loop” function on YouTube.

How do you loop a YouTube video on a Chromebook?

Step 1. Download YouTube to your computer. Go to YouTube in your browser. YouTube will open on your computer. You don’t have to do anything.

Step 2. Search for videos. Enter the title or keyword for the video in the search bar on the top of YouTube’s homepage.

Step 3. Find the video. Look through the results page for the video you wish to loop.

What is the URL for the YouTube Chrome web store looper?

You can set the number of loops and the percentage of the video that should be looped with ONE-CLICK, which lets you play YouTube videos with just one click.

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