How To Make 3d Paper Snowflake?

3d paper snowflake

These 3D snowflake decorations are stunning! They are almost free to create. All you require is glue, paper, and thread. The snowflakes will look nice hanging from windows or you could go with the traditional approach and put them on top of a Christmas tree. A Christmas tree that is decorated using only white lights and snowflakes would be a stunning addition to any interior. It’s so pretty!

Many people like making hand-made gifts and decorations during the Christmas season. 3D snowflake ornaments made of paper are fairly easy to make and nearly everyone can create professional results. There is some patience is required to put together each snowflake piece, but the outcomes are well worth the effort. In this article, we show you how To Make 3d Paper Snowflake.

How to make 3d paper snowflake?

Enjoy step by step tutorial and the material list below.

  • Squares of paper
  • Double-sided tape or glue
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil

Method 1: 3d Paper Snowflake

  • Step 1. Gather the necessary materials. You’ll require at least six pieces of paper. White copy paper works but you can also choose more complex kinds of paper, such as origami or construction paper. You’ll also require cutters, clear tape, and a stapler or double-sided tape.
  • Step 2. Six sheets of paper diagonally and then fold them in half diagonally. If the paper you’re using isn’t an ideal triangle, trim the rectangular edge sticking out so that the sides perfectly align. You will end up with an uncut square that is that has been folded into a triangle. The triangle should be folded in half and note which side is folded “bottom” of the triangle is.
  • Step 3. Cut three slits through the triangle. The scissors should be placed along the fold on the bottom and in a line parallel to one edge reaching up towards the top. Cut nearly all the way to the double folded fold however, not completely. Maintain a similar space between cuts.
  • Step4. The paper should be folded so that it’s flat. Place it in a position where one of the corners on the side of the rectangle faces towards you. It should appear like an image.
  • Step 5. Keep your diamond-shaped paper facing up and roll the two lines of paper that are the innermost to create an oval. Then, tape the two pieces together. There should be triangles on the opposite side of the rolls.
  • Step 6. The diamond should be turned over onto the other face of the sheet. Then, take the two next lines of paper and fold them into the other side. join them as before. The result will be longer and more rounded form and wider than the previous tube.
  • Step 7. Continue turning the paper over and join the paper lines with the opposite sides using the same method until all lines of paper are joined.
  • Step 8. Repeat steps 2-7 using the remaining 5 papers.
  • Step 9. Join 3 of the pieces at one end, and then staple them with your other hand. The other three pieces should be joined in the same manner. You will now have two pieces made up of Three Strands, which are referred to as “arms” each. (For small snowflakes it could be better to apply white glue or double-sided tape instead of the staples.)
  • Step 10. Staple the two pieces to one another at the center.
  • Step 11. A staple at the point where all six arms join. This will ensure that the snowflake’s shape is held in the correct position. Look at the image above to see the final snowflake.

Put them on display, make them into an attractive centerpiece, or decorate according to your personal style, and put them in areas where they can be enjoyed.

Method 2: 3dPaper Snowflake 

  • Make a square of the 8.5 11 inches sheets of newspaper.
  • Fold point and point together to create an equilateral triangle.
  • Beginning at the folded edge Cut straight lines towards the point, stopping approximately 1 inch away from the point.
  • Continue to cut upwards, and stop by a few centimeters at a time till you are close to the middle.
  • Repeat with the other side.
  • Unfold the triangle, then lay it on the floor.
  • Cut the curly part in the middle and join the edges to make an elongated roll.
  • Turn over and then curl the next cut towards the back, allowing them to join and then glue the edges.
  • Flip it over and repeat this until all layers are joined.
  • Attach a yarn piece on the edge of the yarn so that it is easier to hang.

Method3: 3d Paper Snowflake 

  • It is necessary to make 6 square sheets. You can purchase pre-made square paper sets that are available for purchase for this project or you can make use of the ruler and pencil to draw and cut square sheets from the sheets you have at home. For the creation of a snowflake, you require 6 square sheets. Choose any of the square sheets first.
  • The square sheet should be folded in half diagonally. Make use of sharp scissors to cut six slits on any of the sides that are open. Make sure not to cut the entire segment into strips. Maintain a centimeter of folded paper’s closed-end.
  • The paper should be folded after cutting six slits. It is necessary, to begin with, the most narrow segment. Utilize the point of your finger to fold the narrowest segment of the slit inside, and then ensure that the outer edge is sharp.
  • Fold the opposite side of the shortest slit in order to make it inside by crossing over the first side. Apply glue to the overlapped pieces and join them to form the point of the design (a center of the 3D sheet of paper).
  • Flip the current pattern of paper to the reverse side.
  • Then, we’ll begin working on the next cut. The exposed ends of the second shorter slits to the side and join them by creating an upward-facing corner by overlapping its open end. Apply glue to the overlapped portions of each side of the slit, and press them to seal the joint.
  • Flip the pattern over again to create the next. Just repeat the previous two steps. After joining the two sides of the slit. flip the pattern over and then work on the next.
  • Each time, Join all of the slits. Then, lastly, the pattern will look similar from the side.
  • In the same way, you can make the remaining patterns. It is necessary to have 6 patterns to create the 3D snowflake from paper.
  • Choose two patterns on paper and join them by gluing their edges together on the longer side. Place a small amount of glue on one of their edges. Then, place the other one on top of the glue and then press lightly until they are joined.
  • Join the remainder of the pattern in the same way. The joined part from the two patterns is going to create the middle of the 3D snowflake of paper.
  • Done! It was a lot of fun and relaxing, isn’t it? We loved making these 3D snowflakes.

Method 4: 3d Paper Snowflake 

  • The easiest method of cutting this paper in a square is to unfold one side of the sheet until it meets the opposite side, creating an arc and a rectangle. Then fold the rectangle to the center, and then crease across the edges that form the triangular.
  • You can open the paper and cut the rectangle. Now you have a perfectly square piece that you can use to create the snowflake from paper.
  • Then fold your piece diagonally to form an arc, then fold in half to create a smaller triangle.
  • Divide the triangle into three parts Be sure to ensure that the right and left sides of the sheet. Cut off the points at the bottom by cutting along the horizontal edges.
  • While the paper is still folded, design your own snowflake paper design. Explore various shapes, sizes, and designs to create many different shapes and styles. Enjoy the process!
  • Cut out your snowflake pattern. Be sure you keep some of the edges that are folded Otherwise, your snowflake may break.
  • The paper should be folded inwards to reveal your personal snowflake of paper. That’s it! You now have festive paper snowflakes to make into creative decorations to wrap holiday gifts and winter wonderland-themed home decor or any other concept you think of to use to create your own beautiful designs.

3d Paper Snowflake Crafting: Tips

  • Here are some helpful tips for those who are having trouble making 3D snowflakes from paper.
  • Each square paper corresponds to each point. It’s more beneficial to create 5 or snowflakes with 6 points, they are attractive.
  • The diagonal half-fold has to be completed very carefully.
  • Take care when cutting the slots in the base to ensure that you don’t cut too deeply. Maintain at least one centimeter in the open end.
  • If you join the slits don’t put them on the floor or make them flat, which will alter the 3D design of the final piece.
  • If joining the patterns is a challenge (we had a few issues connecting the two) You can wait for the glue used on a pattern to completely dry before attaching the subsequent.

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