How To Make Ribbon Curl?


Scientists have clarified the exact mechanism behind the reason why a ribbon curls when we slide an axel along the other side. When the ribbon is bent to the edge, the outside side expands and deforms permanently It is possible to find a range of methods to curl ribbon regardless of whether it’s a curling ribbon to be used in packaging or a piece of fabric ribbon to make hair clips.

All you need is a pair of scissors to curl a curly ribbon. Fabric ribbon is different. It is baked or has a solution of starch added to it. It doesn’t matter, it’s not difficult to make! creating curls.

Ribbons curl when stretched, as their outer layer expands more than the layer against which they are squeezed. The researchers found that blades with sharper edges and slower speeds produced more tight curls. When it was pulled over it, the most outer edge will.

It may appear that using a ribbon straightener to create ribbon curls is a difficult task, but it actually is very simple than you think. of A ribbon that is slightly twisting. It’s usually found in quarter-cut veneers that are interspersed with one.

It was very easy to curl ribbon at the end of balloons. It also worked great when I used it to celebrate teacher appreciation day in the last year.” How to make a ribbon curl?” for a beautiful gift package. Here is a tip to give the finishing touch to a wrapped gift by ribbon curl.

Here in this article, we discuss ” how to make ribbon curl?”. For detailed guide readout this tutorial.

What Material is Required to Make Ribbon Curl? 

  • Fabric ribbon
  • Dowel, pencil, or rod
  • Cornstarch
  • Water
  • Transparent tape or clothespins
  • Scissors
  • Spray bottle

How To Make A Ribbon Curl?

1. Prepare the curling rod.

  • To curl ribbons around a dowel, stick, pencil, or rod, get a dowel, stick, pencil, or rod. When the diameter is smaller, the curls will be smaller, but when it is larger, the curls will be bigger.

2. Make a cornstarch solution.

  • Spray a solution of 1 tablespoon Cornstarch Powder diluted in 1 pint (470 mL) water. Allow the cornstarch to dissolve completely in the water.

3. Cut a length of ribbon.

  • The fabric ribbon should be cut to the desired length. Consider curled ribbons to be shorter, so measure out the length and cut the ribbon. Use curling ribbon, a serrated type available in some card shops, craft stores, and grocery stores.
  • Wrap the ribbon loosely around the box about six times to determine how much you need. Cut the ribbon, then gently slide it off the box with the loops looped together.

4. Tape the ribbon onto the rod.

  • The fabric Ribbon can be tacked or clipped onto the rod or dowel with a clothespin. Knot a small length of ribbon in the center of the lasso Bunch and hold the lasso in the center.

5. Wind the ribbon around the rod.

Wrap the ribbon around the length of the dowel carefully.

  1. Tight Curls – wind ribbons close together, without overlapping them, to achieve tight curls. 
  2. Loose Curls- A longer stick or rod is required for loose curls. To create loose curls, wind the ribbon around the rod widely spaced.

6. Tape the end in place.

  • The end of the ribbon should be taped or clipped in place.

7. Spray with the cornstarch solution.

  • Make sure the ribbon is completely covered with the cornstarch solution.

8. Let it dry.

  • The ribbons should be allowed to dry completely.

9. Remove the ribbon.

  • Remove the tape or clips at the end of the rod once the ribbon has dried. Release the curled ribbon by carefully sliding it away.
  • If you do not wash the ribbon in water, the curls on these starched ribbons will remain. 125°C (255°F) is the preferred temperature for baking ribbons for 10 minutes if you want permanent curls.

10. Use the ribbons.

  • A black ribbon that is tightly curled will make pretty spiral curls which are perfect accents for elegantly wrapped presents or to embellish hair ties and hair accessories.
  • As trailing material for masks, hats, and other crafts, loosely curled or wavy ribbons (gold ribbon) are perfect.

How to Make Ribbon Curl With Scissor?

Here are the supplies you’ll need for this Ribbon Curling Tutorial:

  • Curling Ribbon (yes – that is what it is called) it’s thin, made of plastic, and has a flat or ridged edge.
  • Scissors
  • Your Hands

1. Measure out the length and cut the ribbon

Use curly ribbon, the serrated type found in card shops, craft stores, and some supermarkets. Figure out how much ribbon you need by wrapping the ribbon around your box six times. When you are ready to remove the ribbon from the box, hold it looped together like a lasso.

2. Tie a knot in the center of the lasso

Tied a small length of ribbon around the lasso and hold it in the middle.

3. Cut  the loops

Make sure you have enough ribbons for your project. Depending on how large you want the bow (like 12 inches), you may only need a few inches. Adding more fabric if necessary is always an option. Try a few different sizes to find a good match. You will need several pieces of curled ribbon to make a bow, so cut the pieces together as you cut them. Separate the bundled lasso by cutting the loops at each end.

4. Grip and curl the ribbon with your scissor:

Grip the middle of the bundle with your thumb and index finger. Scrape a sharp edge of scissors rapidly along each strand, working outward, away from yourself. You will get a curly ribbon that looks like this. Keep going until you reach the end of each bundle.

5. Tape your bundle:

For each bow, make four curled bundles or more depending on your requirement and on the size of the box. If you have done these,

Then attach them to your gifts box and tape on them. Like below.

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