How To Make A Slideshow On ihone?


The goal of making an iPhone slideshow is to bring memories from the past to life in the present, capturing your memories on film for remembrance and sharing them with others. It is possible to create a slideshow that has music on it and could also include editing the transitions between each slide to give it an awesome look. Using the Photos app on the iPhone, here is how you can create, save, and play slideshows that can be viewed on the big screen. Here you will find complete information about “How to make a slideshow on iPhone?” Read it below!

How To Make A Slideshow On iPhone?

1. The first step is to open the Photos application and choose an album that you would like to include in the slideshow.

2. If you want your slideshow to begin with the picture you selected, simply tap on it.

3. After you have selected your starting image, you need to tap the Share button at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

4. Slideshows can be accessed by scrolling down and selecting the Slideshows option.

5. Upon clicking the play button, the video will automatically start playing.

6. During the editing of the slideshow settings, tap the screen and then tap the pause icon at the bottom center of the screen in order to take a break from the slideshow.

7. Choose the option that you would like to use.

8. Throughout this section you will be able to edit the Theme, the Music, whether or not it repeats, as well as the speed at which the slideshow plays.

9. As soon as you have finished editing, tap Done to save your changes. It will start playing as soon as you have done that.

10. If you would like to AirPlay your slideshow to another device, you will need to tap Pause again and then select the AirPlay icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

11. Choose the device you would like to AirPlay your slideshow to by tapping the name of the device.

12. In the upper left corner, you have the option to tap the Done button when you have finished playing the slideshow.

Next time you play that album in slideshow format, your settings will be saved so that the process will not be repeated. There is even the option of adding filters to any photo in that album so that it will have an extra flair. Once you have your slideshow ready when the time is right, you will be able to share it with your audience. 

2 Apps to create iPhone slideshows more conveniently

  • Videoshop
  • FilmoraGo

1. Create iPhone slideshows using Videoshop

We have found that Videoshop is one of our favorite video editors for iPhones. VideoShop was created with the intention of letting iOS users customize their videos. We have already written several articles about how this software can help us to edit or customize our videos while using an iPhone. The feature of automatically creating photo slideshows is one that many users may overlook. Aside from its excellent picture-in-picture features, this app can make stunning photo slideshows much easier than most slideshow makers.

In order to edit the video on your iPhone, open the video editor. You will be asked whether you want to record the video or import it. When you select import, your iPhone opens the video album that you selected. If you switch from Videos to Photos, you will be automatically guided to your photo album where you can select and import multiple photos from your Camera Roll directly into the video editor app on your iPhone. Adding videos and static photos can be added to a slideshow video and mixed with them to produce a video slideshow. When you do this, you’ll be presented with this screen.

If you don’t want to edit the photos, simply tap Next and they will be saved as a slideshow video. If you do not want to edit the photos, just tap Next and they will be saved as a slideshow video. There are many ways in which you can enhance the appeal of your photo presentation, including adding text to slides, adding sound or background music to a slideshow, setting the display time for each slide, setting transition effects between slides, etc.

Add text to slides

Select TEXT from the toolbar at the lower section of the storyboard, then tap the thumbnail of a picture from the bottom to bring it to the front, you will see ‘Double-tap to edit’ in the preview area. Follow the on-screen instructions to choose a font and color, and then add a title or text to the photo slides.

Add transition effects to slides

When you tap on a picture thumbnail from the storyboard at the bottom, it will bring that picture to the front, and you can then choose TRANFORCE from the toolbar near the bottom. You will then be presented with the dialog box to select a transition.

Add sound to a photo slideshow

With a simple tap of the button, you can add built-in sounds to your slideshow video as the background sound or music, or you can add saved music to your iPhone as the background sound or music. The sound, voice, or any sound, that you like, can be recorded by choosing VOICE.

Change the display time for photos

In the toolbar, there is a setting called SETTINGS. By choosing it, you can set a global duration for photo slideshows. A slider is adjustable in terms of length. In order to do this, touch the thumbnail of the slide. Then a small clock icon will display over it. If you touch the clock icon again, the Duration bar will appear under the preview area and above the toolbar.

Make an iPhone photo slideshow on a computer

In addition to creating slideshows using your iPhone photos, you can also export your iPhone photos to your computer and then use its Windows or Mac version to construct photo video slideshow movies. This version is even more powerful than the iPhone version. In addition to PIP, Green Screen, Reverse, Screen Recording, Video Stabilization, and over 300 Video Effects, you will also have access to extra features. Here’s a guide on how to make a Photo Video Slideshow Movie on a PC/Mac.

2. Create iPhone slideshows using FilmoraGo

Combine photos, videos, and music

Using this slideshow maker, you can upload photos and videos directly from your iPhone or download media files from your Facebook or Instagram accounts. As the background music to your slideshow movie, you can use songs purchased in iTunes or any other music tracks stored on your iPhone. You can include free licensed songs in your slideshow movie in addition to your own music with this slideshow app.

The perfect template and effects for any project

One-click application of themes to your slideshow video is built-in, so you can apply them quickly. There is no technical knowledge needed to create a professional photo show on iPhone, and it is totally free.

Edit photos and videos with ease

Besides trimming videos, rotating videos, reversing videos, merging multiple clips, slowing down or speeding up video, and changing the slide duration, you can also add filters and overlays to photos and videos, and add text and titles, graphics, and other elements to your videos. A transition can be applied between multiple images and videos to help you combine them consistent. Dynamic transitions or dissolving transitions, wipe transitions, split transitions, shutter transitions, zoom in, zoom out, and more can be used in your slideshow.

Share photo slideshow easily

On iPhone, you can save a photo slideshow to your Camera Roll, or share it instantly on Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, WhatsApp, YouTube, or by email.

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