How To Make Airpods Louder On iPhone?


We have decided to provide a simple solution to turning up your AirPods or AirPods Pro volume level – whether it’s because you want it louder, or there is a fault with the sound level.

Before you begin, be absolutely sure that you wish to make your AirPods louder. During this process, your ears can become damaged, which can lead to permanent hearing loss. You might not want to turn the volume up too loud if you are working from home and your neighbors are just discovering the radio.

The first reason is that you’re using AirPods, and they’re using loudspeakers, so you’ll lose a volume battle. However, you could damage your hearing as well as drown out their noise. Here is the complete information about “How To Make Airpods Louder On iPhone?” Read it below!

How To Make Airpods Louder On iPhone?

Method 1: Volume buttons can make AirPods louder

1. Begin playing your music by connecting your AirPods to your source device.

2. If necessary, press the Volume up button repeatedly on your device.

Method 2: Use Siri to make AirPods louder

1. You can use one of these commands while listening to the recording:

2. 12% of the volume will increase when you click “Increase volume.”.

3. Volume can be raised by a specific percentage by stating “Raise volume by 20%.”. A specific number can be specified.

4. In other words, “Raise volume to 75%” will increase the volume by a specific amount. This can be specified as a percentage.

5. Siri can adjust the volume for you after you tell her what you want. Also, you can adjust the volume using voice commands: simply change “raise” and “decrease” to “lower” and “decrease”.

Method 3: Increase the volume of AirPods by calibrating the volume

1. As with any other Apple device, you can play music with your AirPods.

2. You can lower the volume on your iPhone until it’s totally muted by pushing the Volume down button.

3. Touch the Bluetooth symbol when you see the iOS Control Center. By pressing this button, you are disconnecting your Bluetooth and removing your AirPods, but please do not place them back into the case, keep them in your ears.

4. Start playing music again after closing the Control Center. When you do so, the music will play from your iPhone’s speakers. If you want to mute the playback, press and hold Volume down.

5. Tap the Bluetooth icon to re-enable Bluetooth. If you don’t see the Bluetooth symbol, swipe up to open the Control Center again. In the device list, tap the AirPods icon and hold it down until you see your AirPods appear.

6. Your iPhone and AirPods have now been calibrated. You will most likely achieve the highest possible volume using either of the two methods described above.

Your AirPods’ speakers being clogged up with earwax may be causing lower volume than expected on rare occasions. We’ve got many more tips and tricks in our main How to use AirPods guide if you don’t know how to scrub them safely; make sure to check out our guide on how to clean AirPods. The AirPods Max and AirPods Pro are included here, as well as AirPods and AirPods Pro.

What to Do If the Airpods Don’t Get Loud Enough?

It may be that you need to adjust the AirPods’ volume if it doesn’t fix your issue or if the AirPods still don’t sound loud enough even at the maximum volume setting. This may be due to the underlying hardware and/or software issues.

You can try these top tested solutions to fix this. Check them out!

  • AirPods should be cleaned regularly
  • A balance check should be performed
  • The iPhone volume limit can be disabled
  • Bluetooth connection should be reset
  • AirPods need to be reset
  • Your iPhone must be restarted
  • Low power mode needs to be disabled

AirPods should be cleaned regularly

1. As dirt and grime accumulate in the ridges of AirPods, the audio can become muffled, resulting in muffled sounds. It is most likely because they are not clean enough that your AirPods don’t sound as loud. You may also suffer from electrical issues, ear infections, or volume problems if your AirPods are dirty.

2. AirPods that are dirty can be easily cleaned if they are of the right type. If your AirPods need to be cleaned, you should use 70% isopropyl alcohol, cotton swabs, and a toothpick. To ensure your AirPods are clean and performing at their best, you should perform these steps every 72 hours.

3. To clean and disinfect the AirPods, dip the swabs into the alcohol solution while being cautious not to damage the ports. You can remove debris from ridges with a toothpick, on the other hand.

A balance check should be performed

AirPods’ individual volumes are controlled by the Sound Balance. Occasionally, this accessibility feature is configured incorrectly, resulting in one AirPod being louder than the other.

Most people who use only one AirPod adjust the sound balance to increase volume. As a result, one AirPod would be too soft if we don’t adjust the back.

To adjust this setting, follow these steps:

1. Accessibility can be accessed via Settings

2. To view audio and video, click here

3. To change the balance, adjust the slider beneath Balance.

4. You can use this feature to hear better if you can hear better on one ear than the other. If your hearing is poor on one side of the AirPods, you can try making that side louder.

The iPhone volume limit can be disabled

Through your AirPods, you can enjoy a tad bit of immersive listening or watching, but you know that it’s not healthy. Thus, Apple has implemented volume limits to avoid potential hearing damage and cap maximum volume.

AirPods may become soft due to volume limits in some cases. That said, the limiters on your AirPods can be removed if you want them to be louder.

There is a good reason for the volume limits. As per WHO guidelines, safe listening involves following several parameters. For a maximum of eight hours, 85 dB is the recommended daily safe volume level.

The following instructions will show you how to disable the volume limit on your iPhone:

1. Click Sounds & Haptics in the Settings menu

2. Toggle Reduce Loud Sounds and tap Headphone Safety

3. This will open a slider that lets you change the maximum volume for your device.

Bluetooth connection should be reset

Adding the AirPods to a device is only possible via Bluetooth, which is no secret. AirPods are compatible with the majority of Bluetooth-enabled devices such as Android smartphones and iPhones.

There are two generations of AirPods, a Pro and Max. They all feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Their predecessors used Bluetooth 4.2.

It is possible that your Bluetooth connection between your AirPods and your device may encounter problems that are beyond our comprehension. There are times when communication issues resulting in volume problems can occur between the two devices. It is possible to listen to the music on your AirPods even if your iPhone’s volume is at 100%.

Luckily, you can reset the volume by disconnecting and reconnecting your AirPods if you suspect this to be the case:

1. Turn the volume down to zero while you listen to some music with your AirPods.

2. Connect your AirPods to your computer by clicking the “i” button under Settings > Bluetooth.

3. As soon as the music is stopped, the volume will be turned back down to zero and the music will be played again.

4. Make sure your AirPods are connected and turn the volume up.

AirPods need to be reset

The only option left is to reset. You can use this law to troubleshoot pretty much any gadget or device out there today, including your AirPods. Your iPhone and AirPods will be able to reconnect and get back on track once the connection is reset.

Fortunately, resetting AirPods and AirPods Pro is very straightforward. It only takes a few taps on the “i” button and then a tap on Forget This Device in Settings > Bluetooth to do this. After that, reconnecting your AirPods will be as easy as connecting them from the box.

The AirPods Max, however, needs to be reset differently. This can be accomplished by holding down the noise control button and the Digital Crown together for 15 seconds. When you have done that, you will be able to connect them the same way you did when they were first taken out of their packaging.

Your iPhone must be restarted

The same theory applies to rebooting your iPhone when the volume is low. Restarting your iPhone can remove any underlying problems causing this.

The iPhone X and higher have a feature that allows you to restart the device by pressing the side button and the volume down button, then dragging the slider. Unlike the iPhone X, all you have to do is press the side button for older iPhones.

Low power mode needs to be disabled

Depending on your iPhone’s battery level or its Low Power Mode, your AirPods may not be loud enough as well.

1. When you start going down to 20%, the Low Power Mode will ask you to activate it. This feature was first introduced with iOS 9. The device is unable to carry out certain background functions such as downloading emails, automatic downloading, or refreshing apps.

2. If your iPhone is running extremely low on battery, it might intentionally reduce volume during Low Power Mode in order to save battery.

3. Turn off the Low Power Mode by pulling down the Control Center and clicking the battery icon. If you want to carry on listening to audio at maximum volume, simply turn off the Low Power Mode.

4. The default Control Center mode is this one. Default. The low power mode can be found by going to Settings > Control Center and clicking the plus sign beside Low Power Mode.


Our experience has been positive with every method mentioned in the article. Consequently, we suggest you try the same method. We recommend that you visit the Apple store or contact a technician if the problem persists even after you follow all of our instructions.

This post on how to make AirPods louder is shared with the hope that you find it helpful. In the comment section below, please let us know your views, and what you would like to hear from us next. 

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