How To Make Anvils?


Repairing items without breaking their charm is possible with an anvil in Minecraft. Moreover, an anvil can rename items and combine charms. The process of repairing an item with an anvil requires more experience points (earned by completing tasks in the game, and by killing mobs) than with a crafting table. In this article, you will find information about “How To Make Anvils?”

How To Make Anvils?

Materials required for crafting an anvil:

You will need the following materials to build an anvil:

  • The 31st iron ore
  • Blast furnace
  • Charcoal, coal, etc.)
  • Table of Crafts

In the 3×3 crafting grid, you will need 4 iron ingots and 3 iron blocks in order to make an anvil. The top row should be filled with iron blocks, then the last row with iron ingots. In the center, you should place one of the iron ingots. Place it in your inventory after you finish making the anvil.

Step by step guide along with pictures:

Follow these steps to create an anvil in Minecraft:

You will need a crafting table to make an anvil. Convert logs acquired recently into wooden planks to make a crafting table. 

Logs collected from the survival inventory crafting table can be placed into one of the slots, as shown below, to create wooden planks.

  • As indicated below, you can make wooden planks from the logs collected from the survival inventory crafting table.
  • You can then craft a crafting table once the logs are converted into wooden planks. Learn how to make Anvils by reading this guide.
  • Making your first pickaxe will require a crafting table, as will making your first anvil once you have collected all the necessary materials. To build a furnace, you’ll need cobblestone. Making a pickaxe starts with making the handle. To make your sticks, you can use the survival inventory crafting table or the table you just created.  

  • As shown above, you place two wooden planks on either the left or right side of the square to make sticks.

  • Crafting tables can now be used to create pickaxes. A row of planks should be arranged along the top of the crafting table. Start with two sticks under the middle plank. The pickaxe, which is needed to construct a furnace, will help you collect cobblestone. Making a furnace is explained in this guide.
  • Finding coal and iron is the next step.
  • In order for an anvil to be made, iron must be used. It shouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming to collect the amount of iron you need in caves and ravines.
  • If you want to collect iron, at the very least, you need a stone pickaxe. It is faster to collect iron with an iron pickaxe.
  • Stone pickaxes are made using the same recipe as wood pickaxes but replacing wood with cobblestone. The following example illustrates this. The same steps can be followed to create an iron pickaxe by substituting iron ingots for the cobblestone.

  • There are many caves and ravines, cliff sides, and even stone-covered biomes where coal and iron spawn as well.
  • Once you have found my coal, please let me know. It is easier to melt iron with coal than with charcoal or a lava bucket, but you can also use these alternatives if they are more convenient. Smelting enough coal to smelt all your future finds is the first step toward finding iron. 

  • The formation of iron generally occurs in the same locations as coal, and it is easy to find both on the surface and underground.

  • You must smelt your iron once you have found all 31 (or more) pieces.
  • Iron can only be smelted in a furnace. The metal can also be smelted twice as fast using a blast furnace.
  • The furnace GUI is opened first.

  • If you wish to smelt iron, you must fill up the top slot.

  • Next, place the fuel you wish to use (in this case, coal) in the bottom slot.

  • After you have waited for the progress bar to fill, you can collect your iron.

  • Having smelted all 31 pieces of iron ore into iron ingots, you can then construct the anvil.
  • Open the crafting GUI by placing the anvil down on your crafting table.

  • As this recipe requires 3 iron blocks, the first thing you must do is fill the crafting table 3 times with iron ingots so that you can finally make 3 iron blocks.

  • You can place your iron blocks on the crafting table along the top row. Put an iron ingot in the center of the second row, followed by one in the center of the third row, and finally all the ingots in the last row. Look as follows.

  • You can now use your anvil!

Frequently Asked Questions About Anvil

1. Would an anvil work for making something?

There are many uses for anvils. Anvils are needed for making enchanted books, tools, and weapons. Additionally, they can also be used to combine weapons to fix durability, convert multiple weapons into one powerful tool, name things, and maintain the durability of materials.

2. How should an anvil be repaired?

It is impossible to repair an anvil. Since anvils get damaged over time through extreme use or falling, keeping anvil crafting recipe on hand is always a smart move. In this way, your first anvil will never break because you’ll always have a new one.

How To Make Anvils – Conclusion

Congrats! You have now successfully made an anvil! The anvil can be very useful in the later stages of the game as it can be used to enchant tools, and weapons, as well as name different objects around your base. Even though anvils are expensive to make, they are well worth the cost and should be used frequently by players when trying to get the best armor and weapons they can.


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