How To Make Custom Maps In Minecraft?


Most Minecraft players are familiar with how to create pixel art so that it appears on a map in the game. Using only the blocks in your inventory and a large enough area for the pixel art on your map, you can create beautiful-looking maps using nothing more than your inventory and patience. Here we will explain complete information about “How to make custom maps in Minecraft?”

How To Make Custom Maps In Minecraft?

A player can make any kind of custom map in Minecraft. It’s common for players to make content in multiple genres, including puzzle, action, PVP, horror, adventure, creative, and parkour. A growing number of voiceover communities have made parkour maps.

To start a new world, you need to create a custom map first. Different types of players may prefer a flat world, such as parkour, puzzles, and PVP. Players can choose between flat, infinite, and old worlds when starting a world.

The player will generate into an infinite flat world, making building parkour courses much easier. It is best to use the “old” world generation setting for other modes, such as PVP or horror because it severely limits the amount of space available for exploration.

It is up to the players to choose what type of character they want to make. It’s then all up to them to create anything they want in the world. The players can create whatever it is they want, whether it’s a puzzle, a PVP arena, a horror show, or a parkour course. Once the file has been downloaded, it must be shared. The world will then be accessible to players all over the world.

Using WorldPainter to Create Custom Minecraft Maps

Minecraft’s WorldPainter tool allows you to create maps. Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Paint are popular programs you may already be familiar with. When drawing terrain, you can choose from predefined terrain brushes (or create your own).

Your map can be exported to your local machine or Minecraft server once you’re done making it. You can export a map by selecting File -> Export -> Export as Minecraft map.

There are a few things you’ll need before you begin:

1. A connection to the Internet, Due to the fact that this is a browser-based tool, you’ll need Internet access in order to access the website.

2. You want to upload an image. It’s also important to know the size of the image, and for best results, you should ensure that the size is easily divisible into clean integers (1, 2, 3, 4..) and more. 

3. There are already a total of 0 Maps in your world. In your computer or server, open your world’s folder, then click the data subfolder and look at how many maps are displayed.

Playing Custom Minecraft Maps

1. Save the map file.

Many Minecraft sites offer countless custom maps online. To locate more maps than you can handle, simply search “Minecraft maps” on Google. You can browse through map listings, evaluate them, and decide which map is best for you.

  • ZIP and RAR files are commonly used to store maps. RAR files will require a new program to open, but ZIP files can be opened with no additional software. Alternatively, you can use 7-Zip ( in Windows or the free WinRAR trial ( Users of the Mac App Store can download the free program The Unarchiver. For more information about opening RAR files, see How to Open RAR Files.
  • Take note of which version of Minecraft the map is designed for. Play maps created for older versions of Minecraft by changing your version in the Launcher before starting the game.

2. Open the extracted map file.

Extract the files into a new folder by right-clicking the downloaded map file and selecting “Extract file”. This will name your new folder “Maps”.

3. Browse the extracted folder.

Navigate to the directory you just created when extracting the map. Unless otherwise noted there will usually be two folders:

  • A MACOSX folder and a folder containing the map file.
  • Several files and folders should be visible if you open the folder with the map name, including a level.dat file, a data folder, and others. Please return to the main directory once all of the files have been accessed.

4. Navigate to the Minecraft saves folder.

Where this folder is located depends on your operating system.

  • Windows – Press ⊞ Window or select Start from the Start menu. Type “%appdata%” and hit ↵ Enter. Navigate to your .minecraft folder, which is In %appdata%, users should usually be at the top of the list of folders. Navigate to the saves folder. Each saved game will have its own folder.
  • Mac – Hold the ⌥ Option key and click the Go menu. Choose the “Library” option. Open the Minecraft folder by double-clicking the Application Support folder. After that, navigate to the saves folder. Here you will see all the saved worlds that you’ve created.
  • The Minecraft file can be found in your User folder (your name). Open the folder Saves by double-clicking it. This will display all the worlds you’ve saved.

5. Drag and drop the map folder into the saves folder.

From the other window, copy the map folder, which includes the levels.dat file and data folder, into the saves folder.

6. Click on the Minecraft icon.

It’s time to play! Once you have copied the map files, you’re ready! Launch the game using the Minecraft Launcher.

  • Before starting the game, make sure you change your profile if you’re playing a map from an older version. Select the version of the game you want to load from the “Use Version” drop-down menu by clicking the “Edit Profile” button in the Launcher.

7. Click Singleplayer.

The list of words you’ve saved will appear. Here you will find your new map. Delete the others from the saved file.

8. Locate and load the new map.

New maps usually appear at the bottom of the list, but sometimes this doesn’t happen. Double-click it to open it. You can scroll through the list until you find it.


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