How To Make Iphone Louder?


Having access to up to seven years’ worth of software updates after release makes the iPhone one of the most widely supported products out there. However, despite the fact that it is an excellent feature, it doesn’t address the issue of hardware limitations, which can become more pronounced over time. The old iPhone speakers sometimes cannot keep pace with modern devices, if you listen to a lot of music on a regular basis. 

Here you will find the complete information about “How To Make iPhone Louder?”  Fortunately, there are a few tricks that you can try to increase the volume output on your iPhone, and here’s how you can do it! 

How To Make iPhone Louder?

Method 1: Change your iPhone’s EQ settings

Music app users can adjust the sound played on their iPhones through a limited equalizer. When you go to the settings menu, choose Late Night, you can turn on this feature by default. 

Therefore, the app makes adjustments to the sound so that the quieter parts of a song sound as loud as possible. Even when you turn up the volume to the maximum, the effect remains striking, especially when the louder parts are also a bit muted.

By changing the EQ settings on your iPhone speaker, you can make your voice louder. Additionally, the trick works if you listen with headphones, but please be aware that altering these settings won’t make any difference to audio that isn’t being played by the Music app.

  • Open the Settings iPhone app on your mobile device. Under the Music heading, select the Music tab.

  • Select the EQ option from the Audio tab, which is located on the left-hand side of the screen.

  • Tap on the Late Night option at the bottom of the list.

  • You can now listen to some music. Turn on the EQ and turn it off to see how it affects the sound.

Method 2: Don’t reduce the volume of loud sounds

Among Apple’s many functions is one that reduces loud sounds in order Your hearing should be protected. The maximum decibel level for your headphone audio can be adjusted using this feature. The level is set by default at 85 decibels.

However, you can permanently disable this option if you do not wish to be disturbed by the sounds coming from your iPhone. Nevertheless, you should take care not to listen to music for extended periods of time with headphones at high volumes. This can cause damage to your hearing.

You can turn off Reduce Loud Sounds by following the instructions below.

  • Your iPhone’s Settings app is the first thing you need to open. Select Sounds & Haptics from the drop-down menu.

  • Click the Headphone Safety button under Headphone Audio.

  • Click on the Loud noises should be reduced button to turn it off.

Method 3: Increase Spotify’s volume

The steps in the previous section can be used to increase Apple Music’s volume. Also, Spotify, its main competitor, offers the same feature, but it is only available to Premium subscribers.

For those who are interested in making Spotify louder, there is a way.

  • As soon as you launch Spotify, tap the Home tab.
  • To access the Settings menu, In the top-right corner, tap the Settings icon.

  • Select Playback from the list at the bottom of the screen.

  • You can tap Loud Volume Level is next to this if you want to decrease Levels of dynamic planning, thus enhancing the volume.

Method 4: Put the iPhone in a bowl or glass

Experiment with your iPhone’s settings in order to physically magnify the sound.

Keeping the iPhone from breaking is as simple as using a bowl or glass. The bowl or glass must be curved and open at the top. Ensure that the bottom of your iPhone has buttons that allow you to control its speakers. You can find these buttons on the bottom of the phone. This will allow the sound waves to bounce off the walls and into the air.

For those who cannot get their hands on a bowl, you can adjust the iPhone so that the speaker is angled 45 degrees towards a wall so the speaker is slightly away from the wall. It will again cause the sound waves to bounce, which results in an increased volume of the sound.

Method 5: Make sure the speakers are not covered

The best thing you can do here is to be careful to not Your hand should be covering the speaker you are holding, otherwise, the sound will be muffled. In order to direct the sound towards your ear, cup While holding the phone, Touch the ends of the fingers without wrapping them around them.

Atop the iPhone is the speaker, so it will not harm the device if it is turned upside down.  Regardless, be careful not to let it slip while you prop it up. 

Finally, a conclusion

The guide provided below should assist you in increasing the volume of your iPhone. Alternatively, if you have suggestions on how to increase the volume, feel free to leave them in the comments section below if you are experiencing any issues. 

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