How To Make Your Music Louder On iPhone?


Some of us like to listen to music louder than normal volume. If you want to listen to louder music on iPhone but don’t know ” how to make music louder on iPhone?”. Here we briefly describe how you can do this.

8 Best Methods For How To Make Your Music Louder On iPhone?

Method # 1: How To Make Your Music Louder On iPhone With EQ Setting?

Even when the volume is turned all the way up, do you want your iPhone speaker to sound louder than it normally does? Find out how to make it happen here!

With the new iPhones, you get a stereo speaker system (one speaker inside the earpiece, and one below) that produces much higher audio output and dynamic range than older devices.

This little trick will make your iPhone music louder than it usually is, even when you’re using the speakerphone or earpiece to listen to music, watch videos, or make calls.

It’s important to note that this trick is applicable to any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

You can make the phone’s speaker louder by following these steps

  1. Your iOS device’s settings will appear once you open them.
  2. In the Music list, tap the music icon.
  3. Playback > EQ > tap on it. 

4. Click on “Late Night Equalizer” option.

Try listening loudly to some music and switching between the Off and Late Night settings on your iPhone. Watch the difference in volume output between the two settings.

The difference may be subtle or significant, depending on your hearing. The iPhone’s speaker sounds louder than any other EQ setting with the Late Night setting.

In addition to working even with AirPods or other headphones instead of the iPhone earpiece, this handy little workaround is also compatible with Android and Windows phones.

Method # 2: How To Make Your Music Louder On iPhone By Switch Off Volume Limit?

You can control the maximum volume of your iPhone speakers via the Volume Limit setting in iOS 13. Chances are this option has been enabled on your computer, but forgotten to switch it. You must disable the volume limit in Settings > Music > Volume Limit.

Method #  3:  How To Make Your Music Louder On iPhone By Using  Physical Helper?

Turning the iPhone upside-down is a simple tweak for increasing iPhone volume or Making the iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro speakers louder can be done by placing their sound can be reflected upwards in a bowl.

Method # 4:  How To make your music louder on iPhone By Using the Volume Buttons?

1. You can find the volume buttons on your iPhone by looking at the picture below. Located on the left side of the iPhone beneath the muted switch, these two buttons enable you to play or pause music. There are two buttons on the phone. The top button increases volume, while the bottom button decreases it.

As you speak, listen to music, play games, or watch movies, you can adjust the volume using the volume buttons.

2. Getting on a phone call or opening an app is step two. Whenever the volume buttons are pressed without audio apps open or while you are not on a call, they control the ringtones/alerts volume.

  • The volume buttons may affect the sound of your ringtone or notification. Open the Settings app, select Sounds & Haptics, and toggle “Change with Buttons” to Off.
  • Increasing the volume of the ringtone and notification sounds is as simple as going to the Home screen and checking whether anyone is playing any audio.

3. Press the top volume button to raise the volume. The bottom volume button can also be used to adjust the volume if desired. Click it again to increase the Holding the button down or repeatedly pressing it will increase the volume. As the volume increases, the slider in the upper-left corner moves upward as the volume increases.

You are adjusting the ringtone/notification volume, not the audio volume if there is a slider at the top-center that says “Ringer.” Try again after opening a different audio app.

Method # 6 Using the Volume Buttons for Notifications and Ringtones to make your music louder on iPhone?

1. Determine where your iPhone’s volume buttons are located. Under the mute switch on the left side of your iPhone, you will find these two buttons. There is a top and bottom volume control. The top button increases volume; the bottom one decreases it.

  • You can use the volume buttons as long as you don’t have an application open that is playing audio in the You can adjust the volume of your ringer and alert tone by going to the Home screen.

2. Go to the Home screen. To use Face ID on a phone with no Home button, swipe up from the bottom. A Home button should be present. Press it to access the Home screen.

3. The volume of the alert tone can be adjusted by pressing the top volume button. Continuing to increase the level requires pressing the button repeatedly or holding it down it. If you press the volume-up button, a slider at the top-center will indicate that it is the Ringer, and it will move to the right while you press the button.

  • In silence mode, your phone shows a red bell icon with a line through it next to “Ringer.” To enable sound alerts, move the Mute switch toward your screen (it’s on the top left corner of your iPhone).

Method # 7 How To Make Music Louder On iPhone By Using the Control Center?

1. Open the Control Center. If your iPhone doesn’t have a Home button, you can open it by swiping it down from the top-right corner of the Home screen or lock screen. Rather than pressing the Home button, you tap the lock screen or swipe up from the bottom instead.

    • There is no difference in the way the volume slider works in Control Center and the volume buttons with the only difference being you can also use it from the lock screen.
    • This method adjusts the volume in apps that have audio, such as music players or apps with audio. Otherwise, ringtones and notifications will be adjusted.

2. Drag the volume sider upwards. Push the volume slider up and you will see the volume bar change. At the bottom of the slider, you will see an icon of a speaker. To increase the volume, drag the slider upwards.

Method # 8: How to Make Music Louder On iPhone With Spotify?

A popular question asked by Apple Music subscribers, Spotify Premium subscribers, and Pandora Premium subscribers is How to Make Music Louder on iPhone Spotify We also offer Amazon Prime. Find out how to fix these iPhone Spotify issues if you have ever encountered any of them:

Spotify on iPhone isn’t loud enough

If you’ve ever struggled to make the music louder on iPhone Spotify, your settings are likely incorrect. Turning up the music volume on the player is usually the mistake. You can blast loud music in a quiet room by hitting the play button.

If you cannot hear the music, turn the volume up to 90% for everyday use. When you’re in an area where music is not allowed or where there’s a lot of silence, you can quickly raise the volume.

Only increase the volume if you need to if your headphones are set to 90%. That way, you won’t be forced to turn down the volume when the music starts to pound!

Music on Spotify only plays through my headphones or speakers 2

A priority will usually be set for your speaker system or headphones, causing the problem. Music will always play through that, and not through your phone speakers, whenever you have music on. You can resolve this by changing the priority settings in the settings.

Spotify on iPhone lets you do this by heading to Settings > Bluetooth or Settings > WiFi, depending on how you’re connected. To set a speaker system as a priority, go to the speaker system settings and then play some Spotify music. As opposed to just one speaker, you will now hear your music through both speakers. As a result, your speaker system now has priority over the other, and they will both work together now!

Turn off the priority setting for your headphones and speakers in the settings to avoid music playing from them. You will only hear your phone speakers or wired headphones, and they will no longer be a priority.

To make sure only one can play at a time, turn off your phone’s internal speaker priority; that way music will play through only one set of speakers.

Spotify users often face this problem, and the solution is relatively easy once you have the requisite knowledge, so good luck!

The Spotify application creates a very loud and distorted sound

You will usually experience this issue if you’re using Spotify on your computer rather than a smartphone. Spotify’s sound quality needs to be changed to fix this issue as well. The steps are as follows:

In the settings, look for “Edit Profile

Spotify offers a variety of audio quality options under the “Quality” tab at the top

You’re done! Once you click ‘Done’, you’ve selected the correct quality of sound. You can now listen to Spotify’s music without any distortion, giving you an even better experience!

A few problems can be solved with Spotify, but their solutions are simple and explainable. Take the time to put the lessons you learned in practice so that you can enjoy your music even more!

6 Best  Apps To Make Music Louder On iPhone

The type of music do you like most? How does it make you feel? Every so often, would you like to increase the sound level on iPhone? There are many music louder apps available on the Apple Store, but it’s hard to find one that’s the best music booster application. We have taken care of that for you, so you do not have to worry!

 Using user reviews, expert recommendations, and our own research, we narrowed the field to a few sound amplifier apps. I am going to review the top 10 volume-increasing applications for iOS today. We take into account the performance of music enhancers, including apps that can control the bass manually, sound effects, and the best equalizer settings. This article reviews a few bass booster apps in more detail.

1. Bass Booster: Equalizer FX

It has been tested with iOS 11 and higher

With Equalizer Fx, you’ll have the best audio booster around with the best bass control. With this easy-to-use app, you can boost the volume and create a powerful tone. With only a few taps, your iPhone can enhance your music listening way by boosting the bass, adding quality effects, and improving the sound quality.

Furthermore, it can be used as a default player for music and to play music. Play background music, edit equalizations and visualize bass levels. In addition to being efficient and highly functional, the headphone and speaker amplifier are also quite simple to use. In the end, it is clearly the best on the market.

Equalizer Fx is best known for its Bass Booster feature

  • It can be adjustable manually, this bass booster is powerful.
  • An equalizer with seven bands.
  • Music effects for DJs.
  • Playback devise.
  • Visualizations that are beautiful and vivid.
  • Create and save custom presets for your equalizer with complete control.
  • Cloud storage services like Dropbox etc. are used to store and import music.

2. Equalizer FX – Volume Booster

Versions later than iOS 13 are compatible

Enhancing bass and equalizing the sound allows Volume Booster – Equalizer FX to make your music listening experience more enjoyable. With two different bass settings, you can easily adjust their sound level. Additionally, there is a built-in music player that allows you to immediately modify your songs within the application. Volume booster comes with a simple interface that sets it apart from the rest.

  • Enhance iPhone music with ease.
  • Playback of audio within the app
  • A variety of audio formats can be played and boosted at will
  • Music files can be imported from iCloud to be modified and played.

3. Max Volume Booster

Version 10 or later of iOS required

The app’s name implies that it can increase iPhone sound volume and make music louder. It is possible to boost the volume to a outstanding level of 100%. The only feature of this application is to boost the bass of your songs, so you won’t get anything additional than that.

  • The interface is straightforward and easy to use.
  • 1000% increase in music bass.
  • Audio and video player volume should be increased.

4. Equalizer & Bass Booster – Boom

Version 11  of iOS is required

Using its modifiable equalizer settings, the Boom app encourages its users to enjoy music in a surrounded, 3D environment. The EQ presets have multiple settings, and each of them can be customized to suit the user’s preferences. Personalization and an intuitive interface make the 8-band Echo Quality settings an effective way to increase the listening time.

  • With a bass booster, you can enjoy the beat.
  • Multi-channel 3D audio system.
  • Equalizer presets that are custom made.
  • Cloud storage can be streamed and imported directly.

5. Sync your music and speakers with AmpMe

The iOS 11 or higher version is required

A special app that can scan music between devices so that you can stream it simultaneously is AmpMeSpeaker & Music Sync.  Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube, and iPhone library music can be played directly, and volume can be adjusted to fit the situation. Connect with your friends through the app sync to maximize the capacity of your player and control how the music feels at a party.

  • Songs are surrounded by devices and synchronized simultaneously
  • Boost the exposure of your music with a sound booster and music editor
  • The app allows you to live stream music and video
  • Get suggestions for new music from your favorite apps

6. Amplifier EQ + Equalizer

The following iOS versions are compatible: 12 and later

The trending and popular amplifier EQ application is the sound amplifier that puts out high-quality music. By using the application, you can improve the sound quality of your songs, podcasts, and audio. Create a collection of albums you love by labeling each one with a tag. In addition to playing a set of graphics while you are listening music, this can be used as a music visualizer.

  • All over the app , it is easy to navigate and features a simple interface
  • Increasing bass volume and adjusting sound buttons
  • Any time you can enjoy the music you will have a unique experience thanks to the customized sound mix

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