How to mark all emails as read iPhone?


Every new version of the Mail app that is available for the iPhone and iPad can be downloaded and installed and comes with a collection of adjustments and improvements, but as a whole, some of the more simple improvements are perhaps the most welcomed. In the case of Apple Mail, there is a new, much faster method of marking all emails as read by simply swiping left on the screen.

You’re not mistaken, now you can all and sundry get the benefit of marking all e-mails as read straight from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch without needing to use any strange workaround or tricks that need to be used to complete the task. Amazingly, you have to wait until the latest version of iOS to get this simple option, however, it’s very direct and incredibly quick to use this option now.

If you have multiple email accounts on your iPhone, it can handle all of them. If you have separate email accounts for your business and personal emails, you can pick up and read both types of emails on your phone. You do not need to open every single unwelcome email that comes into your inbox every single day if you receive a lot of them. There is a setting in the Mail app. If you are using an iPhone or iPad with iOS 7, the most recent version of the operating system, you can mark all emails as reading even if older iOS versions lack the feature.

Generally, mobile phones’ Mail apps identify unread email messages by a small blue dot situated to the left of the message when it is in the Mail app. It should disappear if you open and read the message, then return it to your inbox and you will not see this blue spot. Having said this, not all emails need to be read, and if you have been trying to clear every email from your inbox which has not been read, the prospect of doing that for every individual email can be very overwhelming.

It is not uncommon for the average email inbox to be cluttered with emails. 

The inboxes of many of us are so bursting with junk that we barely have the time to open all of the extraneous emails that are delivered to us in our inboxes, let alone unsubscribe from them all. 

However, you can mark all the unread emails as read, and rather than going through the weeds of unopened emails, it is much faster to mark the whole set of them as read, clearing the slate clean. In this article, you will learn how to mark all emails as read iPhone in four steps:

How to mark all emails as read iPhone?

  • Open the Mail application on your iPhone.

  • Click on the “Edit” button in the top right corner of the page. 

  • Where the word “Mailboxes” was previously located, you will see the words “Select All” at the top left of the page. Please tap that button.

  • In the lower-left corner of the screen, you can select “Mark,” and then click “Mark as Read.”

There is no need to worry about it anymore – although based on how comprehensively you need to maintain your inbox needs to be, you may have to work a little harder to mark older emails as read.

How to mark multiple emails as read on iPhone?

To mark more than one message as read, follow these steps:

  • You can access the Inbox by going to the Mail application.
  • By tapping Edit, you will be able to mark each email as read. When a message is selected, a checkmark appears to indicate that it has been read.
  • Mark must be selected.
  • Please mark this as read by clicking on the mark as a reading button.
  • There is no longer a blue circle around the selected email.

Unread iPhone Emails – How to Mark Them as Unread?

After you have read an email, you may decide that you would like to mark it as unread so you will remember it for when you need to return to it in the future.

  • The Inbox will open once you click on it.
  • To mark each one as unread, you need to tap Edit, then tap the respective email.
  • By tapping Mark, you will have the option to mark it as unread
  • As soon as these messages are marked as unread, the blue dots appear again.

Note: You can do the same thing when marking a message as read or unread by swiping across the emails and selecting the Unread button or by sweeping all the way across.

How to mark an email as read with IMAP?

It is possible for the email system to mark messages as read without you having to perform any action. You may also find that any message you read or mark as read in an email program you use to read or mark messages as reading on your desktop or web-based email application will also appear as read on the iPhone. As part of IMAP, all devices that are connected to those accounts are synchronized with the status of messages and messages.

Tip: How to flag an email on your iPhone?

A small orange dot appears next to the email in the Mail app, which also displays messages that are flagged. Whenever you receive an email, mark it as important or point out that action needs to be taken on it. Similar to marking a message, flagging (or un-flagging) a message is quite similar.

  • Please open the folder containing the message you would like to flag, and then navigate to the Mail application.
  • If you want to flag individual emails, click Edit and then select the one you wish to flag.
  • Mark will appear, then you will be able to click Flag.
  • You will see orange dots beside the messages that you have selected.

Note: The blue unread dot displays inside an orange ring within which a blue unread mark appears if you flag a message as unread.

In the last few sections, I have shown you how to flag one or more messages at a time by following the same steps described above. A message that has been flagged can also be flagged by swiping left to right and selecting the Flag button.

The Mailboxes button is located in the upper-left corner of the screen, which can be tapped to slide back to your list of mailboxes so you can see all of your flagged emails. Click on Flagged next.

More Information on Marking All Emails as Read on iPhone

The most likely thing to happen in such a situation is that your IMAP email account will also be marked as read if you use IMAP. The best way to access an email account would be through a laptop or desktop computer, an iPad, or whatever device you have linked to an email account.

Nevertheless, you can simply check the box beside “mark all emails as read” if you do not wish to mark all emails as read; if you prefer to do this based on an individual basis, then you may simply open the email to accomplish this.

An iPhone also has the option to move all of the emails to the junk folder, flag all of the emails, move them all to another folder, or move them all to the trash.

While in this guide we have discussed how to use the ‘All Inboxes’ option to mark the email as read, this same procedure can also be applied to an individual email account. You can do this by simply tapping the button All Inboxes located on the left-hand side of the screen. At the top right corner, tap Edit, choose to select all, then apply Mark to all read and unread emails using the Mail application, as well as mark them as read.

Bonus Tip: How to mark your emails as read on a Mac?

After you have opened the Mail application on your Mac, you will need to do the following.

  • Under Mailboxes, select Inbox on the left. Alternatively, you can click only a specific mailbox if that is your preference.
  • The second step is to click the Mailbox icon in the menu bar.
  • If the box is checked, all messages will be marked as read.

Some Frequently Asked Questions by Users

1. Is it possible to mark all emails as reading on iPhone iOS 14?

On the left-hand side of the screen, tap ‘Select Messages’ to access the message selection menu. If you are done reading the message, select ‘Read All’ from the lower-left corner of the screen to mark them as read. The fact that in iOS 14, you can mark all messages as read is still incredibly convenient.

2. What is the best way to mark all your emails as read on your iPhone 13?

The ability to mark all messages as read in iOS 13

  • You can access the menu by tapping the three dots on the screen.
  • Select the “Manage Messages” option from the menu
  • By tapping on the “Read all” button, all of your messages will be marked as read.
  • Keep a message in your hand by tapping and holding it. Choose “Mark as Read” to mark your message as read.

3. Is there a way to select all the unread emails on my iPhone?

At the bottom of the screen, click the Filter icon, then select Edit in the upper-right corner to make changes. Start by swiping down to the bottom of the page with your finger and holding it until all of the unread emails are selected. Start at the empty circle to the left of the first email that you want to delete and start with the first email you want to delete.

4. Is there a reason my iPhone does not mark my emails as read?

To fix this issue, I suggest you navigate to the email icon app, select the offending email, click edit (top right corner), and then mark all as read at the bottom of the window. There you go, the issue is resolved! Make sure you are looking in the all mail folder. It is recommended that you clear the mailbox if it contains any unread emails, and then mark those messages as read.

The bottom line

The aim of this article is to help you understand how to mark all emails as read iPhone. Hence, please share this article with your friends and family members and if you encounter any problems while following this guide, please feel free to let me know in the comment section at the end of the article.

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