How to measure distance on iPhone?


You may notice that if you’re on iOS 12 or later, there’s a new Apple app named Measure that you might find useful. With this app, you will be able to act as a ruler or tape measure with augmented reality. As an alternative to using a third-party app to measure objects around you, a virtual ruler is now available in the stock app on your phone that you can use for the task. 

It is possible to use a ruler or a tape measure to measure distances from one point to another, but sometimes you might not have these tools handy. The iOS app would be useful in these instances because it enables you to measure the distance from one point to another. On this page, you’ll find some of the best apps to measure distance on your iPhone or iPad. With a toolbox that includes everything from AR camera-based tools to satellite image trackers to a ruler on the screen, we have it all. We have measurement tools to create an interactive work environment that meets your needs.

It now has an app called “Measure” that acts as a high-tech tape measure that comes pre-installed with your iPhone. When you open the app, you simply point your camera at something in real life, and it will take measurements of whatever objects are present in reality.

There are a lot of new features in iOS 12, but this is one of my favorites. In order to operate this application, it uses Apple’s ARKit technology which is used to apply augmented reality. A similar app already exists in the App Store, but now the iPhone comes with one that is similar. The goal of today’s article is to demonstrate how to measure distance on iPhone without the use of a ruler.

How to measure distance on iPhone?

Open the “Measure” application and you’re ready to go. On the home screen of your phone, you will find Measure somewhere; if you cannot find it there, you can always swipe down and search for “Measure”.

During calibration, your iPhone will ask you to move it around so that the app will be calibrated appropriately. If you don’t know how to attach the iPhone, just move the iPhone around in a circle until it says that you are ready to proceed.

When the app is ready, you will see a dot in a circle when you point the app at the object you wish to measure. You can use this app by pointing it at the object you wish to measure. If you need to add a measuring point, you can click on the plus (+) sign near the button. Even when you move your phone around in the real world, the point will remain fixed to the real-world object.

Now that your phone has been moved, you can start using it. Using this tool, you will be able to find the distance between whatever you placed and the point at the center of your screen.

Occasionally, you’ll be prompted to choose a closer object if the distance between you and the object that you wish to measure is too great. You should move as close as you can to the object that you wish to measure. A distance too close to the object will also make it difficult for you to measure properly.

If you press the “+” button a second time, the 2nd point will be placed on the screen and will be anchored. You can use the Measure app to draw a line connecting the 2 points.

This process can be repeated to measure multiple distances at once and to have them displayed on the screen simultaneously.

By tapping on the back arrow in the top left corner of the screen, you can undo the most recent action you made, or simply tap “Clear” to remove all of the points on the screen.

You will also be prompted by your iPhone to measure certain objects automatically. When you place the object under the center dot on your screen, you might see a prompt to draw a shape around it.

If you click on the “+” button, you will be able to automatically measure the object’s dimensions and draw lines around it.

In addition to this app’s features, this app contains a “Levels” feature as well. In the toolbar at the bottom of the phone, just click on the “Level” button, and the phone will measure the angle at which it is positioned. It is very important to place your iPhone on a flat surface, otherwise, you will be able to determine how many degrees it is off if it is not flat.

The phone screen will show 0 degrees when it is placed on a level surface, and a green icon will appear on it.

The Measure app has been very accurate for us. If you wish to be sure, we recommend that you use a physical tape measure or ruler to double-check your measurements. In some cases, the app might not be able to give an accurate measurement. We would not rely on Measure alone as the end result of a carpentry project for the near future.

How do I measure distance using Apple Maps on iPhone?

In Apple Maps by default, it will provide directions to your destination based on the address of your current location. It is more difficult to measure the distance between places that are not at the same location as the current location. If you mark a location on Apple Maps, then get the route between the two points, then you can measure the distance between them using the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Various modes of transport, as well as the distance in miles and kilometers as well, can be selected to calculate the travel time.

Here’s how you can calculate the distance between two points using Apple Maps. To figure out the distance between two points with Apple Maps, simply follow the steps below.

  • Start by launching the Maps app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • The map can be accessed by tapping the info (i) button at the top of your screen
  • You can mark your location on the map by tapping on Mark My Location
  • Below the map, there is a button labeled Edit Location that you can select
  • Select a place by moving the map around beneath the marker, then tap Done after you have chosen your place
  • In order to set a marker, click on the Directions button
  • If you wish to select a second location, select My Location from the dropdown menu
  • When you add the second location to your route, you will then be able to click on the Route
  • Under the map, Apple Maps displays the distance between the two places where you are located

In 2022, The Best iPhone Distance Measuring Apps 

1. Distance Measure

You can use a distance measure to measure long distances on a large scale if you are interested in doing so. What would be the distance, for instance, between a certain city on the west coast of the United States and Lima, Peru? A satellite map is read in by this app from the Internet. It is possible to set waypoints between two locations, and you will be able to calculate the distance between them.

Besides the metric standards, the app supports imperial measurements in feet and miles as well, as well as metric measurements in meters and kilometers. It is available for free.


By using PLNAR, we can take the concept of AR camera measurement and elevate it to a whole new level. PLNAR was designed with professionals in mind, its 2D and 3D floor plans can be created with the help of the measurements that the AR system takes to build the floor plans. With this tool, you point the camera at a distant object and then measure out the distance with the camera. It works similarly to the other AR measurement tools available.

In addition to this, the software also uses this information for creating floor plans. The fact that it is a floor plan program is of great importance to architects, construction workers, and anyone else who may need to plan a floor. You can get it for free

3. Ruler AR

As an app that takes the idea of EasyMeasure of an AR ruler and develops it in an interesting way, the app is a pretty interesting piece of work. A tape measure is essentially what this application tries to emulate on your iPhone when you are measuring something.

When using a tape measure, you can determine the direction in which the measurement should go and the point at which it should end. When the camera is pointed at the location you desire, select the points between which you would like to measure, and the measurement will be done.

4. Map My Walk

At times, you will also need to measure the distance that you have walked or the distance that you have walked in a walk. To do so, Map My Walk is truly the best solution. The Map My Walk is a fantastic app that will let you examine how far it is between, say, your home and the nearest supermarket to measure the distance between each. It’ll use GPS tracking to keep track of two locations to give you a precise indication of how far they are from each other.

Essentially, this is the same as Distance Measure, but you will really be able to use it for medium-scale distances. Even though Map My Walk is one of the most popular apps for measuring walking distances, it is not the only app. We have compiled a list of the best distance tracking apps for runners and walkers that you can check out here.

Some Frequently Asked Questions by Users

1. Is it possible to use an iPhone to measure distances?

To measure nearby objects, you can use the Measure app on your iPhone along with the camera. Depending on the object, the iPhone will automatically detect the dimensions, or you can set the start and endpoints of measurements manually. Using Measure on a well-defined object located 0.5 to 3 meters from your iPhone will yield the best results.

2. How accurate is the iPhone’s walking distance measurement?

A very high correlation between the steps recorded by the iPhone Health App and the steps measured manually has been observed, with an average error rate of just under 2%. 

In fact, a number of factors influence the accuracy of the recorded distances, including the subject’s speed of walking and walking style, and deviate as much as 30-40% from the true value of the distance.

3. Is there a way to calibrate my iPhone to walk a distance?

  • Open to the Privacy section of the Settings app.
  • To access the System Services section, tap the Location Services heading.
  • Turn on Motion Calibration and Distance by tapping the switches. It will be temporarily disabled. Turn it back on by tapping the switches again.

4. Is the Apple Health app capable of tracking distance?

Steps are counted by the Health app using the accelerometer on your iPhone. You can measure steps and distance traveled with the Health app on your iPhone since it uses the accelerometer to measure it. Of course, keep your iPhone with you at all times to get the most accurate information. In other words, you can get detailed data on your distance and steps without wearing a tracker.

5. Is it possible to measure distances on a picture?

When you open an image in Image Viewer, click the Distance tool button in the toolbar or go to the Tools menu to open the Measure Distance tool. In the event that you need more information about using Image Viewer to open an image, please visit the Open Image Viewer App page. The distance can be measured using a click-and-drag method.

Finally, we conclude

With the information I have given you, I hope that you now understand how to measure distance on iPhone. Please share this article with your friends and family members as well as if you encounter any problems while following this guide have no hesitation to let me know in the comments section below.

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